Thandie Newton Shares Photos of Baby Booker

    April 17, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley

Thandie Newton gave birth to her baby boy Booker about six weeks ago, but only shared photos of her new bundle of joy via Twitter a couple of days ago.

Newton and husband Ol Parker welcomed Booker into the world back in March. At the time she tweeted about how excited they were about his arrival and mentioned that his birth took place at home.

Home births are controversial among members of the medical community. While most women will give birth to a healthy baby regardless of her location, complications can arise–endangering both the mother and baby. Hospitals provide a safety net that–while not always needed–provide an extra sense of security that most people find comforting.

Fortunately for Thandie Newton and Ol Parker, everything went well during and following Booker’s birth. This was her third home birth, so she’s clearly very comfortable with the process, and has a midwife she loves.

Check out the photo Thandie shared of baby Booker.

When Booker was born in March, Newton shared this message with her Twitter followers.

Thandie Newton starred most recently on television in Rogue and on the big screen in Half of a Yellow Sun, which premiered in London earlier this month. She appeared for years on the hit TV show ER as Dr. John Carter’s (played by Noah Wylie) love interest and wife. She and Ol Parker wed in 1998. Baby Booker joins big sisters Ripley and Nico.

Congratulations are certainly in order for Thandie Newton, Ol Parker and the rest of their family on the arrival of the very handsome baby Booker.

Image via Twitter