The Bane of Competitive Webmasters – Complacency

    February 22, 2007

It’s really annoying to suddenly remember I have a few domains of 2-3 years of age, that I actually set up links for – but never had any real content on.

Reason being: complacency.

I bought the domains for an early client, with the aim of setting up a small network for link benefits for them.

However, early success meant the domains went undeveloped.

Possibly that’s a good thing – my original aim was to simply set up phpbb forums on there that were little more than spam – a collect of posts built of variables, that I could autoreplace for specific keywords for different sites.

Ironically, if those forums had gone up and stayed up, the phpbb scriptbots would have spammed those anyway.

Still, it’s annoying to look at the domains I have registered, and see how I’ve held some for a couple of years but never even pointed to a server, let alone added a couple of holding pages for.

This week’s task – get basic holding pages up if nothing else. Even if I don’t look to develop these domains for a couple more years, at least I can build up some basic search history.


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