The Blogger SEO Burden

Drawbacks to Google's Blogging Platform

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There is no question that blogging can help improve your search engine optimization efforts. Stephan Spencer, Founder & President Netconcepts talked about some of the reasons why in the following video, but he also said he favors some platforms over others for SEO purposes. Namely, he recommends WordPress or b2evolution as opposed to Google-owned Blogger.

While Spencer may be right about Blogger not being as good for SEO purposes, it raises the question: Why would a blog platform owned by Google itself carry a greater burden for getting good rankings on the very search engine that everyone strives to rank well in? I contacted Spencer to get his thoughts on just that.

Stephan Spencer Talks Blogger and SEO

"I don’t think it is intentional on Google’s part," says Spencer. "The developers of Blogger designed it for simplicity and usability (the "KISS" principle). They ‘didn’t know what they didn’t know’ — and that unfortunately included SEO."

"Believe it or not, the search engines are not expert at SEO," Spencer continued. "They are expert at search algorithms, which is a very different thing. In fact, several search engines hired us at various times to advise them on SEO, i.e. to help them get their own sites to rank better in Google! The engineers don’t have the deep SEO experience that allows them to make SEO-informed decisions around functionality (like support for tag clouds), site architecture & internal linking structure (e.g. the way they handle pagination), design and layout, etc."

Spencer touched upon on a few of these things that Blogger lacks for SEO purposes in the above video. He also followed up with me:

BTW, this one takes the cake… the tag pages on Blogger (actually referred to as "labels" by Blogger) are disallowed by the robots.txt file! They are within the search directory, which is disallowed:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search


Spencer also notes in the video, that "it’s really hard to get off of it once you’re on it," and there are many, many people using Blogger. Even if the platform isn’t great for SEO purposes, there are still some things that you can do to help somewhat. People have offered SEO tips for Blogger in the past.

This article is about two and a half years old, but Wayne Hurlbert offers some in it. SEO Kolkata also had some suggestions about a year ago.

The Blogger SEO Burden
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  • http://monroescoop.com Steve Sherron

    Some of the most sought after keyword terms and phrases are sitting on the front page of Google by bloggers using the Google Blogspot platform. Search “Make money online” and see what you find. Look at the number one and number 3 spot. What platform do they use? I recently took a fairly competitive keyword phrase to #1 on Google myself using a blogspot blog as an SEO experiment. I prefer WordPress myself, but I do not necessarily agree with the statements in this article.

  • http://www.rankontoponline.com Minneapolis, Mn Internet marketing, Rank On Top, Inc.

    We just went public last month and have been a behind the scenes company,

    Well we decided to use a wordpress blog instead of an actuall website or Joomla,

    Withing the 3rd week we had a pagerank of three for our homepage and now have a pagerank of two for our contact page,

    WordPress just makes it easier to utilize all the tools needs for keywords and for meta, and web 2.0.

    So yes, Google-owned Blogger actually can hold you back if you dot know what your doing.

    Great article Chris.

  • http://www.websitedesignerillinois.com James Allen

    Hi Steve,

    I assure you that the blogspot platform is SE friendly, but I tested it out last year and found that it lacked the ability to pass page rank to another website.

  • http://world.blog.siol.net/ Aris Dizdarevic

    Chris – I agree with you blog can help you get better PR. But I think wordpress is as good as b2evolution. All you need is a little bit of knowledge and few plugins and it can be equally good as and other blog software.

    And thanks for the article.

  • http://www.vinfotech.com/ Website Design Firm

    I think wordpress is best. Moreover, my experience with wordpress for SEO has always been good. if you are using wordpress for your blogging purpose or other SEO related issues such as getting links indexed then believe me – You Have Made The Right Decision

  • http://inventory-management-software-news.blogspot.com/ Jaimee

    wordpress is good and the best right now with the user friendly seo and mostly support for more plugins to use it.

  • http://www.sharescity.com Stock Trading

    Is there some secret to getting a comment posted here ? I’ve tried twice and got nowhere, so this is comment no. 3 which of course has nothin gto do with SEO, but my two previous ones did.

    • http://www.rankontoponline.com Rank On Top

      yes lower right corner, login

  • http://www.tmondo.com Play Online Games

    I am still wondering why would a blog platform owned by Google itself carry a greater burden for getting good rankings on the very search engine that everyone strives to rank well in?

  • http://rocket55.com Minneapolis SEO

    This is interesting news, as I am still using blogger. I suppose it is time to do some tests on this again.

  • http://student-home.blogspot.com/ wensiz

    interesting news, cause i still using blogger.

    which blogger or WordPress or b2evolution the best?

  • http://www.seohomesteadwebsite.blogspot.com SEO Homestead Website

    I use WordPress and Blogspot.

    I definitely prefer WordPress, it’s like having a blog on steroids. Write your content and titles correctly and your heading to the front page, if you choose your keywords carefully.

    I have accomplished some very good rankings with Goggle blog by creating back links.

    This is an excellent video, thanks for sharing.

  • http://seoblah.blogspot.com Seo Blah!

    To be honest I thought google would hire a group of experts in seo to test their algorithm or something. They better get on the ball.

  • http://world-information-technology.blogspot.com Lisa Rise

    i use blogspot, and i think that is great one.

  • http://www.icbse.com CBSE

    I am running over 10 blogs in blogger and completely satisfied with the service.

    Thanks to blogger and google team.

  • http://souravs.corexprts.com Sourav sen

    Well I have used both wordpress and blogger but my blog in the blogger have come up in the search results whereas wordpress blog
    is performing extremely bad.

  • http://www.poker006.com/ David Bergeron

    All the content on your blogger site is still indexed..If google indexed search pages then there would be duplicate content.

  • http://lidafx15gazetelerbiberhapinoraseoo.blogspot.com lida fx15 gazeteler biber hap? noraseo saat

    i love blogger
    thanks for sharing

  • http://www.qualityclotheslines.net Hills Clothes Lines

    Lucky my blog is a wordpress one then. Ill need to do some more research on optimising it though.

  • http://www.seolight-blogger.com Organic seo

    I use wordpress and there are a number of plugins that can help improve on-page seo, e.g. seo-all-in-one and seo siloing.
    Thanks for sharing the video and the artricle.


  • http://seo-tips-blogger.blogspot.com SEO for blogger

    I use Blogger , it`s a SE friendly blog platform what can be customized easily

  • http://chrisgauron.com Minneapolis SEO guy

    Thanks for the post, I’ve had a few clients that have been give me some push back on transferng their blogs to wordpress. This will really help.

  • http://stopanimalabuse.blogspot.com/ Kevin

    Search ‘stop animal abuse’ and my site comes out top in google, without me knowing even what SEO is about back when I created the site. Even now, I don’t know how to do SEO! So maybe blogger isn’t so bad after all?

  • http://www.homesteadusers.com/websitesoptimizationvideos.html Homestead Website SEO

    I totally agree with this video about Bolgger not being as versital as other choices. I would like to say that Blogspot does have a place int eh SERPS. It’s important to have a Google blog along with a few others too.

    Oftentimes my Google blogspot will take the top position for some really good keywords.

  • Brad

    Thank you so much

  • http://www.pozycjonowanie-torun.net Pozycjonowanie

    thanks a lot ….

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