The Difficulty With Grabbing Attention In Search

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Those much-revered top five placements on search engines for a given set of keywords only draws the viewer’s attention for seven seconds. Gord Hotchkiss sees this short attention span as a call to brands to keep doing their market research.

The humorous Short Attention Span Theater of Comedy Central’s earlier days condensed comedy bits into brief pieces slightly longer than a commercial break. Fifteen years ago it was just a funny idea. These days the short amount of time needed to watch them would be a huge obstacle to the typical Internet surfer.

Gord Hotchkiss Hotchkiss has been discussing market research, particularly with regards to the studies his firm, Enquiro conducted, like their eye-tracking panels. When it comes to search, online entrepreneurs with solid organic search results, or top placement of paid search ads, may be surprised at how little attention those receive.

(T)he famous golden triangle study we did with Eyetools and Did It, and subsequent ones conducted by Enquiro, have shown over and over how quickly we interact with a search engine and how much of our scanning activity is ‘top loaded’.

Also, we don

The Difficulty With Grabbing Attention In Search
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  • http://www.acomputerportal.com/advertising_methods/scanning.html their eye-tracking panels.

    Scanning> With so much Information on the Internet users have to develop Scanning.

    Images and Videos may direct users to other areas and different Counties may view diffrent screen areas first..

    Screen areas first.. Own issues with this from Mobile Phone to 23inch Flt Screen VDUs.

    How do these scan when it comes to Market Research?

  • http://www.abbyeagle.com Abby Eagle

    Hi, To set the context for this comment let me give you some background about my business. I have had an NLP and Meditation site for about 4 years. It also had a lot of recipes on it so recently i carved up the site and created two sites. NLP and Meditation at http://www.abbyeagle.com and the recipes have stayed at http://www.rejoicinlife.com. My business is also situated on the Gold Coast Qld Australia. What i find interesting is that i get page one listings for a lot of keywords yet i get very few enquiries.

    When placing some Google Adwords i discovered only a few people were actually using these keywords in their searches. So what keywords are my customers using? I can look in the control panel of my website which only tells me what my customers have used – but it does not tell me what all my potential customers are using.

    I’d really like some new ideas on how to better target my customer group.

  • http://www.aboutresultsmarketing.com/marketing_blog Los Angeles Internet Marketing

    I have to agree with Gord. The challenge with Paid search, as with any advertising medium is the fact that it’s not about the numbers – or the medium at all.

    The numbers simply portray what appeals to the eye-balls behind those numbers.

    One of the strategies we pursue – even in online marketing is to create a customer profile, and then walk through the same steps we want the customer to walk through.

    From the search engine – to the landing page, to the action we want them to take…

    Another thing you learn is that many people are trying to get as many people into the “net” as possible. This doesn’t allow them to personalize the message and style to the real target market. Instead, people start thinking “imagine if I could get 1,000 of those 10,000 searchers to my page”.

    The real thought should be “how many of those 10,000 are searching for my product, and how can I convince them first to click on my ad, and then use the ad copy to convince them that my product / service is their solution, and finally to buy – or to pick up the phone.

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