The Creative Science of Advertising

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Create a powerful headline or subjectline that stimulates the targeted reader and 80% to 90% of the targeted readers will visit Your website and become potential sales, sign-ups or subscribers.

our headline or subjectline must stimulate, distract and command attention as well as target the reader.
All of this must be done using about 8 words or less…most times less.

A few questions?

Do you watch TV for the commercials?

Do you buy magazines to read the ads?

Do you visit your favorite website to read the sponser ads?

Most people will try to avoid reading ads.


It is asking them for there valuable time.

Distract the reader.

Target your reader(Use your product or service or words That associates or identifies with your product or service), this is a great way to distract the reader.

How many times have you skimmed through a webpage or email and thought you seen something that you wanted or interested you and you back tracked to try and find it?….Target Your Reader!

Command Attention to YOUR ad.

Headlines or subjectlines using all uppercase fonts are difficult to read. however, I found that making a power word all uppercase will command attention and greatly increased response to my ads.

Stimulate the reader.

Your headline or subjectline should Scream the biggest benefit your product or service offers and stimulate: Excite the readers imagination and rouse a sense of Want, Need and or Curiosity. This will motivate the reader into the rest of your ad.

The body of your ad should be just as powerful as your headline or subjectline.

It should tell the reader how they can greatly benefit using your product or service and or why they need and must have your product or service.

Make the reader hungry, and your product or service is the seven course meal they hunger for.

Some ads will get great response and some will get little to no response. Ads that get no response, is mostly due to poor headline or subjectline.

The difficulty of creating good ad copy is, you must write it from inside the readers mind.

The best way to achieve this is write your ad and then try to read it like you know nothing about your product or service and each word is giving you new stimulating information about the product or service.

Words that stimulate, give ads power and are used more over in headlines or subjectlines

Free, New, Money, Now, Get, Save, Your, How to, Sale, You, Be a, Value,Best, Deal, More, Make

Advertising is a Creative Science.

A definition from Webster’s New World Dictionary for the word creative: “Stimulating the Imagination.”

Webmaster and Affiliate Marketer since 1999

Favorite Quote:

“I have learned that it is far easier to write a speech about good advertising than it is to write a good ad.”
– Leo Burnett –

The Creative Science of Advertising
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