Terrell Owens Faces His Baby Mamas on Dr. Phil

    May 10, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Terrell Owens is an extremely busy man. Not only has the NFL star made — and spent — an insane amount of cash during his time playing professional football, he’s also managed to craft four babies from four different women. According to them, Owens hasn’t been the most loving father on the planet, a fact which has caused them quite a bit of stress and sadness. So, like most Americans who are currently having trouble getting child support from a deadbeat dad, they turned to Maury Povich for assistance. I’m sorry, I meant Dr. Phil. Same difference, right?

Owens recently appeared on the good doctor’s television program so three of his baby mamas could confront him about his inability to be a father to his children. During the show, the woman claimed they don’t receive much money from the professional athlete despite the fact that he’s accrued more than $80 million during his career. That’s a tidy sum, for sure, so he shouldn’t have an problems spreading the wealth to his offspring. Right? Well, according to Owens, he’s flat broke, which explains why he hasn’t made his support payments on time.

All three woman also stated that Owens has been an absentee father, though each lady had a slightly different story to tell. Regardless of their individual plights, the exact same song has been sung: Terrell simply isn’t doing enough for all of his children, and, frankly, they’ve had just about enough of his excuses.

Owens, of course, claims that he’s made the effort. “The thing is, with me traveling back and forth,” he explained to Dr. Phil, “I don’t have a set schedule. Pretty much 90% of the time every time I’ve reached out it’s been a bad time.” Owens went on to say that the only time he hears from his former lovers is when they want money. Salt in the wound: Terrell is currently trying to get his child support payments reduced. Good luck with that, my friend. I don’t care how broke you claim to be at the moment.

In my opinion, if you really want to see your kids, you’ll find a way, especially when you’ve got quite a bit of cash at your disposal. Then again, I don’t know the whole story, so perhaps I shouldn’t draw conclusions based on an episode of Dr. Phil. What are your thoughts on the subject? Is Owens just another lackluster dad, or are these women expecting too much from one guy? Leave your thoughts on the subject below.

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Terrell Owens is broke despite $80M in career earnings, the most money wasted by a pro athlete since Michael Jordan bought the Bobcats.(image) 18 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

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  • MzDD

    His story is sad. He never had a relationship with his own father. He grew up living with his grandmother and mother next door to his father. His father had a wife and other kids and he never spent time with T.O. It was totally sad. These women I’m sure knew the story of his past and what was going down (loving the money and thinking they hit PAYDIRT). They are just as much to blame. Both parties need to get it together and raise children that will not repeat this cycle.

  • fj5

    I like T.O inspite of him being a jerk,But he messed up getting all those MONEY HUNGRY DIRTBAGS pregnant. I think he should give them all 3000.00 each and if they want take it ,Please don’t give them anything. I can tell they all wish him ill especially that TRAAP! that brought her mama on the show. they’re smart enough to do everything from being actresses to stunt women to you name all the careers them HOES profess to have ,then they should have took birth control! hide yo money and yo assets Terrell and sit in jail and don’t give none of them HOES! over 3000.00 a month, if the want settle ,go to jail and do yo time they can only leave you in jail but for so long for child support.Those women hate you despite the fact that you are pretty much paying bills for there intire household,how dare they disrespect you like that.I wonder what they other baby daddies give them ?? not shitt!

  • @JackWestfield

    If you ever go to a hotel where professional football or basketball players are staying you will find a throng of women hanging out ready to give themselves to a professional player. They are not hookers. They are regular women, some are married, but they want to bed down with a star. I don’t know if Terrell fell into this trap, but he’s only human and like all of he can be tempted.

    You also need to understand that most of these women want to get pregnant by a star. It is like hitting the lottery. Terrell is paying each one $15-20K per month TAX FREE.

    Yes, child support is non-taxable to the person receiving it because the person paying support has already paid all the taxes on the earnings. You want to go broke?? Get 2-3 different women pregnant and try paying them $200,000 a year for 18 years and see how fast your bank roll disappears. And, Terrell (and all who pay support) gets zero tax deductions or credits when filing with the IRS. All credits go to the parent receiving support.

    The guy writing this story must have sex with someone that soon dumped him because you can feel the hatred dripping off of every word. Terrell is traveling around the country playing football games for money, is required to be at practice every day in the home city of his employer so he is not across the street waiting for his Tuesday night visit from junior.

    When he gets some time off and wants to see his kids the moms are saying why didn’t you set that up last month. Well, if the team didn’t win the last game there was no day off mom. And then he has to pay air fare to fly to visit his son or daughter, there goes another $1,000.

    It is soooooo easy to criticize, but there should be some empathy for a parent that his been providing for this children to live like the 1%for the past 10 years, and now that he is too old to get picked up by a new team, and he has zero income coming in, these mothers need to understand their standard of living will take a hit just as Terrell’s has. Dr Phil understands that and said so.

    Good luck Terrell and best wishes for the healthy development of his children.

  • Marylynn Boone

    What a crock of crappola. He had money and I bet he still does, or at least assets. He needs to “man up” and give those ladies some money to take care of the children. I didn’t see the show and forgot to tape it, but I saw the pathetic look on his face in a trailer advertising the show. Oh poor me—NOT. Get a job like the rest of the MEN out there who are taking care of business Terrell and stop being such a whiny baby.

