Teresa Giudice: Headed For Jail?

    March 2, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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It’s looking more and more like Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe might be headed for prison. The couple are due to appear in federal court on Tuesday. There are some reports that they may arrive ready to plead guilty to certain charges.

This sordid scandal involving the Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars began after they filed for bankruptcy in 2009.

Despite claiming to be broke, 43-year-old Joe Giudice and his wife Teresa, 41, falsified documents to get millions of dollars in loans. Meanwhile, they failed to file taxes on income earned from 2004 to 2008. The New Jersey pair are alleged to have collected roughly $5 million over a period of eight years, much of this time period covering the couple’s assets prior to appearing on the RHONJ.

The couple also allegedly failed to report income earned thanks to appearing on the show.

Once the authorities caught on to the Giucides, it resulted in arrests for both Joe and Teresa on over 30 counts of fraud back in July 2013. Teresa and her husband are currently out of jail on $500,000 bonds.

The charges they face include conspiracy to commit bankruptcy fraud, wire fraud, and falsification of loan documents.

The maximum for all charges would put them in jail for decades if found guilty.

Being put away for that long would obviously mean missing out on the lives of their children, grand children, and possibly be old enough to meet their great grand children when released. Not wanting to face a practically permanent separation from their children, it’s likely Teresa Giudice will plead out, as will her husband.

According to Touch magazine, one plea agreement on the table for Teresa would allow her to avoid jail time and instead do upwards of five years of probation. Her husband Joe, an Italian citizen, faces possible deportation in addition to jail time even with the plea agreements.

The reality TV stars must hope for a lenient courthouse experience if they are to avoid their family being broken up forever.

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  • journey

    If these two losers get away with this gangstar type of FRAUD, then everyone in prison for committing any type of fraud should be freed!!

    • nillahere412

      I could not agree more! About the children it is certainly so very sad. Why did they not think about the children before they committed so many crimes. Living a well beyond their means showing off what a beautiful home they had was more important than these poor innocent children!

      • sinsin sin

        They probably were thinking of the kids after all they like so many stupid people out there have more than they can afford to feed.

        • sinsin sin

          Those kids will be fine ! some relatives will jump in the mix and take care of them. The mother will be given a slap on the wrist and some kind of hefty fine and probation. The father will do some serious time. When all is said and done let’s hope its a stern lesson and deterrent not only for them but the children will learn that what mom and dad did was not clever.

  • Aneda Smith

    They need to do prison time. They’ve thumbed their noses at everyone while claiming to be broke and spending extravagantly on everything. Throw them both in prison jumpsuits and give them a real dose of reality.

  • Cate

    We’ll get to see just how stylish she stays in prison stripes or orange jumpsuits. Smuge ass nitwit. The poor children.

  • emmysmom

    “Headed for Jail?” One can only hope.

  • Honeyvic

    I hope for the sake of their children, that the Court does not give jail time. There are thousands in America that have been allowed to get away with worse than this. When I think of large corporations that have found loop holes to avoid taxes…..and given their CEO’s millions in bonus compensation for doing what? I’m more concerned with stories like that, big companies that REALLY get away with manipulating the tax system….and never seem to have to face the music…

    • Whatever

      If that reasoning were used in the justice system, then nobody outside of the corporate world would ever pay for anything. I’m sure if you were able to read every charge that was made against them, then you might think very differently. It’s not only what was written above. The last count I saw was 41 separate charges. And for very serious FRAUD. That means KNOWINGLY doing something illegal. That certainly deserves more than just a slap on the hand.

      • Honeyvic

        Anyone that has done wrong….broken the law….whether speeding, or stealing, or doing drugs….did so “KNOWINGLY”. I am sure many a person that made an illegal turn, or illegal lane change has been grateful to the police officer that gave them a ‘Warning’ instead of a ticket….even though they deserved a ticket, or a fine. My point is, we are all guilty of ‘knowingly’ making wrong choices, I am sure we do not feel that, across the board, people should…..ALWAYS…..receive a penalty. Many of us have been grateful for a 2nd….even a 3rd chance to do the right thing. To do better. None of us really know this couple. But, we do know, they are not career criminals that have been in and out of jail since Junior High, or High School. They have not lived a life of drug dealing, car theft, etc…People who have done much worse, have gotten off for much less, sadly.

