Teleka Patrick’s Disappearance Brings New Intrigue

    January 5, 2014
    Pam Wright
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The mystery of Teleka Patrick’s disappearance is beginning to sound like fodder for a Rick Castle novel.

More and more information about Patrick, 30, the Michigan doctor who has been missing since Dec. 5, has come to light and makes the mystery of her disappearance even more intriguing.

Patrick was issued a protection order in September to stay away from Grammy-nominated gospel singer Marvin Sapp after being accused of stalking the pastor of Lighthouse Full Life Church in Grand Rapids, according to court documents.

The documents allege that Patrick claimed to be his wife, contacted his teenage children and had been to his home. He said she had joined his church after moving from California.

“I have at least 400 page(s) of correspondence from her which I have never responded to,” Sapp said.

While Patrick’s mother told CNN that she had no knowledge of any romantic relationships, two home videos uploaded to YouTube in November show the Kalamazoo medical resident talking and singing to an apparent love interest.

“Hi, baby,” Patrick says in one. “I am just coming to you to say ‘hi’ and tell you about my day.”

In another video, Patrick shows a table set for two with omelets and pancakes.

“If you were here, this is what would be your plate,” she coos.

A third video to surface came from a local hotel in Kalamazoo. That’s where Patrick went the night of December 5, just hours before police found her car in the ditch in Indiana.

Patrick was last seen on Dec. 5 after trying to check into a hotel in Kalamazoo. Her Lexus was found later that night in northern Indiana in a ditch on Interstate 94. In the car was her wallet, cash and identification.

Ismael “Smiley” Calderon, Patrick’s ex-husband says he believes his ex-wife’s own mental health issues, which he says led to their 2009 separation and 2012 divorce, may also be behind her disappearance in Kalamazoo and he fears the worst for Patrick.

“I believe some predator took advantage of her,” Calderon said. “… Or she’s being held against her will, or the worst.”

Calderon recounts incidences of paranoia, delusional perception and accusations of cheating, physical abuse and even physical altercations with Patrick. He tells of an incident where she tried to run him over with her car.

“Finally … the delusions, the paranoia got out of control,” he said.

Raised in New York, Patrick graduated earlier this year with a medical degree and a doctorate in biochemistry from Loma Linda University in California. Calderon says he believes she moved there to be near Sapp.

“To me, that’s the only reason why she would ever go to Michigan,” Calderon said.

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  • Lots of Crazy Women

    There are lots of crazy women out there. We live an illusion in this country. An illusion that all women are sweet, nice, and innocent. The reality is that many women are self-centered and many suffer from mental illnesses. Hormone imbalances in women make them very unstable. We laugh at these things but there is very real science behind the statements I am making. Simply put. There are a lot of crazy women out there. A lot of good women too, but also a lot of crazy women.

    I had a weird experience in my life. I met a woman who as a member of Perverted Justice. This group sets up men and claimed they were child predators. The woman I met served as a decoy. This woman was flat out clinically crazy. Literally and clinically crazy. This didn’t come out until after the trial that I covered. The story got even more crazy when after doing some research, we found the very same woman was found to have been connected to multiple fraud cases in California and Nevada. The sad part is that 6 men, who never had prior records, were forced to plead guilty because of this woman. They are now all sex offenders and they never even saw a person during their “crimes”. All because of witness testimony from a crazy woman. The really sad part is none of those men can challenge their sentences because the information about this woman’s craziness came out years after their court appearances. Don’t ever believe what you hear in those internet stings. A lot of the “evidence” is literally made up.

    My point to this is that we have to remember that women have problems to. Women aren’t all sweet, nice, and innocent. Look at this woman for example. For weeks, we had people screaming that she is a victim. Women’s rights groups have been flocking to this story. But the reality is that the woman is insane. She is singing and talking to a person who doesn’t exist. How many men are in prison because of some woman he was involved with was crazy?

    By the way, this is a common sight among crazy women. They literally just pick up and leave. Where they go, no one really knows, but eventually they surface somewhere. At the very least, she is a crazy woman stalking a man. The really scary thing is this woman was going to be a doctor and have access to very powerful medications. Would you want her as your doctor? The woman who sings to an imaginary person? Hell, she might treat you for an imaginary disease.

    Crazy people also find other crazy people. They attract each other. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ran into another crazy person and something happened

    • Divest Daisy

      Have you seen all the crazy MEN out there with very obvious mental health issues? Look at all the schools that have been blown up, the airport shooting in LA, the movie theater in Colorado… no women involved there. Obviously you’ve had a bad experience with a woman with mental issues, but your comment is very misogynistic. Both genders have mental health issues… Men are no exception.

