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    September 14, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

One website has collected the best of comments by Google engineer Matt Cutts into a list of 21 great tips from the best known engineer from the Googleplex who doesn’t own a jumbo jet.

Of course just because Matt Cutts hasn’t posted about owning a party plane doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t a private hangar somewhere with Air Matt One parked and fueled for departure. When it comes to helping out webmasters, though, it’s hard to think of anyone more of a high-flier than Cutts.

The SEO Egghead site made a nice play for attention and inbound linking with its collection of 21 tips collated from the Cutts blog.

Many of the tips are suggestions on ways to avoid being brought to Cutts’ attention as a possible violator of Google’s webmaster guidelines. Those that try to game the system with tricks like JavaScript redirects from doorway pages and hidden text masked to match other colors will draw Google’s wrath, and being banned from the index can be devastating.

A significant number of the tips come from Vanessa Fox via Cutts’ blog. Many of our reader know Fox from her work at Webmaster Central, especially her updates about the Sitemaps service.

She has attended and spoken at some search-oriented conferences, as has Cutts and other Googlers, and her perspective on webmaster issues is welcome by those who can benefit from that knowledge. Whether she’ll gain a posse like the Cuttlets who follow Cutts around hasn’t been observed yet (but let us know if she does.)

Cutts gave his approval of the summaries in a comment response on the blog; he did clarify a “difference between a 301 and 302 – use a 302 for temporary moves, and if a move is permanent, use a 301” for redirects.

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