        • ben

          Again, you’re stupid not everyone who breaks the law does so knowingly. Just like your boyfriend you didn’t know was gay-he doesn’t know that sodomy is illegal in OK

          • Honeyvic

            You must be a really great guy…(enter sarcasm)…

          • Honeyvic

            …oh, and also….wrong again.There’s NO judge in America that would believe anyone saying “Your Honor, I did not know that was wrong….”. We all know when we break the law, just like when I’ve been pulled over for a traffic violation, and the officer tells me I’m getting a ticket. I can’t say ‘Oh officer, I had no idea…’ I’m an adult, I had to pass a Driver’s Exam, like everybody else. I KNOW what the traffic laws are. I’m sure you have better things to do w/your time…so, why not get on with your evening…

          • Rebecca Christiansen

            Honeyvic – people make choices and when they break the law they need to be punished. Joe Giudice is an illegal alien even.come on, intentional deception is just wrong. But I love how you slam corporations with a great big stereotype..how many people do you employ? And you know that a CEO does nothing but Joe and Teresa deserve their fraudulently obtained funds? Wow, you got some real standards there.

          • Honeyvic

            I do feel that there’s far too many large companies that have found loop holes to avoid paying taxes….and….I do disagree with the millions that many CEO’s are paid, yet the same company that paid their CEO $700,000 just in a bonus, yet lays off hundreds of employees (this example is American Airlines), is just. Plain. Wrong. Somehow, large corporations do get away with things they should not. As far as people making wrong choices….I already stated my opinion: We all make bad choices, just like this couple appears to have…but, I do feel that does not have to mean jail time for someone that is a first offender, such as Mrs. Giudice. I am also taking into account the offense. This was not a First Degree Murder charge…that’s not even in the same realm, in my opinion…

          • Emma_T

            In regards to lax punishments, there was a rich kid in Texas who killed 4 people and walked free. Hmmm…. I get what you’re saying though.
            Teresa is too much off an air-head to pull off such an elaborate scheme. That needs to be taken into consideration, IMO.

          • Sara James

            She landed a popular TV show and made money from books and media appearances. She’s smarter then she’d like you to believe…

          • Honeyvic

            Like anyone in the media, they have an agent that ‘lands’ the media appearances, book deals. I’m sure she does too. When it comes to things like taxes, I’m sure her husband handled all of that…

          • Sara James

            Think again Vic, she signed her name on the dotted line which makes her accountable. Maybe you buy her dumb routine but the Judge and jury will not.

          • corey


          • Emma_T

            Yes, it gives truth to the phrase “Money talks, and BS walks”

          • Honeyvic

            I agree. There is no telling what her husband may have led her to believe she was signing.

          • speciallady2003

            There were 50 counts, she’s not someone who made one mistake.

          • lala

            How can you compare 50 counts of fraud and tax evasion with traffic offence?….that’s like comparing an experienced boxer or athlete with your next door neighbors lame attempts at sports!

            It was not one offence or two, we’re talking about five-O counts! Come on, honey!….I dislike that couple with a passion, the way Teresa has treated his brother and sister in law is deplorable. Well, karma’s a bitch, always comes back to bite ya!

          • Honeyvic

            You really need to re read my post. I never said what this couple is accused of, is like a traffic offense. I was talking about how there are many, many ways to break the law, and how there have been MANY that have done far WORSE than this, and gotten away with it (sadly). I was also pointing out that many companies find loop holes to avoid paying taxes….AND also….I was responding to someone who had commented to my post stating “….but the Giudice’s KNOWINGLY broke the law” my response was that anyone of us that breaks the law, such as speeding, etc ‘knowingly’ breaks the law, as we all know there are speed limits. Look, it really doesn’t matter. It is all up to a Judge what happens w/this couple. This is Mrs. Giudice’s first offense, and she does not have a criminal past. I am assuming a judge will take this into consideration, as there are 4 children…

          • yankees12345

            Name the companies.

