The “?” and Website Conversion

    March 5, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

When writing web copy for your website, it is usually assumed that whatever you write … your visitors will understand. I mean we’re writing in English right? If our bullet point says “30 day money back guarantee” every one understands it and shouldn’t have any more questions? Right?

Wrong my friend, wrong!

Even a silly thing like a money back bullet or a free shipping offer needs more explanation to many. Hence the need for the little click-able picture of a “?” mark.

Keep your benefits short and simple, BUT do allow more information to be available if your visitor needs it.

Let me give you a an example we did.

We have a list of about 7 things that separate our company from the competition. All these 7 bullets are very simple, clear and direct. Well, as a test we decided to add that “?” mark to each bulleted benefit.

Guess what … huge number of clicks for more info.

This proved to us that no matter what you say in your web copy, your visitors might (will most likely) want more information. If you offer a guarantee … don’t make it long and boring on that home page. Just add a little “?” mark that would take your visitors to more info at will.

If you talk about something that might need more explanation, don’t assume that people will understand or call you to find out more.

Imagine your website as a virtual salesperson (that’s actually what it is). If your sales person says …. “we have 12 months of financing available” and then he shuts up … will he explain further if the prospect asks to give a bit more details about the offer?


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