The Felt Source Peer Review – Short Comments

    July 18, 2003

Not all peer reviewers write extensive reviews. Here are the short comments received, which can be just as useful as lengthy ones.

“I like it”

A well-designed site should always consider their audience. does just that. While the parent is the person who will obviously be buying the products you can see that there is a lot of consideration given to the child who will be sitting there too.

Good strong graphics and appeal

Navigation: I have always believed that you need to get to any page from any page without having to backtrack. While this presents extra work for the webmaster, it is far less work for the visitor. Several pages on the site require backtracking to get to the next item.

One table has different alignment.

Paul Brace

A minor quibble… the page forced me to scroll right in IE to see all the text. poor layout.

I would have prefered an easier way to get back to the home page from the middle of some of the long catalog pages…perhaps a sidevar menu?

Other than that, they do a good job of cataloging and displaying unusual merchandise. (I may be back to shop for my granddaughter’s birthday!)

Marge Clark
Your source for superb Essential Oils, Aromatherapy

I went to the Felt Source website and I was overwhelmed once opened with the many things they have on their home page. My eyes did not know where to look. I founded crowded at first but in the same time was not tiring maybe because of the images and colours have some kind of a reflection to ease the process. It is very easy to browse and easy access to different pages.

I found two dead link. I believe there are some software to detect dead link on any site.

Over all I enjoyed my visit to the site and would recommend it.

Good job!

Joseph Ghabi
The Free Spirit Centre
Where like-minded free spirits connect from around the world.

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