Temper Tantrum Ad Slamming Boehner Set to Air on Sunday

    October 5, 2013
    Meaghan Ellis
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The pressures of the government shutdown has had its effects on a number of government officials on edge all week. With all of the tension shrouded around the shutdown, the House Majority PAC felt some kind of way and decided to take matters into their own hands. While the approach is rather direct as far as allegations are concerned, the visual is rather comedic.

The democratically amassed House Majority PAC has produced a short narrative advertisement taking shots at House Speaker John Boehner. The ad features a baby crying as a comparison to Boehner’s attitude and perspective toward the health care reform. The baby whines while saying, “Speaker John Boehner didn’t get his way on shutting down health care reform. So, he’s shut down the government and hurt the economy.”

The advertisement is scheduled to air during the Patriots-Bengals football game on Sunday. That particular game happens to be in Boehner’s district which is why the 39-second attack ad targets the location. The target market includes the rural and suburban residential areas in the proximity of Cincinnati.

Andy Stone, communications director of the House Majority PAC, issued a statement in support of the advertisement. “Speaker Boehner didn’t get his way and so, like a child, he threw a Tea Party-inspired temper tantrum and shut down the federal government. The American people are sick and tired of the intransigence and manufactured crises that have become all too common from Speaker Boehner and the House Republicans. Speaker Boehner should stop playing politics, end the nonsense and finally focus on the real-life consequences his government shutdown has caused Americans.”

The group also took to Twitter to slam Boehner.

The House Majority PAC also issued a press release stating their intentions to begin campaigning for the 2014 elections. The group has already put plans in motion for the 2014 elections with a six-figure ad campaign in the early stages. The campaign will focus on targeting the districts of nine Republican members: Gary Miller (Calif.), Mike Coffman (Colo.), Rodney Davis (Ill.), Mike Fitzpatrick (Pa.), Michael Grimm (N.Y.), Joe Heck (Nev.), Dave Joyce (Ohio), John Kline (Minn.) and Steve Southerland (Fla.).


Image via House Majority PAC

  • thomas

    Idiot. Boehner is the one throwing a temper tantrum!

    • Emily

      boner is the one throwing tantrum, true but others went along with him, Duh

  • Send a Message America

    This will never get any better until the American people send a very clear message. Go to the polls and vote every current politician out of their position. If the people do not send a clear message, I hate to tell you but things a) will continue as they are now and B) they will get much worse.

    Don’t people get it yet? The politicians do not care because nothing they do effects them. They send your kids to war and not theirs. They have great healthcare and you don’t. They have guaranteed pensions and you have nothing. They are not being spied on but you are. They are not losing their jobs but you are. Do I need to continue?

    Vote them all out. If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what to tell you.

    • brent

      The reason we have the current crew is because of advertisements. Like the ones saying Ron Paul is crazy. The man lives as honest, exemplary and successful of a life as most of us could ever hope for in a politician but media expenditures like these made him out to be awful. While people like Newt Gingrich who abandoned his wife on deathbead and gets congressional ethics violations gets painted as respectable. Thank the media.

  • Deb

    Looks like NANCY PELOSI and most of the Democrats……………..
    By doing these ads and trying to brainwash the public..the Dems are looking worst each day….It is the Dems who cannot get along in a sandbox………..

    The Dems under Obamacare are letting the Illegal Immigrants be entitled to purchase the rotten plans and if you have parents that are 76 years old they will NOT be able to get cancer treatments and the deductibles are horrid……More than most people make in a YEAR……….Sounds like Obamacare is trying to decrease the population…..whats next

  • mila

    It seems like President Barack Obama is lying again, who cares
    about this stupid advertisement when the public knows that it
    is not true–one of Obama’s lies to get what he wants. Sorry!
    I don’t believe it…I know better.

  • mila

    Oh, by the way, all President Barack Obama has to do
    is to sign the bill so that the government can start
    functioning–Obama is withholding his signature just
    because America can not afford the funding of Obama care
    now, House Speaker John Boehner has priorities especially
    the military…. Please sign the bill now President Obama
    so that America can move on–stop playing games Mr. Obama!
    Stop saying you will not negotiate–I do not think that you
    are a dictator! Sign now!

    • brent

      True-so true. He is really just upset and very frustrated that our government has a division of powers. He actually ordered Congress what to do in his speech. Obama Care was passed against the will of the majority of the people. The house of representatives is just that.
      Obama Care was not “ruled constitutional”. It was merely not ruled Unconstitutional on the basis it was taken to court. Like saying that if one gets acquitted of a speeding ticket, they have never violated the law in their life.

  • brent

    The premise behind any commercial is, “I have a lot of money to spend on my opinion”. Commercials do not establish what is said is right. Isn’t that common sense? Do advertisements on TV necessarily tell you an unbiased truth? Aren’t most just BS?

  • Connie

    We the people are getting smarter every day. I know there are still some people who care more about NASCAR and football than about their family being buggered. But things are changing. And crap like this commercial really makes us angry.

    • http://Yahoo Low IQ redneck killer

      Cry us a river, you low IQ REDNECK!

    • Jared

      Actually, this ad makes us very happy for calling out Boehner and his childish antics. Mr. boehner shut down the government becasue he didn’t get his own way. Now he has to pay the piper.

    • Connie

      The truth is simple…. Speaker of the House Boehner will not allow the bill to go the the floor of the house and let all 535 members vote. He won’t allow it, because there are enough Republicans and Democrats that would pass the Senate Bill. This is the truth. The Republicans caused the the closing, now they are going to pay everyone back pay for the furlough. If they are paying shouldn’t everyone go back to work???? The furlough is now a long vacation for the government employees, and a great problem for everyone else.

      • http://WPN Ellie

        Bohner is absolutely RIGHT come on people read all the 2fine print!!!! Obama care is horible 2for the poor and some o2f the middle class,what is le2ft o2f it ( that is)I think Obama should be imeached.He thinks he is King. What we need is someone who really cares about all US citizens.Mark my words there is going to be a distaster and it will come 2from our own elected o2f2ficials. Remember what has happend since WTO and Na2fta. Where are all the good jobs now????

  • http://Yahoo Low IQ redneck killer

    I love reading all the dumb low IQ redneck comments. You fools don’t even know that the ACA and Obamacare are the same thing yet, you think you’re smart? HAHAHAHAHA Stick to Nascar and false news!