The Best Fails of 2011

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Earlier, Josh detailed the most-watched YouTube videos of 2011, and while that list is indeed eye-opening, especially in regards to the music tastes of YouTube viewers, it was missing something crucial: A video featuring the best fails of 2011.

While the video hasn't acquired enough views to make the year-end list, if there was a "heat" meter for the video's popularity, it would be hovering around the "smoking hot" section. Consider this, the video we're about to watch was posted on December 18th, which was two days ago as of this article. In the two short days since it was uploaded, the Best Falls of 2011 video already has over 1 million views and well over 10,000 likes.

If YouTube had a "highest gaining stocks" ticker, this video would certainly be listed. With that in mind, let's all enjoy 12-plus minutes of the best of people busting their asses, because nothing says humor like laughing at the misfortune of others:

Now that's a whole heaping of fail for you. Personally, I'm awfully fond of the skateboarders who wipe each other out, all except for the guy in the yellow shirt who raises his arms in victory after realizing the disaster he just avoided.

Look for it around the 34 second mark, but don't stop there. Be sure and stay for the duration, and yes, the woman falling into the mall fountain while she's texting definitely makes an appearance.

The lesson this video offers, at least to me, is clear: Stay the hell away from lamp posts, especially if you have no business attempting Parkour moves.