Texas Governor Coaxes Facebook To Open New Office

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Although it isn't quite a done deal, Texas Governor Rick Perry seems to have more or less ensured that Facebook will open a sales and operations office in Austin.  Perry's offered the company $1.4 million as an incentive to establish the branch and create some jobs.

Fittingly enough, Perry's office announced the development with a Facebook note.  In it, he stated, "Facebook's expansion in Austin will enhance the area's robust technology industry, create 200 jobs for Texans, and strengthen the economy in Central Texas."

There were also a few figures implying that $1.4 million isn't an insane bribe, as the Texas Enterprise Fund has already doled out more than $388 million to create another 52,000 jobs.

Finally, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's COO, said, "We've been exploring various options around the U.S. to establish an additional online sales and operations office and we're grateful to the assistance we've received from the Governor's office and the state's leadership in discussing the possibilities in Austin. . . .  Austin, with its deep talent pool, would allow us to hire the high-caliber employees we need to properly serve the people, advertisers and developers that rely on our service."

Which all sounds very nice.  The one remaining step (aside from choosing a site and actually building and staffing the office) is to get the City of Austin's okay.   A vote should take place in the near future to settle that matter.