Terry Crews Is Having A Great Year


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2014 is already starting off as a great year for Terry Crews.

Crews currently co-stars in the Golden Globe winning Fox comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, he just appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show, and we'll get to see him in a new Super Bowl ad with the Muppets. And January isn't even over yet!

The people at Toyota have enlisted the help of Crews and the Muppets to promote their new 2014 model of the Highlander.

Toyota is promoting the 2014 Highlander as the vehicle that has tons of room - enough for Crews, some Muppets, and multiple musical instruements - but "no room for boring."

Many have it as the commercial to beat during this Sunday's Super Bowl.

In the commercial Crews is decked out in a tie, button-up shirt, and khakis, He's driving around in his Highlander listening to some "boring" music, when he comes across some Muppets and their broken down van on the side of the road. They take him up on his offer to help, putting all their musical equipment in the back, sending Crews to the backseat, and changing the music to something "non-boring."

During the road trip Crews finally succumbs to the fun antics of the Muppets, and before you know it he's ripped his shirt off and wearing his tie around his head, but did it all really happen? Because suddenly Crews is hanging out of the sunroof of his Highlander parked in his driveway, sans shirt, tie still around his head, while his neighbor Kermit is watering his lawn.

The pec-popping Crews is no stranger to starring in commercials. He was also known as the Old Spice guy for quite some time.

Please enjoy the Toyota Highlander ad with Crews and the Muppets in the video below and see if you agree that the the Highlander has room for everything, except for boring.

It's going to be quite the Sunday for Crews, since he can also be seen in a new special episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine which will air after the Super Bowl and New Girl.

Image via YouTube.