      “Behind every woman’s scorn is a man who made her that way.” – Miranda Lambert

    • HollywoodGal

      FIRST OF ALL. Many Men ARE sex offenders. And many are dumb. You don’t get SET UP if you aren’t screwing up. So, don’t attempt, talk about, or have sex with kids or prostitutes or She-Males and you won’t get exposed or caught in a sting and go to jail. NO ONE feels sorry for these men who get locked up OR outed. They’re scum. And we laugh when you’re taken off to jail. And YOU are obviously SALTY because you got busted. Whomp Whomp Whomp! Nobody cares~ Ciao!

      • @Hollywood Gal

        Wow. You just proved that person’s point. Look at your comment and the obvious insanity in it. You went from kids, to prostitutes, to she-males —- all in one sentence. Don’t you think that is a little insane?

        I am sorry you have issues. It is very apparent. There is a national hotline for people with mental health issues. In California, you just have to text “CTL” TO 741741. Please use the service. You need it.

      • No Doubt

        Wow. You must have had men issues. It is so obvious. Actually a person can get SET UP. That is the whole meaning of the words SET UP. I could set you up in a heart beat. I know the case the person above is speaking about. The crazy woman pursued the man for a year and invited him to meet five different times. I don’t know a victim in this world that pursues their attacker for a year and invites them five different times to meet. By the way, the Perverted Justice person lives in your state. She is in San Diego. She is also currently under federal investigation. In fact, that is the reason their website is no longer functioning. The whole group is under federal investigation for being predators and everyone is turning on each other. You will be hearing more about this in the next year or so. I suspect you might be connected to that group. You will see. All your friends are turning on you and you don’t even know that.

      • P. Boykin

        Hollywood Gal, so you think someone deserves to be a sex offender even when they don’t see a person, they are pursued and invited to meet?

        I am a victim of abuse. I can assure you that I did not pursue my attacker. I did not invite my attacker.

        Abuse is wrong, but so is sending men to prison for things that do not happen. I am a victim. Actually, I am a survivor. I assure you that I did not invite my attacker. Also, those internet cases take away from real cases. While they out there playing games on the computer, real abusers are getting away with real abuse.

        Think before you speak. I also had Perverted Justice ask me to work for them. I declined because they are crazy. Just like the person above wrote. Philip Eide, the man who founded the organization, changed his name to Xavier von Erck and he himself has been brought up on sex charges. He is also being linked to child porn charges in Ireland. That group is full of crazy people.

        • Porn therapist

          Boykin and followers, the truth of the matter is…pornography is a HUGE billion dollar epidemic, and all too often, those who are looking at porn are the ones who get caught up in sexual crimes. To quote a famous (and arguable source), but have you ever heard that “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he?” Have you noticed the plethora of sexual crimes taking place in today’s society? These men don’t just wake up one day and decide to go rape and maybe even kill someone…they eat, breathe, and sleep sexual thoughts, until they become consumed by them.

          Does that mean every single person who looks at porn or talks to women online become sexual predators? NO. But many of the men engaging in these online activities, whether they have actually met their victim yet or not, are engaging in sexual conversations, exchanging inappropriate pictures, and grooming the unsuspecting person on the other end of the computer for their own sexual desires. Whether they have actually offended yet or not, the police don’t just send anyone to prison for “crimes that did not happen.” They send men who have child porn on their computers, they send men with a history of sexual abuse, they send men who are conversing with YOUNG GIRLS on the internet, they send men who are using work resources to stimulate their sexual pleasures. You are not seeing the whole picture when you say men go to prison for crimes that did not happen. There tends to be much more to these stories than men claim. As a therapist, I see the inside version of these sex stings. I see the wives and children who are left devastated because their husbands are sleeping with prostitutes (while, according to you, “innocently” speaking to other women on the internet). And a random tidbit of information…about 70-80% of women who come for therapy services have been sexually abused. It’s a devastating and excruciatingly painful event for these women. While I do have empathy for the “innocent” men, from what I see, many of them are not as innocent as they pretend to be.

          Not all porn addicts become sexual predators, but nearly ALL sexual predators look at porn and engage in inappropriate sexual relationships online. These men often do dangerous things, and even if they haven’t yet, there is a pattern that law enforcement looks for, and it involves a WHOLE LOT MORE than innocent men engaging in innocent conversation with women online. Do the research.


