Teresa Giudice: How She's Spending The Holidays


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Teresa Giudice may be going to prison in January, but that doesn't mean can't have memorable moments in the meantime.

According to People magazine, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star "loves the holidays" and recently took advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday by spending quality time with her four daughters.

A source close to the reality star shared a few details about her family's week.

Apparently, Teresa is making the best of her time and decorating her home with "every trimming imaginable." This year is quite different for her.

"But this year is different," the source said, "because she has everything else weighing on her."

The couple reportedly spent Thanksgiving with her husband Joe's family.

Although she's enjoying the family time, the moments are still bittersweet. "What is to come in the future is going to be hard, there's no question," a source close to Teresa said. "Nobody is a substitute for Mom."

One of her friends also shared details about her life since her sentencing back in October. Now, it's reportedly all about the children. "She's running back and forth with the four kids," her friend said. "She doesn't even have a nanny. Her life is her kids and maintaining a happy home. Every day she's trying to make them such a priority."

The children are Teresa's main consider. "She cares about her daughters more than anything else in the world. It's put her in a difficult position, so she is just doing the best that she can and enjoying these moments with them."

Although leaving her children will be the hardest part about serving time in prison, she's reportedly trying to keep a positive attitude.

"You would never believe anything is wrong with her," one source revealed. "You would never know she is going to prison from the way she is acting. She has been out shopping, going out with friends, but is spending most of her time with her kids and her family. She is enjoying her life before she goes in. She's not depressed at all."

Teresa Giudice will begin serving a 15-month prison sentence on Jan. 5.