‘The Big Bang Theory’ TV Couple Has Surprise Breakup

    March 1, 2014
    Rachel Kolman
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CBS’ hit show “The Big Bang Theory” left viewers with a whopping episode before it took its mid-February break for the Winter Olympics. Fan-favorite couple Sheldon and Amy (lovingly referred to as “Shamy”) shared a much-anticipated big kiss, which left fans teetering on the edge of their seat – was Sheldon finally warming up to the idea of having a real, full-fledged woman in his life?

Well, apparently not: in their first episode back Thursday night, Sheldon marches over to Amy’s apartment and calmly tells her they need to “end their relationship.” Sheldon blames Amy for “altering his personality,” much in the way he thinks Penny has changed Leonard.

What prompted the change of heart? The possibility of a dining room table in the apartment, that’s what. While the gang supports the idea, Sheldon, who hates change, does not. He accuses Penny of changing Leonard’s mind. Penny responds by pointing out how much Amy has changed Sheldon, saying that before Amy, he wouldn’t touch another person (much less kiss them!). Sheldon, no doubt feeling the significance of his kiss with Amy and the reality of Penny’s words, decides then to break up with Amy. “I don’t want to be more affectionate and open-minded,” he admits.

How does Amy take this? “I’m not surprised,” she says cooly. “Enjoy your life. Where do I sign?” she asks, looking down at a break-up agreement on Sheldon’s iPad. Amy, tipped off by pal Penny, knew of Sheldon’s plan and knew he was being manipulated by Leonard. “He knew as your girlfriend I wasn’t going to stand by and let him bring a table into your apartment,” she says in the episode. “I mean, a table? Come on!”

Sheldon, thoroughly convinced that Leonard’s manipulation prompted the break-up, cancels the agreement before Amy can sign and takes her back to the apartment to confront Leonard. Sheldon tells the group his relationship with Amy is “stronger than ever,’ which puts fans worries to rest! The beloved Shamy lives on to see another episode.

The episode went on to earn CBS 17.5 million viewers, the most watched show of the night. Coming in second was “The Millers” at 11.2 million viewers and “Two and a Half Men,” in third with 10 million – both CBS shows, proving the network has a solid Thursday night lineup.

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  • Mahala1963

    The Big Bang Theory isn’t boring by far. then come the *Millers* and that is just PRICELESS… 2 1/2 MEN is a good third choice, so I hope that all three remain right whewre they are. It seems good to have some FRESH comedy every week at the same time, same channel… not having to SCAN/HUNT on TIME wARNER CABLE.

  • yahoo

    This lovable show is..a soap opera. Something like ‘No Exit.’ Fab. Duz. Rinso. Oxydol. Hell, let’s tho in Spic ‘n’ Span.


    i love b b t

  • SusieQ5422

    The other two shows wouldn’t have a chance without The Big Bang Theory. The Millers has a wonderful cast, yet it wastes every one of them on stupid story lines. Two and a Half Men. Well. Ran its course and then some.

  • jamit2me

    When Bob Newhart enters, it just gets better. When is Don Rickles going to do a cameo and go off on Sheldon???? There would not be a dry eye in TV land.

  • patricia harter

    great comedy…they are all my favorites…….without one of them it would not be as good because as a cast…they all play off each other !!!!!!!!!

    • Douglas Allen

      wrong. it’d be much better without Amy and Bernadette. it was much better without them.

  • Jeff

    Too bad they can’t take Leonard off the show, he and Penny are sickening. I can’t stand his whining.

  • Douglas Allen

    This makes me absolutely sick. This show used to be so good. This relationship nonsense has completely ruined it. And before the feminazis come in and tell me I hate women, think about this. Lesley Winkle (remember her?) was a good female character that actually had her own personally and wasn’t just put in the show to be a love interest to one of the men. Find me one line of dialogue from the girls in that show that isn’t about their boyfriends. You should be insulted. The show just isn’t funny anymore.

    • doogie540

      “That’s too bad, cause I have a real zinger about my titled uterus.” -Amy

    • Clover Tee

      Well, I agree with every word. They took the funny out of this show with those two characters, and the jokes are so old fashioned and cheap now.

    • John Edwards

      So true. Seven years and zero growth by any character. The same old jokes. The same whining. The addition of Amy and Bernadette gave the show some hope, but the writers have turned them into whiners also.

  • Monica Key

    Penny makes the show.

  • Clover Tee

    The show made a massive error not perusing the real chemistry between Sheldon and Penny.

  • Livingston Hampton

    Those of you who are fans of “Shamy” must keep in mind that the main reason both Sheldon and Amy are so good together is because they are so alike in what I would consider not-so-good ways. Sheldon is condescending, arrogant, and egotistical and Amy is the same way. Also, I didn’t too much agree with the most recent episode where she convinced Sheldon that Leonard was manipulating him. Leonard has put up with Sheldon’s crap for years while any other roommate would have either moved out or committed suicide long ago. I would think he deserves at least some credit for that. This is why I wish Leonard would stand up for himself more and not allow self-doubt and low self esteem to continue holding him back. Oh, and Bernadette has a bit of a dark side as well in case no one noticed. Every now and then she pokes fun at Howard for not being as smart or successful as she is… only in a nice way. It’s almost as if she does so to satisfy her need to be a domineering spouse.