    • matthew 2424

      yes she ran into pastpr/singer Sapp now let tha grab your crazy self aronnd the lip stop lying

  • Sera

    This extremely accomplished and focused woman, a genius, — DUAL SIMULTANEOUS MEDICAL AND A PhD IN BIOCHEMISTRY — naturally had man problems. And she may have brought to the table her own emotional issues regardless (like everyone). It was a mistake to marry a clerk, with two kids of his own, who is now out there dogging her during her neediest hour, for PAY. It was a mistake to fixate on an uneducated preacher with a gift of gab, someone you don’t know, who then took his case to the white man (or the white woman; that’s what is happpening now they are so afraid). This is a sad story.

    • @Sera

      The woman is singing to a person who doesn’t exist. A famous gospel singer had to file multiple restraining orders against her. She move to the state he lived in to be close to him. Her ex-husband also says she is crazy. What more do you need to know? She is crazy. Smart people can be crazy too. Degrees don’t matter. So let’s recap:

      divorce by a man due to a multitude of mental issues
      restraining order by another unrelated man
      moved to a state to be close to a gospel preacher she doesn’t know
      she is singing to an imaginary person about her love for him

      The woman is crazy. Sorry, but it is true.

      • P. Boykin

        She is crazy and you are right about your list. It really is simple to see.

      • Iamblackandilovemarvinsapp

        EXACTLY, @SERA!!

    • Reality


      You are correct in you theory. This young lady was sexually involved with this Preacher.

      Sad part, at this stage in the investigation, she is more than likely deceased. Keep watching the news and the next headlines will read,
      “Dr.Patrick body found.”

      I wish the families all the luck and prayers in this one. Lastly, mental illness is serious, all you self diagnosing therapists need to stop!

      It is CLEAR through Dr. Patrck’s behaviors, she is invovled with this preacher. The restaining order is a civil not criminal process that a person goes through to convince a judge they are being harassed by another person. Thats it!

      Dr. Patrick was never arrested and no charges were criminally filed. Which logically can be explained that Sapp wanted to secretly end the relationship with Patrcik but she had already fallen madly in love with him. That would explain why Dr. Patrick’s family had no knowledge the romance.

      You see on the media all the time of Senators, well respected professions, etc, etc having an extra-martial affairs. This Patrick and Sapp case is not different.

      In conclusion, i wish Sapp will come forth and tell the truth. If not, the truth will come out eventually. It’s inevitable.

      • Theresa

        I don’t think there is nothing more for Marvin Sapp to tell other than what he said in his PPO. There is nothing that he said or even implies that he had a relationship with her. Teleka Patrick has issues, and apparently from what has come out, has had issues for sometime. That is undeniable. I know a person like her who another minister friend of mine had to get a restraining order against. I know what he has gone through – and now all of the presumption and speculation.

    • Iamblackandilovemarvinsapp

      SERA: WOW!

    • matthew 2424

      one of the real reason I donot care for Pastor Melvin Sapps and other false pastor like him watch his video me and my childrens (4) and no more) see him dancing on dancing with the stars set up and how he is moving his big ugly fat behind dancing with this white lady who is half naked.. this guy is a piece of work i sure pray that the FBI get him,,, Reals Women and Mens out there know for sure he slept with this beautiful woman prehaps when she were still in California wanted to keep it a secret.. but when she suprisingly moved to his home state he freaked-out oh’ NO, SHE IS HERE”” SHE IS AT AND IN MY CHURCH,”’ GOTTA GET A PPO QUICK!!! HE IS DUMB AND STUPID.. THERE ARE SOME BLACK WOMEN THAT MEN, PASTORS WHO EVER JUST CAN’T USE FOR SEXUAL PLEASURE AND LIE TO THEM SHE WERE GETTING READY TO EXPOSE HIM AND HE KNEW IT,,, ALL WILL COME OUT IN THE WASH,, AS MY MOM USE TO SAY. THE WHITE WOMAN MADE HIM..HE USED HER,SHE IS DEAD,, AND HE MESSED UP–FBI WILL GET HIM FOR SURE BECAUSE HE IS DUMB..HE HAS TWO GIRLS, I GUESS HE FORGOT THAT. HE JUST WANTED TO SATIFY THE FLESH,, NOW GET READY FOR JAIL BIG BOY THEY ARE WAITING FOR “U”

      • LouKayLou

        That was Warren Sapp the football player, not Marvin Sapp the preacher…. not even related, dork.

