Thanksgiving Recipes For Vegans: Serve These Delicious (Meatless) Dishes


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Thanksgiving isn’t exactly a vegan-friendly holiday at first glance. After all, what can you say about a major holiday that is also known far and wide as “Turkey Day”?

But there are great recipes around for those vegans who want to bring something to the table that’s delicious, but also meatless.

These recipes are great for anyone who either (1) wants to bring food to a Thanksgiving dinner that won’t interfere with their strict “no meat” policy or (2) knows at least one relative who's coming for Thanksgiving is a devoted vegan or vegetarian.

Hopefully, you'll be less likely to worry about an embarrassing situation if you opt to use one of these great recipes.

If you don’t want to shy away from putting up something hearty and filling, consider this gluten-free shepherd's pie. The lentils take the place of meat, but still provide enough texture for a yummy final product.

Speaking of pies, who doesn’t love a well-made pot pie? Serve up a vegetable version of this beloved classic.

Don’t forget about side dishes! They may not be the main event, but they also are just as important in terms of variety and taste.

A failure to include at least one casserole is unheard of, and zucchini’s are all the rage these days. Get it right with a black bean and zucchini tortilla casserole.

Meanwhile, anyone at the table who wants to avoid packing on the pounds this holiday season will be ever so grateful for these low-fat mashed potatoes.

Everyone is sure to jump at the chance for dessert with these winners.

Thanksgiving just isn’t the same without cranberries, so be generous with the lemon & miso cranberry sauce.

You should also aim for a great pumpkin pie, or at least consider including some pumpkin flavor via this Chocolate Pumpkin Pots de Creme recipe.

If the people you’re serving prefer cakes to pies (it does happen), then this sweet potato cake with chocolate frosting is sure to win them over.

After a hard day of cooking, you’ll probably want to sit down and quietly celebrate the fact that Thanksgiving is over. So make this double pumpkin beer float.

You’re welcome!