The boring blogger visits Google Reader later today

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I’m off to see the Google Reader team later today (among others, I have another day packed with interviews, will head over to Salesforce.com’s big shindig in SF in the afternoon).

I might be boring, but Google Reader’s team has a sense of humor. Maybe I should make a “how boring is Scoble meter?”

Well, on one side of the meter would be Dare Obasanjo’s blog today about meeting Bill Gates. Next would come Shelley Powers’ writings about JavaScript and her photography (which rocks). Heading down the graph would be something like Doc Searls, which I find exciting, but is decidedly less exciting than meeting with Bill Gates, although today we learn that Doc listens to (or tries to, at least) Howard Stern.

Anyway, since I’m on this boring narcissistic kick, might as well talk about Pier 38. That’s where the cool kids hang out now. I was there today and saw Om. Niall. Irina. Eddie. Toni. Among others.

That’s where True Ventures is (the venture capital firm that funded Automattic, the company that hosts my blog).

Actually Eddie and Irina were over there for a meeting. Someone came over “oh, so WordPress hosts your blog for free and now you want free office space too?”

Guilty as charged.

Anyway, back to Google Reader. I am growing more and more enamored of it. What would you want to see the Reader team do? What would you like me to ask them?

Me? I want a bigger reader window, especially for when I just scroll through the latest items in a “read the river” fashion. I also want to resize the various panes. I can’t see the ends of some blog names, for instance, which also blocks how many items that particular blog has.

I also would like to see Google Reader join the Attention Trust (they were one of the RSS reader teams in attendance last week at the Attention Trust luncheon, by the way. Dan Farber has the details on that).

All our attention data are belong to us.


You know that these tools know what blogs we’re really reading, right? Clicking on. Emailing around. Voting on (or, in Google Reader parlance “starring”).

That’s attention data. Why don’t we have access to it? Or, at least know what is being collected?

I guess we’ll find out when the government starts asking for logs.

Hey, you’re not allowed to read boring blogs! Only those cool government approved blogs.

You think you don’t live in China? Give it a few years.


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Robert Scoble is the founder of the Scobleizer blog. He works as PodTech.net’s Vice President of Media Development.

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The boring blogger visits Google Reader later today
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