Texting Used To End Relationships

    December 14, 2007

Fifteen percent of people have had their relationship end via a text message or an email, according to a survey by moneysupermarket.com.

"Most of us send emails and texts everyday, so it comes as no surprise they are now being used to ditch someone- however distasteful this is," said Rob Barnes, head of mobiles and broadband at moneysupermarket.com.

Texting Used To End Relationships

The survey did find that 25 percent of people between the ages to 18 to 24 would write a letter by hand to end a relationship. Other tactics used to end a relationship include moving home (2%) and ignoring all communications from a partner (4%).

It’s not just text messages and emails people are using to ditch partners. Some are using social networks like Facebook and MySpace.

"The results show one per cent of the population would use a social networking site to dump a partner. It would be interesting to see how this changes as sites such as Facebook and MySpace become more apparent in our everyday lives," said Barnes.

"Who knows what will be next? Will people consider leaving the country or perhaps sending a USB stick with a message on?"