That Samsung Smart Watch Will Be Unveiled Next Month [Report]


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It's no secret that Samsung is investing heavily in wearable computers. The company said just as much at an event in July. Now rumors are starting to escalate regarding what the world now knows as the Galaxy Gear.

Bloomberg reports Samsung will introduce the world to its smart watch - the Galaxy Gear - on September 4. According to the publication's two sources, the Galaxy Gear will be able to make phone calls, browse the Web, send e-mails and presumably handle other low power tasks when connected to an Android device.

The report also says that Samsung will be using an unspecified version of Android on the device. It was a given that Samsung's smart watch would use Android, but it will be interesting to see which version of the OS it will use. My guess would be Android 4.3, but a previous version of Jelly Bean isn't out of the question.

Barring any upsets from Apple or Sony, Samsung may be the first out of the gate with the first real smart watch. Until now, smart watches have just been sophisticated bluetooth devices that piggyback off of a user's smartphone to perform complementary functions, like replying to text messages or handling the playback of music. The Galaxy Gear would be an actual Android device that's been pared down to the size of a wrist watch.

Speaking of which, there had been some rumors that Samsung's new flexible display would make it into the initial batch of Galaxy Gears. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The report confirms that the initial wave of Galaxy Gears will just have a standard non-bendable display. Samsung is reportedly working on its flexible display technology to ensure that the next iteration of the Galaxy Gear will feature the technology.

Samsung may be the first out of the gate, but Apple and Sony are both expected to reveal their own take on the smart watch at some point this year. Sony has already been making a smart watch for a few years, but it doesn't sport the Android operating system. It's next smart watch may very well fix that. As for Apple, the rumored iWatch will presumably run a version of iOS7.