Texas Man Executed For Brutal 2002 Murder

    November 9, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A Texas inmate was executed on Thursday for the brutal murder of a woman in 2002, the motive for which appeared to be burglary. However, prosecutors say they believe the man was on his way to many, many more killings before he was caught.

“A girlfriend told us he kept a list in notebooks of names and license plates of girls he would follow,” prosecutor Lance Larison said. “I think he was working up to something.”

The man, 33-year old Mario Swain, broke into 46-year old Lola Nixon’s home just after Christmas in 2002 and beat, strangled, and stabbed her to death before dumping her body in an abandoned car several miles away. Evidence in the home showed obvious signs of a struggle, and witnesses–along with a trail of physical evidence–led police to Swain. Once he was arrested, officials discovered his M.O.: either drugging women, beating them over the head to knock them out, or using a stun-gun on them before robbing them.

Swain’s execution marks the 13th for the state of Texas this year, more than any other state in the nation.

  • Linda

    At least Texas knows what to do with these POS!!

    • spybirddave

      yeah, make them governors

  • Travis

    Well done TX.

  • http://webpronews jane wrenn

    Other states need to take notice.

  • Ace Ventura

    Another one bites the dust!

  • tym

    i did not realisr that these ‘TYPES’ were still gettin’ “JUICED”.

  • Steve Hamilton

    Good thing he didn’t commit the crime in California. He would have died of old age in prison.

    • Rosanna

      Right on, I am glad he got the death penalty. One less sicko breathing oxygen.

      • Jacqueline

        If only they would take our govenor, we keep voting this in but we have a lib running our state (Oregon)

        • Riley

          Yes, I agree they should be carried out here in Oregon also. Out Governor chooses not to follow the laws that we have voted and approved here. He doesn’t really care what the voters want. But the really sad thing is that we keep voting him back in.

  • Randall

    If more Governers, grew a back bone, like the governer of texas. Start signing, those death warrants. Maybe then, those who consider doing things like the man who was executed. Will think twice, maybe a third time. Before attempeting, such actions. When someone was sentenced to death,in years past. They were executed, in a reasonable amount of time.Giving them, a chance at an appeal.They should recieve on, and only one chanc. Have it go straight to a special appeals cout,maybe a sub-section of the State supreme court. If they loose. Then the warrant, should be signed and carried out. Say within 30 days, Why should taxpayers, have to keep paying and paying. Besides that, it would meam, less dangerous criminals for the prison guards to deal with. Also to make room, for the overcrowded prisons.

    • gsgsg

      Learn to use commas and other punctuation correctly.

      • jim

        Yeah, California has The Night Stalker STILL ALIVE! after 30 some years! California is a pathetic place run by pathetic people.

  • jim

    Too bad we cant bring him back to life………so we could kill him AGAIN! POS

  • John

    Killing is wrong, except for self defense. It cost the tax payer more to execute a person than to keep them locked up for the rest of their life. But the bottom line is, executions are simply a revenge killing. No good in my book. Love is the answer.

    • Gary S

      `Anybody who murders someone should be executed.For those that don’t think so…they should be executed too!

      • spybirddave

        proposing the death penalty for a person disagreeing with one`s opinion is the height of stupidity & arrogance. good
        call chump

      • rogero

        Over 80% of people in the UK feel the same too, but successive UK governments have failed to act – they are SO namby mamby as we say. I say take a life and forgo yours, there are many of our murderers that get let out only to do it again, and in our country the governments don’t worry – something to to with THEIR human rights!! Tony Blair introduced that in out country, stupid fool (that’s being polite for this website)

    • Brady

      You say that but If someone in your family was brutally murdered you would want to watch that person die. Idc if you say you think you would forgive them or what not. If you never been in that position then there is no credibility.

      • StatinTheObvious

        been in that position. and while I wanted to kill the scumbag myself, holding on to that resentment was no way to live. Allowing that person to kill my cousin, or the number of close friends I have lost is no way to remember the dead and not only is it one life gone then it’s another life wasted if I were to just hold on to that hatred forever. I in no way would be sad if something happened to them. Many of my friends murders are unsolved. I lost a friend after he was killed when a person was arrested for his FIFTH drunk driving offense, and my cousin was killed while working at a cash station that was held up. Not all of them are even behind bars today, NONE of then have been executed, and I have NO DESIRE TO WATCH ANY OF THEM DIE.

        • StatinTheObvious

          That doesn’t mean I am against the death penalty. I think it is an appropriate punishment. I was just saying I don’t want to watch them die as the previous commentor stated.

    • spybirddave

      all civilized societies agree that in jurisprudence the punishment
      should fit the crime; therefore the death penalty is just.

    • Clay

      It costs a lot of money to keep people locked up in prison for their entire life, and although it seems that it would be the best punishment by making them stay in jail, it’s not right. People like that do not deserve to live. And personally, I think our executions are too mild. If someone like this was brutally beating and murdering people, then he should have the done same to him. This is why our country is so screwed up. We let the bad walk free after some jail time, or leave them in there where we have to use tax payers money to let them live with 3 meals a day and a place to lay thier head at night. They do not deserve this. They should be treated like the dirty animals they are. Our punishments are too quick, because they have to die painlessly. If you want to see a world without murder, then you would do the same to every murderer as they did to thier victim. Lose of all rights as a human being should be enacted as soon as a person is found guilty of murder. Then a public execution should be held of that person. No more injections. I vote we beat the life right out of them. Ten dollars says that this would lower the number of murders, and then we can put the money that would be used to jail them for life into something more important. Like say getting this country out of debt. It costs an average of $63 million dollars annually to house just the death row inmates in California alone. The average cost of a bullet….. 10 cents. Hmmm wonder which is the most ecomonical route?

  • Lyan

    I assume that after the execution the victim returned alive and well.

    • tip

      Of course they didn’t. If they did, we wouldn’t have to execute scum like this.

  • http://georgegarner@yahoo.com George Garner

    If the death penalty was an effective detterment against murder, you would think that with all of the executions that Texas carries out on a monthly basis, there would be no more killing in the Lone Star State. That is not the case unfortunately. I think it is more of a punishment to let the offender languish in the prison system for the rest of their lives. That would be more of a punishment.

  • Len

    Executing those who have obviously and on direct evidence killed someone, is correct. Why keep them alive…. thats like keeping your garbage rotting under the sink !!

    We wouldn’t do that, would we ?

  • http://webpronews Peggy

    We tend to forget that although we basically live by the New Testament, we also have laws that God intended us to live by in the Old Testment. The Bible tells us that if a person murders another, so shall the murderer be murdered. We have to do something with these sick demented individuals.

    Back in 1981, my 18 yr. old sister was murdered by her gay lover in California. The murderer only got 18 months because it was her first offense. She wore white and carried her little black Bible with her every day to court. To make this situation more interesting, the murderer held my sister at gun point for 12 hrs before she killed her.

    As far as I am concerned, the murderer should have been excuted herself. She was such a selfish bitch. When she meets her maker, her destiny will be decided for her.

  • guest2012

    Gee, he only spent TWELVE YEARS sitting on death row waiting to be executed. How did THAT happen???? Its usually AT LEAST 15+years before an death sentence is carried out.

    • StatinTheObvious

      the murder happened in 2002 and last time I checked this is still 2012 so depending on when he was actually arrested he has spent 10 years in prison not 12.