    • Tasha

      This is a sad story, true he made all that money. We all know those kids dont need that much stuff in a month. those women need to get a job themselves. Its all about the money for them!

  • http://yahoo Leslie Chow

    Pro’s in different area codes. The Achilles heel of every pro athlete is the gold digging women that follow them. Stay away from them and you will retain your hard earned earnings. Just another typical story of an exploited athlete by the real pro’s of the world.

  • Wonderous

    It takes 2 to make a child and 2 to Feed it,so they should not rely solely on his income. T O was not too bright to have so much money and blow it away and not set up trust funds for his 4 kids.He is not making the same amt of moolah and needs to settle to pay what much he can,in the meantime the women dont need lawyers they need jobs.They have a responsibility as well.

  • Debbie G

    All those women went after TO for the money and got pregnant on purpose, thinking that he would marry them or at least take care of them for 18yrs at a lifestyle way better than they could get for themselves through THEIR OWN HARD WORK!

  • Karen Tunis

    Let me say first that anyone who knows Terrell Owens also knows he has a reputation for womanizing. Yes innocent children were conceived during these four relationships, however did any of these ladies practice safe sex or even waited to be married first then children later? With relationships 2, 3, and 4 did you ever stop to think or even find out what happened in the first relationship before getting preganant? If it wasn’t Terrell Owens would you even have a child? Ladies forget about Terrell Owens and look for a real man who will marry you, love you and respect and honor you and make a decent life for you and your child. You be the example for your child by making a honest living by working and supporting your child in spite of your situation with Terrell Owens. God forbid if something was to happen to Mr. Owens it’s still your duty to be mother and father to your child. Learn to trust God and not man.

    • Toni

      I’m appalled at the ignorance i’m reading supporting this irresponsible, deadbeat father. I too am a T.O fan and gave him the benefit of the doubt until watching the show. The excuses are making me sick! Why is it only the fault of the women as if they fucked themselves? If anyone is stupid it is him, why wouldnt he make sure he used protection to protect his assets? He looked so ridicules, okay I get that he’s broke but I know he has a cell phone, no excuse for not keeping in contact with his children, there is just no reason for it. For those of you supporting this bullshit really concerns me, that is the very reason why these poor excuses for men do not step up, we keep making excuses for them and placing the blame on they women as if the men play no role in this. There is a reason why he can’t seem to get picked up, karma is a MF!

      • Janet

        I totally agree, it seems the people that are supporting him are mostly men and invious women! All I can say is that if the shoe was on the other foot I bet those woman would be hauling his ass to court too! They sell condoms try using them first.

  • Tahitian Berry

    I sympathize with everyone in thos story. I am in the same position with someone myself. The bottom line everyone on that panel made poor decisioms. Were any of the kids made out of love? That’s the problem with adults now, they are quick to jump in the bed with the image and not the man. The kids are innocent and deserves to have both parents their for them. It is possible for a man of his statue to have finanicial problems, with the economy everyone is. But regardless if you had a father or not, you at least know what not to do. It doesn’t take a father being their for you to take your kids to the park, or take them to chucky cheese. Do the opposite of what you father did. e There is no book to tell us how to be the perfect parent, but with a little common sense and God its not that hard. If I depended on having my parents my god I would be a lost sole. T.O. tighten up and women be careful who you lay down woth. Everything that glitters isn’t gold.

  • JAY


  • that guy

    You claim you don’t flash.. Well why the hell do you have $100,000 ear rings in both ears. Some of you athletes disgust me and then when you go broke, you reach for handouts. I feel no pity for this retard. I hope they drain you.

  • TasQueen

    Smh, some women have the nerves, go get a Job!

    • Toni

      Okay, they go out and get jobs, that still does not negate the fact that he has to pay child support idiot! If you ask me, he is getting off easy, all he has to do is write a check and the women are stuck raising the child full-time. What is his responsibility?? Not saying they shouldn’t work, I work everyday and have raised my kids with a husband in the household and thats the way it should be. The fact that he has four kids with four different women says a lot…just saying

  • lol@Gold-DiggingSluts

    What a joke, these women knew he wasn’t father material at the time they made a conscious decision to stop taking birth control and get knocked up…Now they have the nerve to be upset that his blood, sweat and tears can no longer provide them with a lifestyle of a queen?

    American women are such disgusting jokes lol…Guys if you have money make sure to get a vasectomy because this is what awaits you from young American hookers who have been taught to earn a living by leeching off a successful man.

    • Janet

      You sound like you got a little dick!!

  • ed

    Are you crazy whoever put this video only wanted to show the b.s only. it does not take 6000 or whatever thousand a month to take care of a kid and i know because i have 2 and they get damn near everything they want. so stop with the b.s man please yes there are lots of dead beat dads but there are also just as many dead beat moms to.

  • t hickman

    While T O could sure play football, his antics and disruptive behavior should have given you the idea that sooner or later (sooner, as it happens), he was going to be in deep s***. He got to this level with the help of some floozies whose career goals included getting pregnant by a superstar money earner, and the subsequent child-support sustained ride down easy street.