The Apple Rolls On: IMAC with G5 Power

    May 3, 2005

Apple trucked out the new IMAC G5 and it’s loaded with features including G5 processors. This compact little package crams a lot of bang into the buck and does it with style.

First and most importantly, the little IMAC than stomps comes with a G5 Power PC processor either a 1.8 Ghz or a 2 Ghz processor. The new OS X or Tiger will come in the system AND it’s ready for 64 bit processing. PCs are still a good year or more away from being able to bring 64-bit processing into the home affordably. While the processors exist, Longhorn will be the first platform for home use to really utilize the technology in the pc. The new powerful processor will make everything faster and smoother whether your playing with video editing or just playing a new game.

It also includes a groovy flat screen that can go wide too at either with either a 17-inch display or a 20-inch display. This allows the users to do multiple functions at one time and keep it all on the screen. But the screen isn’t the only thing in the package. Like other versions of the IMAC, it’s essentially an all-in-one system. This system included a DVD burner so you make your presentations and slide shows or put together home video segments to watch at Christmas.

Connections will be simple too. The user has choices. You either connect the wire way and have choices there: USB, Firewire, miniVGA and Garageband or your basic Ethernet for network connections. If you don’t like being wired, don’t be. Use the AirPort extreme card and the Bluetooth 2.0 module so everything is wireless: the network, the keyboard, the mouse all of it.

And for the game intensive folks, it’s got an ATI Radeon 9600 with 128MB DDR SDRAM; AGP 8X support (This is the only video card for the thing). There are number of customizable options include either a 250GB or 400 GB hard drive, up to 2 GB of DDRAM and other features.

This sleek, lean machine starts at $1299. With this package you’d get the 1.8 Ghz, the 17-inch screen and a DVD-ROM/CDRW combo. The prices seem a little high but the quality of the guts of this computer are top notch. Like many things, you do get what you pay for and with the new IMACS you get a lot.

For those of you waiting for the PC offerings they will come. Longhorn will probably be out at the end of next year maybe. Then you can use the dual core processors, the 64 bit stuff and all the other nifty innovation Apple offers NOW.

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.