          • Bill

            Honeyvic, corporations are created to generate revenue and make a profit for their owners/shareholders unless they are a charity. American Airlines is not a charity. The CEO did exactly what he was paid to do – keep the company profitable. If maintaining profitablity means staff reductions then that is what he should do. Look how many jobs were saved by keeping the company profitable!

          • KathleenR

            Joe is not an “illegal alien” he is a resident. Many live full time in the US but keep the citizenship of thier home country. In this case it means that because he is not a citizen he can be deported.

          • Raphaella

            I am not trying to get involved, but yes! people do get away with saying “im sorry I didn’t know what I was doing” with things as serious as MURDER!! lesser charges or even let go completely. It happens all the time.

        • Whatever

          Are you kidding me???!!! This was not a traffic offense (although Joe got into trouble for that too by using his brother’s driver’s license – KNOWING it was illegal and INTENTIONALLY doing it). And this wasn’t just one or two or even three things. According to others I was even too low on my count. This was FIFTY THINGS! You MUST be dense by defending these people. Or either you must have done the same thing yourself. Or maybe you have a dog in the fight? Do you even know the meaning of the word FRAUD? It doesn’t just mean KNOWINGLY. It also means INTENTIONAL. But like I said before, you need to go and read each and every count, then come back with some knowledge. Because as of right now, you are just appearing ignorant and I don’t think you even know what the rest of us are talking about. If I did HALF the things that they did, I would EXPECT to be thrown in jail, children or not.

        • coreaapple

          Ignorance is no defense of the law. Your ignorance or theirs. They took millions of dollars. It doesn’t matter how u did it, with a gun or thru lying. Its the same result. Stop making excuses for stupid people.

        • Bill

          Honeyvic, who is going to pay back the millions of dollars in
          loans these two losers secured under false information? Not the two losers. It will be you and me! Let ’em hang! I wish we still had public executions.

    • floridagirl_007

      do you know how many ppl that have kids do bad things? is that really a get-out-of-jail-free card?

      • Honeyvic

        Obviously. We’re not talking two people who are up for First Degree Murder here. Of course, if we were taking anything of that nature, it would be a completely different story. Wouldn’t it? It is that way for any type of wrong doing. There are different types of punishment for different types of “bad things”, as you say…

        • Flower Power

          Not everyone serving time in prison, committed first degree murder. Many people are in prison for far less crimes than what the Giudices did. Many of those people have children. They weren’t thinking of the children when they were bilking and showing off.

      • robink

        this will set an example to their children, don’t do illegal things. don’t steal or not pay taxes. no one should be above the law

    • Fritz the. At

      If you stopped being a fan of idiot reality shows you would understand that these kids will be better off being raised by a stable family away from the cameras and bravo. If you feel so badly for Teresa, then lend her some money. I am sure she will take it and NOT pay you back. Here is a tip…. Pick up a book or a newspaper and stop idolizing reality stars who go on the tube to act like animals. You must have the brain of a turnip.

      • Honeyvic

        Your comment is obviously for someone else, as I am not person who idolizes anyone. I took the time to read this article from Yahoo, Since you did take the time to comment….at all….you must enjoy Reality stars yourself…

        • Rebecca Christiansen

          I think Fritz thought you idolized Teresa because you think she doesn’t deserve punishment for a decade of fraudulent behavior but anonymous CEOs don’t deserve their pay. Did you know Obama whittled his own tax liability down to 18% on almost a million in income because of the tax code..is that ok?

          • Honeyvic

            I do not agree with CEO’s that make hundreds of thousands of dollars in a bonus…that does not even include their salary and other forms of compensation….and that same company lays off hundreds of employees….such as American Airlines. That is just one example of companies that have this practice….

    • Sara James

      Children learn from the actions of their parents. If they see them get away with many crimes, they will be doing the same thing years ahead,

    • 11B20

      their children ‘s dna undoubtedly will prove as criminal as that of their greaseball parents. imprison the two of them then deport the fat grease ball back to wopland. several million americans are in prison, so let these two slobs join them

    • Bill

      Tax loopholes are legal, tax evasion is not!

