Terrell Owens Asks for Michael Vick Support Via Twitter

Other NFL players have tweeted back their support

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UPDATE: Michael Vick has been conditionally reinstated by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Vick will be able to participate in preseason practices, meetings and workouts. A full reinstatement will be looked at for Week 6 of the regular season.

Do you think by reinstating Michael Vick the NFL will take a PR hit? Tell us.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Buffalo Bills wide receiver, and primadonna, Terrell Owens is no stranger to "ruffling feathers". Truth is, it seems to be what he lives for. In between his hating of former quarterbacks, doing shirtless crunches in his driveway, and riding an exercise bike dressed as Lance Armstrong, Owens has found something else to ruffle feathers, asking for support for Michael Vick via Twitter.

Michael VickIf you’re not familiar with the Michael Vick, back in April 2007 Vick was identified as the key figure of an expansive interstate dog fighting ring operation. Vick plead guilty to federal charges, as a result the NFL suspended him indefinitely without pay. He was sentenced to 23 months in prison.

Now that you’re caught up on the Vick situation, do you think he should be reinstated? Tell us.

Owens thinks he should be… immediately. He’s publicly asked that more of the league’s "high-profile" players voice their opinion in support of Vick. To further spread his message, late yesterday evening he even turned to his Twitter account, asking his followers to "tweet 2 support Mike Vick!".

Terrell Owens' Tweet for Support for Vick

Some other NFL player’s tweeted back support for Michael Vick, some of which include Larry Fitzgerald, Darnell Dockett and Steven Jackson among others:

Tweet for support for Vick

Tweet for support for Vick

Tweet for support for Vick

Tweet for support for Vick

If TO’s request for Vick support, via Twitter, garnered enough support, would NFL commissioner Roger Goodell have to address it? If so, could Twitter play a minor part in Vick’s reinstatement discussions? What do you think?

However this Vick situation ends up, it’s very interesting to watch high-profile individuals turn to Twitter so quickly. Guess it shows how powerful people think Twitter has become.

Do you think TO will get a lot of support for Vick via Twitter? Let us know what you think.

Terrell Owens Asks for Michael Vick Support Via Twitter
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  • Jason Ponquinette

    This is just a shame how they are treating Michael Vick. I am not surprise but just tired of this type of Lynching. What’s Next?

  • Guest

    How can 3 things I hate fit into the same article – TO, Vick and Twitter. This is my trifecta of hatred.

  • Guest

    Let him play NOW!!

  • Troy Sharper

    TO just needs to ad an OL to the end of his name and get it over with.


  • Sheryl

    Yes! I do beleive that Michael Vick should play in the NFL. He has done his time for the crime he committed. We as people who are capable of any act has to learn to forgive others as we one day may need forgiveness ourselves. For you beleivers, how can you not forgive a person once when God forgives all of us 70×70 daily. So people stop trying to judge this man, only God can and remember you are not dead yet. JUDGE YOU NOT ARE YOU SHOULD BE JUDGE. Those of you who are pointing the finger remember to look down at that hand you have three pointing back.

  • Donna Gilliam

    Vick is a travesty of a human being.

  • Disgusted by the NFL’s decision!!

    Why should he allowed to play? Players are role models to some children. Is this who we want our children to emulate? Definitely NOT!! Animals are dependent on humans and Michael Vick took advantage of those innocent dogs. Those dogs can’t get back their life so why should he?

  • Dan Animal Lover

    What this man did was unthinkable! To allow this man to be brought back in the public eye like some kind of icon is just wrong. There is no second chance for the dogs he shot, drowned and slammed to the ground. He gains enjoyment from the pain of innocents and you speak of god? A man is judged by his actions and Vicks actions speak volumes. Some choices you make in life do not allow you a “second chance”. The highest paid player in the NFL, considered good looking by many and he still needs to prove what a “man” he is by killing the animals god expects us to protect? He never showed remorse for the lives he took, only for getting caught being a BMOC.
    You talk of forgiveness…god did not allow Moses to enter the promised land…and Vick should not be allowed to enter it either. Do you seriously think a “skill” with a ball makes him some kind of hero? Sports figures have a higher standard to live up to and if they are not prepared to do so they should not be adored and revered.
    If your childs teacher had done this, would you want them teaching your children again? No. Vick violated gods law. Some choices have consequences that are life long and he needs to learn this. No Vick. As long as the NFL continues to support violent players I will no longer support it. I will not pay the prices that tickets have gotten to, to see it go to players like this.

    • pushnman

      Okay we get it Michael Vick participated in a dog fighting ring and was cruel to some animals. But the same thing happens with men who hunt for sport with dogs. When the dog has used up its usefulness in hunting, then the dog is taken out to the woods and shot. Now those that hunt know this to be true so I wont waste my time providing the evidence. But the reality is the man paid for his crime and he lost everything as a result of it. That is more than enough for the crime he committed, so he should be allows to play. I myself am a dog lover and have owned dogs all of my lfe and dont condone what Vick did…however I would never compare taking a human’s life to a dog’s life. So you people out there who are going overboard with this damn issue and trying to mask your real feelings toward Vick behind the whole dog issue are not fooling anyone. So lets just stop the damn silliness and let the man get back to playing football.

  • Guest

    Michael Vick is an evil asshole. He’s only sorry because he got caught. Someone ought to throw him in with a couple of pitbulls and see how he likes it!

    • Football Fan

      You suck. All dogs belong in a zoo. I hate you & your little dog too!
      You must follow the yellow brick road.

  • Jimmy T

    It’s kind of sad that Vick only got conditionally reinstated – I think the man has served his time and deserves a second chance. It would be shame if no NFL team takes the chance to pick him up and he has to play in the UFL. Here is an interesting article on what might be next for Michael Vick: http://www.mindreign.com/en/mindshare/Sports/What-s-Next-for-Mike-Vick-3f/sl40763392bp324cpp10pn1.html

  • Dirty South Boy

    Mike Vick is the most entertaining QB to ever step on a football field.
    Who cares what he did to a stupid dog. Dogs are nastly little creatures that fowl the earth with their feces and loud barking. Let him play now.

  • Rudy

    I am an ultra-conservative and it’s even my opinion that Vick should play…He did his time and now bankrupt…Let the man play..

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