Test Landing Pages for Big Impact on Bottom Line

By: Chris Crum - September 8, 2009

Landing page optimization and multivariate testing are two elements of online marketing that go together, and can make a world of difference when it comes to revenue. It’s a simple concept. Test different versions of landing pages, and tweak them based on what works.

While the concept behind testing and optimizing is simple in theory, the results that can come with enough attention to these things, can have a tremendous impact on a business’s success.

Take for example, Encyclopaedia Britannica. This is a well-known encyclopedia company that relies on its e-commerce site for its direct-to-consumer business. Naturally, this makes the site a very important portal for business and revenue for the company.

Encyclopaedia Brittanica

"By using multivariable testing, Britannica’s marketing team was able to optimize its landing page for visitors coming from sites such as Dictionary.com in order to better target key consumer audiences," says a spokesperson for Omniture, the company behind the testing tool Britannica uses.

"After honing in on its ‘best recipe’, Encyclopaedia Britannica saw a 48% lift in revenue via increased subscriptions and a net revenue increase of 28% over a 4-week period," the spokesperson says.

Those are some impressive numbers for a month.

Multivariate tests are good for when you get a substantial amount of traffic, the layout and overall design of your landing page is basically staying the same, and you want to change specific parts of your page, like a headline, or an image.

Chris Crum

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    Excellent article, goes to show if you know your customer, and show to them what they want or possibly want. then the page is bound to convert. Nice!

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    Those are some pretty impressive numbers. Testing new ideas on the landing page is a great marketing tip.

  • Guest

    Wikipedia, with a 97% share of the online encyclopedia market, has forced Microsoft to shut down Encarta. How long will it be before Wikipedia claims the prize scalp of Encyclopaedia Britannica?

    It will be interesting to see if Encyclopaedia Britannica survives, but recent indications do not look good. It is the combination of a) the success of Wikipedia and b) improved search engines that has put financial pressure on Encyclopedia Britannica over recent years. Many libraries, schools & individuals are questioning the need to pay for sets of expensive books, or to subscribe to Encyclopaedia Britannica Online, when the content is free on the internet, and much more comprehensive.

    Over the next year or so we will see the continued demise of Britannica as it becomes ever less relevant in a Wikipedia-dominated landscape.

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