    • kchiq

      Ultimately, these tax loopholes you keep referring to are created by the federal government to keep THEM rich, not the CEOs of the corporations, MOST of whom have worked really really hard to get where they are. Perhaps you should be doing a better job of researching who you are voting into government office and trying to change what occurs in government if that upsets you do. And if you knew ANYTHING about business you would know that most of the time, salaries and bonuses are not decided by the corporations but by the majority shareholders. One last point, during the time when there were massive layoffs, there were many CEOs who either turned down or gave their bonuses (Lenovo) and raises BACK to their employees. Just because they did that did not prevent their being massive layoffs. There are always going to be corrupt people in the world, and those people should be punished, i.e. Teresa and Joe Giudice.

  • Whatever

    How “STOOPID” do you have to be to file for bankruptcy but still appear to be living high off the hog on a nationally televised reality show? Well, apparently VERY stupid if Joe and Teresa are any kind of example. They tried to do anything they could to try to appear to be better off than her brother Joe and his wife Melissa, but now it appears it’s going to bite them HARD. The really bad thing about this is that they did it to their own children too, because the children will pay for the sins of their mother and father as well.

    • disqus_nx4MfF4kvy

      I’m sure at the time they filed BK they had no choice, they couldn’t pay their bills, they were doing the best that they could under the circumstances. They needed some relief. Anyway what are you to do? Die? As far as the way they were living, T on occasion did her hair and nails, plus her daughters BD party wasn’t such an elaborate party if you remember it was at Joes pizza place.

      • Whatever

        Maybe they didn’t have a choice about the bankruptcy, but they had a choice about how they lived afterwards. Did you SEE their house? They didn’t go smaller, they went BIGGER. I’m sure the creditors they stiffed just LOVED that!

  • gail silmser


  • Emma_T

    I agree with 01Panters Twitter comment. I always wondered too how they could be so “Rich” yet they were trying to file for bankruptcy? I guess you can’t…

  • Donna Hurley

    They filed for bankruptcy but a few years later they post 1/2 million in bond money to stay out of jail. I want to know their secret to success.

  • Donna Hurley

    You flaunt that lifestyle and don’t expect to be caught? Not too bright. Jail time all the way. They don’t deserve probation and Joe you’re outta here.

  • lynn

    Well you came to America to get rich and that’s what you did now you have to pay and go to jail in your country so the tax payers here don’t have to pay again.

  • genovive

    I bet Teresa gets home arrest or probation. As for Joe he will get a year of jail time and out by 8 months for good behavior. I knew something crooked was going on with them when they would pay cash for everything. Teresa had furniture delivered and she counted out $60,000 cash to the delivery man. She claimed they didn’t like using credit cards. Good luck to them I hope they get it all sorted out.

  • disqus_nx4MfF4kvy

    This is great news everyone, now we can all look forward to so Teresa, Gia and the girls on season 6, season 7 and so on. Now, since we all know that jail can be a very dangerous place let us all pray for Juicy Joes safety. Hey Joe, God speed, we all thank you so much for the years of entertainment, additionally thanks for letting us into your life. See ya soon buddy. We love, love, love you Joe.

  • man930

    I think they both should go to prison. They need to cool their smug asses in a jail cell. That should take them down a peg or two. They’re not above the law, and they just got lucky and fell into that fortune and fame. Low class acts..

  • corrine

    You Reap what you Sow. You did the crime now do the time.
    Use any term you want they knew what they did we illegal and regardless of Kids etc. they need to pay for that.

  • thaliajen

    So torn on this one. Part of me says if they were Jane and Jon Doe, I’d want them to pay for their crimes. But this isn’t a murder or rape. If they are sent to jail, do they learn anything? Does it better anyone’s lives? Maybe he should go to jail or be deported but she’s the moneymaker now & has FOUR kids. I don’t think she went into this with malicious intent. Not fond of her, don’t like her much, but don’t think she should go to jail. She should get parole & then IF she breaks the law again, throw the book at her. But those 4 kids didn’t do anything to deserve this and she IS a good mom. Again, torn.

