Teyana Taylor Blasts Rihanna on Twitter, Things Get Out of Hand

    September 25, 2013
    Meaghan Ellis
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First lady of G.O.O.D. Music, Teyana Taylor became one of the most controversial topics of today after verbal shots were fired between her and Rihanna earlier today on Twitter. According to BET, this particular Twitter rant began with an Instagram video posted two weeks ago. Taylor posted a 15-second Instagram video singing her own rendition of Anita Baker’s “Caught Up in the Rapture.”

Then, on September 24, Rihanna posted a video of her own on Instagram account. Rihanna’s parody video featured her male hairstylist wearing a wig exasperatingly performing the same Anita Baker record. While the song itself immediately drew speculation of a diss, what her hairstylist wore was a tell-tale sign that the video was definitely about Taylor. Dressed with a wig and a ‘snap-back’ hat, he paraded around dancing in a way that was supposed to look choreographed — or like a show Teyana Taylor would put on.

In response to the parody video, Taylor took the liberty of firing back in her own parody, which has since been removed from her Instagram account. Her video ‘diss’ came in the form of a comical version of Rihanna’s hit record, “We Found Love.” Then, if the video war wasn’t enough, Taylor decided to go a step further moving the battle to the verbal platform, Twitter. This was where things took a very interesting turn. With the vast number of expletives, the verbal attack became relentless.

When Taylor received no response from the “Pour it Up” singer, she forged on to conclude her thoughts:

Just when Taylor thought the rant was over, Rihanna took the liberty of chiming in with her own jabs. Then, the firing tweets went back and forth:

Rihanna went on to tweet, “I REFUSE to help your career…you will NOT get an @ from me! Not til you pay me! #nomorefreepromo #iRefuse.” However, this tweet has been removed from the singer’s timeline.

The tweet was rather evasive, as Rihanna didn’t direct the tweet toward anyone in particular. However, it soon became clear she was definitely firing at Taylor. She decided to step things up and take the rant to an unprecedented level. Changing her Twitter header, Rihanna decided to play ‘compare and contrast’ embedding two comparative images from CelebrityNetWorth.com. The two images showed her net worth in comparison to Taylor’s.

 Taylor responded with another rant:

Taylor also took one last blow at Rihanna posting an extremely obscene tweet which, of course, was later removed from her timeline. It read: “90 million dollars & 90 million n—-s diving in that b—h box.” The statement was meant to make a vile reference between the number in the singer’s net worth and how it defines her alleged level of promiscuity. Lastly, Taylor changed her Twitter header in response to Rihanna’s. She placed a altered version of she and Rihanna in a boxing match, using the picture of the singer that was taken after her 2009 altercation with Chris Brown.

Due to the nature of the dialogue, a number of the tweets have since been deleted by both parties. In most cases, when verbal conflicts get out of hand on Twitter, public relations representatives step in and impose more professional etiquette. However, the damage had already been done.


Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Cess

    Rihanna need to grow the f#*kup!….I like her but slowly losing respect for her antics on twitter….#grown A$$ women with childish nonsense SMH!

    • ant662

      i cant see how anybody still likes her. shes done this to a lot more ppl and she is a racist. she needs to realize that your suppose to make money not let the money make you

  • O.T.

    extra dumb for rihanna to act in such away really unproffesional.

  • http://yahoo andrea nash

    all i can say is that i hope rihanna gets the ass beating she deserves

  • momof5

    Just because someone has tons of $, doesn’t mean they have the class or “the sense God gave a goose”about lifting others up or knowing when to keep their mouths shut! Shame on anyone who uses their status to make fun of or “diss” others especially when they are in the same business where they both worked so hard in to make a name for themselves!

  • Heather

    Oh come on, Rihanna made a funny video. And Teyanna got all butthurt. HAHA let that man be upset, and she has the nerve to say Rihanna is industry pussy? Um, ok bitch you have naked pics all over the web STFD. Youz a hoe, with no music out right now trying to get free promo. GTFO, have your mommy buy you some shit to make you feel better.

  • ash

    She’s worth 90 million but Beyonce worth 300 million

  • Tina

    I don’t have a twitter but every time you turn around, seems like she’s on some social media site being ‘ugly’ to someone else. Her and that Chris Brown. Glad that someone finally shut her up. She is one petty ‘piece of work’. As far as her 90 million? So what? Wealth is a tool. It doesn’t make you a better human being. It doesn’t mean that you can’t be a flaming loser.