Tesla Hires YouTube’s Communications Head

    August 31, 2009

Tesla Motors has held the attention of most car nuts for some time; it is perhaps the leading manufacturer of electric automobiles that work in the real world.  And now, Tesla has gotten hold of YouTube’s head of global communications and public affairs, too.

Ricardo Reyes, who started collecting paychecks from Google in 2007, is set to officially begin working for Tesla in two weeks’ time on September 14th.  He’ll hold the title of "Vice President for Communications" within the company.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in a statement, "This is further evidence that Tesla is aggressively recruiting from both Silicon Valley and the traditional automotive industry to build the best possible team."

Reyes himself then added, "Despite its small size, Tesla has become a significant player in the automotive industry and has already served as a powerful catalyst for other automakers to develop green vehicles.  The opportunity to join Tesla and help make a difference to the world is the only thing that could have enticed me to leave Google."

So there’s a sort of compliment for the search giant, even as it’s losing a key executive.  Or maybe an insult, since Google often claims to do good.

Anyway, Google hasn’t yet made any announcements about Reyes’s departure or who might replace him.