Teresa Giudice Not Prepared For Possible Jail Time

    July 11, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe will be answering for their fraudulent behaviors in the fall.

After Joe Giudice’s father passed away unexpectedly, the court had compassion on the grieving family and pushed the couple’s sentencing date back to September from the originally anticipated July date.

For Teresa Giudice, this past year has been a “rollercoaster”.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star and her husband rocked the reality television world when it was discovered that they were facing dozens of fraud-related charges after acquiring millions of dollars through unethical and outright illegal means.

The pair initially faced a lengthy prison term. However, it seems the Giudices will receive some leniency thanks to a shrewd plea agreement.

It may not seem that way to Giudice, but upwards of two years in jail and only having to pay back a small portion of the money owed ($7,500) is practically miraculous. Her husband Joe may be forced to serve a couple years more. Her husband may also be outright deported to his native Italy.

With the revised sentencing date quickly approaching, the 42-year-old reality TV star admits that she’s not fully prepared.

“I don’t think anyone is prepared for any of that,” Giudice told Entertainment Tonight during an interview. “Right now, I’m just focusing on my family.”

Despite opening up about her reluctance to face the music, Giudice has admitted to little else. She avoided answering about her fraud scandal when she appeared on The View this past Thursday.

By her side was sister-in-law Melissa Gorga. Though the two women were notably at odds in the past, Gorga is determined to be there for her embattled family members.

Said Gorga, “’We go up, we go down….we’re family.’

Family is a recurring theme for Teresa as she makes the promotional rounds ahead of her sentencing.

“I wake up every morning [and] I look at my four beautiful daughters,” said Teresa. “They’re healthy, they’re happy. That’s what keeps me going.”

Do you think the Giudices will actually be sent to jail? Do you think Teresa Giudice’s “family” talk is sincere? Comment below!

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  • dissed

    If she were not famous I know that she and her husband would be in jail NOW. No doubt in my mind that the fraud that got them the money to be living large on that show, thus giving her the platform to sell a bestseller “cookbook” that is the only reason they had the money to get out of jail and for there sentences to be less because of there “fame/status” I should be so lucky to have that kind of opportunity to have been on a reality show that helped me to sell millions of stupid cookbooks when she doesn’t even cook. Bless her heart!!!

    • Tamara hope

      Yeah I think your right, but also Apllo from HW Alanta was sentenced to 8 yrs plus he has to pay 1 million back, there crimes were a little diffeant, but compared to the fact Tereasa gets to keep her fancy house & all her other houses & beach house & pay $7,ooo is just wrong! Anyway you look at it!

  • ekayr

    Our legal system is a “Joke.” This judge should be punished, instead of paid off.

  • Tamara hope

    1st of all if she was so up set, why is she doing a tv show? If family is so important to her, she would quit the show to spend all the time she can w/her family & kids! Second I can’t believe how many “breaks” they have gotten on this case, she only has to pay $7,000 back when she owes millions & she gets to keep her mansion is a insult & proves they are getting special treatment! I also don’t think they will ever see the inside of a jail! They also were given 2 mons to mourn her fathers death, which is sad he died, but 2 mons!

  • besspaula

    this is so sad to show that she can have such a calm attitude w her ridic, family by her side. come on, this has stretched out forever. get her in that orange jumpsuit already. ok, her kids, yes. but, they will be taken care of very well. him, go back to that little backwards town in italy with no amenities. maybe learn some humiliation u two. also get off that show and only “care about your family”. what a pile of bull. she knew what was happening, watching her in begin w the wads of cash to spend so out of line.

  • Johanna

    Go to jail and serve the time that we “nobodies” would serve. What a crime of the legal system. You and I would be serving now. Pay back, $7500???? why collect any…system is a joke when I read these article of the criminal “priviledged”. Fair system, I think not. And the husband— DEPORT HIM. AND CRIME DOES NOT PAY? “Lady Justice’s” scale is OUT OF WHACK.

  • MurphyG

    What is a shrew plea agreement?

  • Michael Gardner

    GOOD! I’m glad she’s going to prison! The should keep her STUPID butt there permanently, and throw her off the show. All she is, is a trouble maker and she makes the show garbage.

  • kathysterling

    They do not have to pay back the money they obtained fraudulently….we should all do it. Who said crime doesn’t pay. Bravo is partly responsible for allowing these crooks on their show. Their children are victims but they shouldn’t be exposing them on television