Thanksgiving Invitations: Easy DIY Options For Every Occasion


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Thanksgiving is just a week away and if you haven’t already invited guests over to dinner, there is still time.

Many people prefer to do their invites over the phone or online, but some people still prefer to send invitations in the mail.

If you want to save some money and show off your creativity, you may just want to make your own Thanksgiving invitations. Here are a few easy options.

Kids Invitations
What’s cuter than an invitation made by a kid? Those little hands will be perfect to make turkey invites for your Thanksgiving party or dinner. Simply trace your child's hand on some cardstock and then cut out the shape. Decorate the hands like turkeys and use a marker to write the details of the event on the turkeys. Stuff into envelopes and send out to your guests. These invitations are also good options for children’s parties.

Menu Invites
The Thanksgiving feast is almost always the star of any party or get-together. If you want to entice your guests into coming, why not send the menu as an invitation. Use your computer or just handwrite a menu and add the details of your party or event to the bottom or back of the menu invite. Your guests will be excited about the dinner and if they want to bring a dish of their own, they will already know what you have covered.

Thankful Invites
If you really want to show your friends and family members how thankful you are to have them in your life, invite them to dinner with a cute, thankful invite. Share a photo of yourself and the person you are inviting and attach a special memory or moment that you are thankful to have experienced with them. This will make the invitations more attractive and personal.

Get creative and have fun with your homemade Thanksgiving invitations. Your guests will love them.