Temple Run Gets A "Brave" Makeover For iOS, Android


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If you've paid very much attention to the world of iOS and Android gaming, you've probably heard of Temple Run. It's an addictive little game wherein you help the main character - an Indiana Jones lookalike - escape from some evil skull-monkey creatures that he has angered.

Though it appeals to players of all ages, the game is particularly popular with kids (full disclosure: my son has played it a lot more than I have). Disney, it seems, has caught onto the game's popularity and struck a deal with the studio behind Temple Run - Imangi Studios - to create a new version of the game based on the upcoming Pixar movie Brave.

In most respects Temple Run: Brave is identical to the original. You still spend your time running, jumping, and sliding as you try to get away from the monster chasing you. Only this time, instead of the would-be Indy, you're playing as Merida, the main character of Brave. And since evil skull monkeys are rare in Scotland, you'll be running from the large angry bear that serves as Brave's main villain. And you'll also get the chance to try your hand with Merida's bow. Certain sections of the game will present you with targets to shoot as you run, earning rewards. We'll try not to think about why you can't just turn and shoot the bear.

Temple Run: Brave hits the iOS App Store and Google Play on June 14th. Check out the official trailer for the game below:

And for good measure, here's a trailer for Brave, which arrives in theaters on June 22nd.