    • Jim

      They need to go to prison. Using kids as a shield to not go, is no excuse.

      • almondeyes

        I think they both should go to jail!! You do the crime then you do the time…!!!

    • 11B20

      our prisons are full of people who did these kind of crimes and had to leave their families behind. give each of them 5-10 years.

  • John G

    There are many people serving time in prison for stealing a lot less money than these crooks and liars. If they do no time then there is no justice.

  • meg222

    RHOP – Real Housewives Of Prison

  • Jerry O’Brien

    If they BOTH don’t do some kind of time that matters, then our justice system really is a joke. Does not anyone remember her buying furniture with THICK WADS of cash? And laughing through it all.

  • coreaapple

    They should of thought about the children before they committed the crime. Two thiev’s they both need to be in jail Nothing like a big mouth guinny.

  • Jim

    These frauds need to go to prison. They have played everyone, and now are hiding behind their kids, and using their kids as a shield against going to prison. It’s amazing how these people can take out loans and falsify income statements, hide cash, screw people out of business contracts, but then play stupid and act like, Wha? Who me? I don’t even know what word fraud means?” “I’m a business man. My job is to make money!”

  • MrsMarried

    Sadly because we are dealing with the “American” Justice system Teresa will be given probation, Joe will go to Jail for about 18 months of which he’ll serve about 6-9 and in the courtroom across the hall some poor guy who couldn’t afford a high priced attorney will lose his house because he owed the IRS about 2 thousand dollars in back taxes.

  • JO JO

    This had better be another case that money talks they lived a lush life by fraud now they think all should be forgotton BS they deserve everything an any thing that every thing that each an everyone of us would get and Theresa says she wants to be on dancing on stars first of all shes not a star of anything just a thief I will not watch any program she is on the best thing would be for her children to be given to her brother an wife what are they teaching their children

  • Wayne

    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. :-) W

  • Dan Gregory

    If these stupid reality shows like The Real Bimbos can make it on to tv,i’m convinced anyone can get a show

  • disqus_nx4MfF4kvy

    Thank the good lord Teresa will be home taking care of her beautiful daughters. I think Joe made a few mistakes while trying to make Teresa happy. To bad for Joe but now that he is going away to a very dangerous place we should all pray for his safety. He is a wonderful husband and father who loves his family. So I’m saying to Joe, Gods speed Joe, have a good trip and we will see you on the flip side. Remember that you have legions of fans who love, love, love you. You the MAN….

    • BK

      These 2 losers belong in Jail. I feel bad for their beautiful children. They should be ashamed of themselves. They should not even call themselves parents. I hope the children will go to Uncle Joe and Aunt Melissa. At least with them, they will have parental guidance and be around people who actually love them.

  • disqus_nx4MfF4kvy

    We all know if we watch RHONJ that Gia is a very beautiful and talented girl who is destined to be a big star. She is an actress, model, dancer and cheerleader who needs her mom. What good will it do if Teresa goes to jail, who will guide Gia during this time. I think T & Joe cut a few corners but it’s not like they killed anyone. It takes lots of money to be a housewife and Joe did it for Teresa, at least give him some credit for being a half decent crook. Joe should share a cell with Apollo and Bravo should film them going about their daily activities but I don’t think that will happen. I waiting to hear what Teresa has to say when this is all over.

  • Sara James

    She’ll be flipping tables in the clink.

  • kieffer gomez

    They both deserve jail why should she not have to do the time??
    She was well aware of what that fat lazy b……d was doing
    and lived off the high hog

  • DesertDame

    Judges can be bought no one is going to jail and no one is being deported. It is all about money not justimce

  • Edith S.

    If it were me I would be shaking in my boots! How can she maintain such a smoothe composure of Denial! I always learned…don’t mess with the gov’t!

  • TheBride

    Headed “TO” Jail, not “for”.

