The Blog [Buzz] Bump

    March 13, 2006

Ross Mayfield nails one of the biggest problems of marketing to bloggers:

“The initial target market of almost every consumer internet startup these days is blogspace. Smart companies were doing this a couple of years ago. The cost is nominal, reach expansive and early adopters are exposing their preferences post by post. Most any company that can carry a conversation can get the blog bump and gain overnight growth of up to 1 million users. However, bloggers abandon tools as quick as they adopt. Making it over the hump after the blog bump into the mainstream is a real challenge. But heck, at least it can get you a first venture round.”

Amen. Almost any startup can boost its short-term pool of beta testers with smart, conversational blog marketing — the trick is how you groom and grow these testers into paying customers over the long term, once you’re over the blog bump, once all the blog buzz subsides. Some would say, “just blog more.” Do yourself a favor, before you buy into that, take a long hard look at your communications game plan and ask just one question: is blogging the *best* use of your (your team’s) time?

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