Testing Your Search Promiscuity?

    December 27, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Just how good is your good name on the Internet? A few California college students have put together a Google search-based tool called the “Slut-O-Meter” that will help you find out. Might want to put down that white wedding dress until you know your rating.

Comparing Google search results with “Safe Search” feature on and off, the Slut-O-Meter uses a simple equation to calculate how pure the subject is.

For example, a search for Paris Hilton reveals that she is just over 84 percent raging nasty slut. That seems a bit low, but a search for WebProNews writer David Utter reveals that he’s only 1.17 percent dirty slut. I stand corrected. That’s on the money.

What about an adult film star? I’m not up on the industry but I heard this lady’s popular. At 99.38 percent slut, maybe she should just switch schools or something. She’s like the antithesis of Ivory Soap.

“Alternatively,” reads the website, “a clean name should produce the same number of safe and unsafe results.”

That geeks often have too much time and not enough, um, other stuff, on their hands is nothing new. Just check out “cybersex bot” Jenny18, an automated instant messaging tramp and the transcripts from guys trying to pick her up. Her conversation with Big_Viking is especially funny.

And just for fun, try one of these purity tests. I did, but I’m not talking.

Via Inside Google