  • All Women are Crazy

    All women are crazy. We see it every day. From Miley to the Kardashians. In fact, women cause the most problems in our society. Roe vs Wade has caused 54 million deaths. All these women talk about domestic violence issues. How many artists, doctors, poets, builders, musicians, saints, holy people, social workers did we lose with those 54 million abortions? Women are hypocrites. They talk about so much violence — but they kill the most. All those abortions amount to more deaths than all the wars we fought combined. Bravo ladies. Bravo. By the way, if you don’t think abortions are violent, go open the abortion bags. I dare you. Heck, I will make it easier for you.

    Go to this site: priestsforlife.org/resources/abortionimages/

    So ladies, spare me your hypocrisy about abuse. You kill the most in this country. By far.

    • P. Boykin

      I agree. I always thought about this fact. Women talk so much about domestic violence, but so many babies have died from abortion. Isn’t killing the ultimate type of violence? I viewed the pictures of the abortions. They are horrible. That woman above talks about going to meet someone on the internet after you were invited. Victims don’t invite. That is nothing compared to the harm seen in those pictures.

    • jane doe

      that’s like comparing apples to oranges. Abortion isn’t murder!

      • Jane D

        Abortion is the termination of a viable life. It is murder-in a legalized form.

    • Tlizzie68

      OMG, you are a NUT case!!!! How do you think these women got pregant!! MEN. how many of those men were right there helping with the 54 million abortions!!!!
      Your disgusting women hating freak show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you must be just plain stupid with a below average IQ or your one of those uber smart people with no social skills and no filter that like to hear the shit that rolls our of your dumb mouth. get a life WOMEN HATER!!!!

  • The Duke

    Wow, there are a lot of really whacko comments and commenters on this site. I thought we were focusing on finding Teleka and bringing her home one way or another. I did not think it was about slandering her and her family and saying some really untrue and nasty junk about women in general, etc. But, that’s what all these comments and this site have become, eh? We don’t know if Teleka is talking to an imaginary person or not! I kind of doubt it. I’m sure the videos she made were directed at someone. Maybe the gospel dude she has been accused of stalking. Maybe to someone else no one else knows about except Teleka herself and the person the videos are for. Jeez, lets try to be a little nice here and have some faith in her. We don’t know that her ex husband is telling the truth or not. Who knows? He could be totally making that crap up. Maybe he’s been offered money by some shady media to talk smack about her. The point is, we don’t know. So, you can all stop with the comments about her being insane and out of mind, etc. How do you think that makes her family feel? They know her best, after all. What if this happened to a member of your own family? Would you like to read these comments about your own family member? I didn’t think so. Now, lets concentrate on the positives and find Teleka and bring her home! My thoughts and prayers to her family and to Teleka herself. Hang on, girl. It’s gonna be okay.

    • Juliet

      Her family knows her best? Well wouldn’t that make the ex husband’s experience true? He was her family. And don’t you think that your spouse would know you a little better and more intimately than your mom or dad? How many of us kept things from our parents and close family members? Stalking Marvin sapp, messaging him over 400 times, he having to get a PPO out on her, and making a full meal for someone she knew was not coming…don’t that scream mental illness? Smart people can have mental problems too.
      And just like you said you don’t know. Clearly in one of the videos she comments about feeling something from her “baby” yet no one was there.
      It sad that this happened to her.
      If we want to bring her home, it’s important that people understand what state of mind she was in. And not think she’s just a person trying to get away. I also believe the ex . It makes sense. He knew her in a way her parents didn’t. Also she has lived in California for years for schools, while her parents stayed on Florida. How well did they know her? They didn’t know about Marvin sapp or her obvious mental issues…or did they? Maybe they were ashamed of her issues and chose to look the other way hoping she could fix herself…since she’s a doctor and all…hope teleka is found.

