The "BREAKING BAD" House: Who Really LIVES There?


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AMC’s “Breaking Bad” is in its final season. Many are left with questions. Not about chemistry teacher turned drug dealer, Walter White either. Some want to know about the house where much of the storyline occurred. Who actually lives there in the “White House?”

Well, it seems one Albuquerque resident, “Fran,” says she’s owned the house since the early 1970s. She said she was very skeptical when the show’s creator, Vince Gilligan, knocked on her door and asked if she wanted her house to appear in an upcoming TV series. She said she replied in much the same manner as any homeowner might.

“I asked him if he wanted to buy a Brooklyn bridge, too,” she said. “

Gilligan assured her that his request was, in fact, genuine and supplied her with several references from the Santa Fe Film Commission to put New Mexico homeowner’s mind at ease.

“No, this is quite real,” he said.

According to Fran, the show’s production crew took a bit of “license” when it came to the house’s interior. She says they built a replica for the studio soundstage, but they purposefully wrote in many dynamic scenes into the script that center on one of the actual features of the home.

“The pool is ours,” she said. “Vince Gilligan wanted to cover it up, but the production designer said ‘No way.'”

Since the first show aired, Fran says she’s been inundated with visitors. She said for the most part, everyone has been very kind and respectful of her property. She also said they come by the busload.

“They’ve been coming from the beginning,” she said. “We had a tour group from Russia just this weekend.”

The final season of long-time running show has generated more interest in the house. Last month, Fran says she saw more than 400 cars parked outside her home.

It’s been getting a little crazy lately,” she said. “But it’s been a hell of an experience.”