Ten Steps You Missed In Marketing Your Site

    March 9, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

A handful (ok, two handfuls) of tactics could separate the lackluster domain from the one that enables its owner to brag about business.

Neglecting the tactics discussed at the Nixon McInnes marketing agency’s blog post could represent a missed opportunity for webmasters.

The bloggers at the UK-based firm came across an online poll about overlooked tactics in search marketing. With apologies to the original pollsters, we’re tweaking their suggestions just a little for your consideration.

  1. Use 301 redirects accurately

  2. Integrate offline efforts with online projects
  3. Coordinate paid and organic search data
  4. Track actions with analytics to find valuable customers
  5. Test and refine landing pages regularly
  6. Buy domains and redirect them to enjoy their link value
  7. Don’t stint on design and usability spending
  8. Blog to build rapport and credibility for your domain
  9. Make use of Google Sitemaps and Yahoo Site Explorer
  10. Use ‘Web 2.0’ features, like tagging, widgets, etc, when it makes sense to do so

There could be a better site in your future, with some focused effort.

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