Ten Ways to Beat the Heat

    August 5, 2003

It’s the dog days of summer (in the northern hemisphere) when the temperature goes us (and has been up for a while) and tempers can flare. Learning to manage anger is an emotional intelligence competency and a process of personal awareness and growth.

1. Understand the physiological process and how it effects you.

It’s called affective neuroscience, and you’ll find it fascinating. Check it out! Take an EQ course ( http://www.susandunn.cc/courses.htm ) and get the basics so you understand what’s going on and how it works within you.

2. Learn your hot buttons and what triggers your temper.

For each of us it’s different.

3. Learn what causes stress in your life and eliminate what you can.

Work with your coach to remove obstacles, generate options, reframe problems, meet goals and lessen the frustration in your life.

4. If it’s beyond your control, let go and let God.

5. Develop some healthy outlets for your anger such as whacking weeds, hitting a tennis ball, meditating, or practising yoga..

6. Learn how your diet affects your disposition.

We are what we eat. Caffeine, and high fat/high cholesterol food increase irritability. Remember the 3 white poisons – sugar, flour and cocaine.

7. It can be as simple as getting enough rest and sleep.

Drugs, including over-the-counter medications can lso affect your mood and ability to handle your emotions.

8. Learn to cool down, just as you do after exercising.

Stop, count to 10, take deep breaths, think about something distracting. Sunsets and rivers are often suggested, but for you, it might be thinking back over an exciting ballgame while you sit in that traffic jam. Learn to self-soothe so you can “regain your senses” and think clearly. Take a time-out if need be and come back to the issue later on.

9. Do things that foster your self-esteem.

When you feel good about yourself, anger is more manageable, and you earn your self-esteem!

10. Get emotional intelligence coaching.

You must get coaching in addition to reading and study, because EQ involves social and emotional skills that must be practiced with expert guidance.

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