  • bigbiz2

    They can’t put immigrant Joe in Jail or deport him because it would seperate families…

  • michael1234

    She’s not going to prison he isn’t going to prison, and he isn’t getting deported. theyre celebrities. the chances of that happening are 0-1%. that’s the way it is

  • http://batman-news.com Jenny Loeffler Luongo

    They broke the law – PERIOD. They deserve jail time…as for their children – of course I feel sorry for them, but maybe they should have thought about that before committing these crimes.

  • 11B20

    deport the fat greaseball after 10 years of prison; give the skank 5 years

  • Linda Whisler

    IMO since they haven’t applied for green cards, They could say they didn’t know the Tax Laws and try to get off of the money Freud on that one, but they’ve lied so much on every detailed item , that I think any Judge would see right thru this. Instead of being sent back to Italy, it might be the Italian Jail. I think that family has lied so much, their mind doesn’t even conceive anything the logical way ever. Teresa has some Mental problems that I think Bravo should have seen, and maybe they should not have used her, because when she got fame and money. She didn’t know what to do with it and listening to her husband and having her brain, everything she did was illegal from the start. There’s no feeling sorry for her. But somebody who knows that woman had to see that Mental problem. Why didn’t they call it out? Too bad we can’t be flies on the court room walls. I’d love to see this family in front of the Judge.

  • Jas Cleveland

    In the Movie Liar, Liar Jim Carrey said it best ” Stop Breaking the Law @ss-hole “…*If you didnt want to go to jail, you should not have broken the law! *They DID it, They can OWN it & Do the time for their crimes!

  • Jas Cleveland


  • Richard Galvin

    Stuck on are love of jailing people. She’s got name. She’s got celebrity. Put a bracelet on her. Have her living a one bedroom apartment she has to maintain herself, and then have pay back millions (court cost for one) by being the celebrity whore she is. Much rather have that than have my tax dollar pay for her prison time.

  • Flower Power

    If children were the reason that no one should go to prison, then why are the prisons filled with black and brown people of both sexes? Please don’t suggest that white people care more about theirs.

  • Bill

    New reality show is coming! Real Housewives of New Jersey State Prison Inmates!

  • noodles


  • Sara James

    Can’t wait to see the look on those brat kid’s faces when Mommy and Daddy are handcuffed and taken to prison. I hope court TV covers it live.

  • rick

    Women’s prison = rampant lesbianism and giant bloomas. (she will learn to lick rug and like it).

  • noodles

    The only thing criminal would be if Joe goes to jail leaving that sweet little thing home alone. She strikes me as the type that will not be alone long, that is one hot mama.

  • chris

    ROHNJ will fold without Teresa and Joe. Andy Cohen needs to get the Bravo legal team on the case. Honestly my entertainment outweighs any legal transgressions these two have done.

  • disqus_N3292TPQCr

    Cut them a break, community service.

  • lou

    What kills me is that idiots keep buying and patronizing her products. What is wrong with people. Is this woman and her family really what “family” is all about??? Lying, cheating, stealing, hypocrisy, bratty out of control disrespectful kids! I think not! Find some worthy role models people!!!

  • ameme

    Kind of figured she would throw Hubby under the bus to save she own skin . Disgusting ~

  • YCD


  • Marie DeLaney

    If they ever knew what “reality” was they had sure forgotten. I pray this is a life lesson for them to move forward in a more positive and Godly way.

  • DH

    The kids have NOTHING to do with this..focus on what Joe & Teresa REALLY
    did..bankruptcy fraud, mortgage fraud,bank fraud, tax evasion, identity theft fraud. Wesley Snipes spent 7 years for only tax evasion. SERIOUS CHARGES.

  • Lindsey Mozzo

    Guarantee you……………………divorce announcement after the plea agreement is accepted. Mark my words!!!

  • sinsin sin

    Stop feeling bad for these twits !! its called Greed plain and simple.
    Phaedra Parks and the criminal she married in real housewives of Atlanta….You’re next….I hope this will be a lesson to all those greedy reality stars who let it go to their head and like to flaunt their ill gotten gains in the face of others.

  • Sara James

    They will both do jail time and both deserve it. Leona Helmsley tried the same defense “I just signed the paperwork the account gave me.” It did not work for her and it will not work for Teresa. You do the crime – YOU do the time.