The Craft of Blogging

    April 26, 2005

I used to believe that brand-centric companies were not adopting public blogging. Corporate brands are paying attention to blogging as they draw greater attention and criticism.

They are listening, some are blogging inside while determining their move into the space, and unfortunately view public blogging as a risk instead of an opportunity.

But General Motors vice chairman Bob Lutz is changing this view entirely. Perhaps the best corporate blog yet, with a real voice, engaged with other enthusiasts. Bob blogs about the craft of his work.

Think of brands as art. Steve Jobs won’t blog unless it is consistent with his masterpiece. It’s hard to make a statement in blogs as it is just a written mode of communication. They produce counter-statements — messages are morphed.

Craft, however, is about the process of innovation and pride in results. Brand-centric companied that take pride in their craft do indeed have more opportunity than risk in corporate blogging.

Ross Mayfield is CEO and co-founder of Socialtext, an emerging provider of Enterprise Social Software that dramatically increases group productivity and develops a group memory.

He also writes Ross Mayfield’s Weblog which focuses on markets, technology and musings.