      • matthew 2424

        jUILET, SHE DIVORCE HIM BECAUSE HE WOULD NOT GET A JOB,, HE IS NOW GETTING HIS (15 MIN. OF FAME) HE IS LYING THRU HIS TEETH. HE IS A LAZY GOOD FOR NOTHING JEALOUSE MAN THAT THOUGHT THAT HE WOULD MARRY A BLACK DOCTOR AND have it easy for the rest of his life with his (2) kids. the Doctor did the same thing any Decent Black woman would do give him a chance it he won’t try to get a job,, I mean a real Job,leave his but.. the fbi will enventually give him a lie dectector test watch him fail it.. look at him when he is talking, he is a lair..Just like Sapp,, they might have teamed up together to do something to her..Sapp, told her to get that room,, he were going there to meet her,, he set her up big time,, had her to make the videos,, and tweets who put them on line??? she didn’t -they were privately sent to him.. you all should be praying and asking for God’s guide’ance concern this young beautiful, smart Doctor.. I would not take you long to read the papers, internet and see all of the crazy, Pastors that is out there,, when their world is threaten,, they either kill the one who threaten their world; or kill themself,, Sapps, said he started to committe sucide, don’t be suprise if he is found dead,,,,FBI is getting mighty close.. He knows it.. DNA, SOMEBODY KNEW ABOUT THIS RELATIONSHIP,,HE IS NOT SLEEPING AT ALL AT NIGHT,, HE WILL EITHER LOOSE THE WEIGHT OR HE WILL GET LARGER, BIGGER,, HE IS GUILTY.. THIS IS SOMEBODY CHILD.. LET US ALL PRAY FOR HER SAFE RETURN. SHE IS NOT CRAZY. STOP THE CRAZY COMMENTS AND PRAY…

  • MDHgB

    I hope comments made are factual. The PPO has no record of being served. You don’t need much evidence to file. For all we know whomever this guy was might have did this to set her up if she ever came forward with the private romance. She had other top.residency choices over MI. She came there for the relationship or the hope of one offline. no smart person would give up more money and Harvard residency for nothing she could been lured there all to be dropped like a bad habit so this unknown guy can continue games with another femaLes. You take the ex husband side without hesitation. Did you see his public arrest record? Bet you would eat your words then.Dr. Teleka was in harm when she agreed to such secret relationship. What’s in it for her to keep him a secret online.? Nothing but to be called a crazy smart woman. This unknown guy gained from this privacy not her.we just don’t know what’s going on but don’t take the easy road in your patterns of thought. She very well could have been duped.things are not what they seen. Watch what you say and assume.

  • Tlizzie68

    Isnt this supposed to be about Teleka?? I think she has mental illness which is just like being sick with cancer or some other disease, i bet she has worked her fingers to the bone to keep the mental illness at bay so she could have a future a degree. To me she is something special to not only fight her illness but to get the degrees she has while fighting it… what a WOMEN she is!! Mental illness is a terrible disease those who have it would rather have anything else except that because of crap like this. I pray for her family and for her that whatever she had to do for herself that she calls someone and that shes ok. Shes obviously a fighter.. i mean look at what this amazing women has accomplished!!! COME home TELEKA!!

    • Theresa

      Yes! Come home Teleka!

    • dee

      Very true how do we know he didnt feed into her mental issues. Make her believe she had a chance and just maybe they did have a fling he could have cut it off and it didnt go Well what I dont like is how he said he felt shes dead in harms way

  • ken

    If you watch Investigativeve Discovery channel like I do, you know something is about to blow up wide open. First of, as a preacher, when someone in the church is stalking you, you immediately bring it up to the board of elders. If the problem persists, you bring forth to the whole church assembly. You don’t secretly go to the police and get a ppo. You may say how do I know the pastor did not discuss it with the church elders? As a former church elder, I know that only a few issues that are discussed in board meeting stay secrets. Mostly, those issues always involve the preacher. I could not stand the corruption. So, I resigned with dignity. Seriously, a beautiful woman wrote you a 400 pages correspondence and you only told the police? Give me a break!!!! We not should rush to judgment because there is life at stake here but there are a lot of things that just don’t add up.

  • http://google Misty Johnson

    please please please pump your brakes people! Lets stick with the facts at hand. Ok, the police have taken this womans computer out of her apartment to see if anything unusual can be contributed to teleka case. Question is had they found something dont you think it would have been revealed. I wish people would stop freestyling and making silly personal comments not knowing the facts just showing your ignorance. People need to focus on finding teleka because the reality is she is suffering from mental issues obviously. Maybe family was unaware because they didnt see teleka everyday she lived in different states since high school. Its alot coming to light that they didnt know.

  • nanci

    she probably was sexually involved with the preacher, but after she wanted things out in the limelight, he got a restraining order to save his preaching career, but looking at her actions, she is mentally ill and extremely crazy, maybe she studied too hard, and was having trouble at work, you never know if her coworkers pressured her, and that too could have sent her over the edge. But its sad she worked so hard to reach the top and then to have her life taken away. Mentally ill people could be venerable, so she may have talk or trusted some guy who later killed her