Terrible Prognosticator Posts 'Y'all Will Never Catch Me' on Police Facebook Page

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In Anne Arundel County Florida Maryland, police are celebrating the arrest of a man who overestimated his skills of evasion.

Like many police units across the country, the Anne Arundel County Police have turned to social media to help raise awareness about current cases, wanted fugitives, and other police business. The department runs a #WantedWednesday campaign, where they post photos of wanted suspects in hopes that the community can help them locate their man or woman. They call the Facebook detectives their #SocialMediaSleuths. For the sake of this story, we forgive them.

The police didn't really need their social media sleuths to nab Roger Ray Ireland, who decided to do his own sleuthing, kind of. Ireland made the interesting choice to start taunting police on his own wanted post.

"LMAO fuck all u cowards telling [redacted] can't catch me with these [redacted] help cause I tha [redacted]. I got on my side Yall will never catch me..." said Ireland.

He continued:

"Yo all yall people tagging my hole family bout my bi stay the fuck out my shit get yall shit 2gether b4 u find room 2 speak bout mine..."

It's a great time to be alive, folks.

Here's what went down the next day, according to the police:

On July 23, 2014, the Anne Arundel County Police Department profiled Roger Ray Ireland during its “#WantedWednesday” feature. Social Media Sleuths (#SocialMediaSlueths) as the police department calls their online social media family, immediately begin sharing Ireland’s picture. Roger Ireland himself then commented on the Facebook thread saying “Y’all will never catch me…” referencing his attempts to continue to elude the police.

On July 24, 2014, detectives from the Intelligence Unit followed up on some tips received as to the whereabouts of Ireland.

Detectives were able to locate Ireland in South Baltimore near the Anne Arundel County line at approximately 1:00 p.m. They executed a traffic stop on the vehicle that he was in and he was taken into custody without incident. Ireland was taken to the Northern District and served with an outstanding warrant for violation of probation.

Y'all, this kind of thing never goes well.


Here too.

Also, this.

Honestly, it happens all the time.

Image via Anne Arundel County Police Department, Facebook

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