The BBC Presents Online Television

    May 16, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

A new phase in the broadcaster’s interactive Media Player (iMP) development begins in September.

The BBC announced the start of a three month trial beginning in September, where UK viewers and listeners can legally download television and radio programs. The trial will limit access to those programs broadcast within a previous seven day period.

Last summer, the BBC tested the digital rights management and peer-to-peer technology to be used in the program. The September trial will have more programming available from the BBC catalog. This will make 190 hours of television and over 300 hours of radio programming available.

The trial will be limited to 5,000 participants in the UK. The BBC has high hopes for the next phase of its testing.

Ashley Highfield, BBC Director of New Media & Technology, says: “iMP could just be the iTunes for the broadcast industry, enabling our audience to access our TV and radio programs on their terms – anytime, any place, any how – Martini Media.”

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