The Apple / Samsung Girl


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The little girl is referred to as "Little Miss Tablet", and although I can't find her name, I am certain that she has made a significant mark in advertising history. I can't recall anything like this having happened before.

I asked myself how I would feel given the following: What if Pepsi started parading around with a polar bear on its can? What if Jared were seen eating another sandwich? What if Justin Bieber started starring in acne-fighting infomercials by a brand other than Proactiv?

I'll tell you how I'd feel. Like there was something dirty about it. And I am not emotionally attached to any of those products. I do not feel partial to either of the brands involved in this particular rivalry either; however, I feel that the lack of commitment from this little girl is somehow pure. After all, what is really wrong with not being married to a particular brand? Why should we not celebrate our right to buy whatever we want and not feel dirty about it?