Teleka Patrick, Missing Kalamazoo Doctor, Accused of Stalking

By: Meaghan Ellis - January 5, 2014

While her disappearance is undeniably mysterious, Dr. Teleka Patrick’s story just keeps getting more bizarre.

According to CNN, recent reports have been released that Patrick, who went missing Dec. 5, was actually accused of stalking three months prior in September.

However, the plot only thickens, because the person she allegedly stalked is actually a public figure. He’s gospel singer-songwriter Marvin Sapp.

But, that’s not all. Sapp was even forced to file a personal protection order against the first-year resident. The publication shared information exclusively from court documents outlining the details of Sapp’s PPO.

The protection order revealed that the eight-time Grammy-nominated singer had several complaints regarding Patrick’s odd behavior.

Sapp stated that Patrick “has claimed him as her husband, had moved from California to Michigan, joined his church, had contacted his children and had been to his home.”

“I have at least 400 pages of correspondence from her which I have never responded,” his complaint noted.


Patrick’s family has been faced with mounting questions centered around the allegations and her mental state. However, they have dismissed the growing concerns, as their dominant focus centers around finding her. The family did issue a brief statement via Facebook to address the concerns of the media and public.

“We are aware of media reports that are beginning to focus on Teleka’s mental health, and while we encourage the pursuit of honest journalism and truth, we will not take part in sensationalizing Teleka’s disappearance,” the family stated on Facebook.

“We believe that she has met with foul play and wholeheartedly believe that she is in danger,” the statement said.

Investigative reports have turned up little evidence in Patrick’s disappearance. However, the YouTube videos that have surfaced during the investigation have become the crux of growing speculation where Patrick’s mental health is concerned.

The videos feature Patrick talking, flirting and singing to an unnamed lover. Patrick’s mother even told CNN she wasn’t aware of any romantic involvements that her daughter may have had. Then, her ex-husband’s personal account only fueled even more questions.

Examiner reports that Patrick’s ex-husband Ismael Calderon weighed in on the situation briefly giving a synopsis of his personal experiences with his ex-wife. He stated that throughout their marriage he feared that she suffered from a ‘serious mental illness,’ often displaying erratic and delusional behavior.

Patrick was reported missing in Kalamazoo, MI after she failed to report for work on Dec. 6. The night before, Indiana police discovered Patrick’s car abandoned approximately 100 miles south of Michigan.

Image via Facebook | Teleka Patrick Wikimedia Commons | Marvin Sapp


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  • Hell People

    Yep. This woman is pretty much crazy. Lots of women are. Just think of how many men went to prison because of a crazy woman. And she was going to be a doctor. Prescribing medicine. Crazy.

    • P. B.

      I work in a courtroom. I have seen what you said first hand. Witnesses that are utterly crazy. Rape cases are the worst. There is an epidemic of “date rape” cases where a girl gets drunk. Screws a guy that isn’t her boyfriend. She gets caught. Claims rape. Then you come to find out it wasn’t rape. I saw one case where two girls claimed they were gang raped by three boys. The only thing that saved the boys was that they took lie detector tests and the girls didn’t. The worst was when a pshycologist testified that a child had been molested. The pshycologist worked with prominent women’s organizations. Seventeen years later. The child and the mother both admitted that they lied in court. I don’t blame the child as much as I do the mother and the pshycologist. If you ever hear of “rape coaches”, I assure you that they exist.

      It is not all cases obviously, but more than you would think. There are lots of crazy people out there.

      • Theresa

        Rape coaches? Wow. Never heard of such, but then there is a lot that I haven’t heard of.

  • sunlight

    Why is Marvin Sapp coming forward and saying she stalked him? Why would he bother if he went as far as to get a restraining order to have nothing to do with her? Why bother in the midst of his busy, rewarding, and lucrative ministry and music career? I remember having my heart broken when I was in my early 20s by a businessman who dated me for a little while and made me feel beatiful and loved only to break up with me after he knew I fell hard for him. Afterwards, I tried to get him back. Even though it wasn’t even 1% of 400 pages of correspondence, it just makes me wonder (from my experience with men who broke my heart before I found my wonderful husband) why Mr. Sapp bothered to say anything if he didn’t want anything to do with her. Is he having a guilty conscience about something after the Christmas holiday passed? Did he have someone in his staff (like a bodyguard) take care of her so she wouldn’t keep bothering him because he got tired of the “stress” in the midst of his hectic schedule? Did he end up finding out something from his staff in the last few weeks that he didn’t want to know? So he’s just voluntarily coming forward to say she stalked him to plan for future cover-up? Just a theory…

    • midwestlady

      Sunlight, do you have any proof of any of that? Easy does it, gal.

    • shantelle

      I agree!! To much information and now the husband is saying she was ill.

  • matthew 2424

    Midwestlady,,keep dreamimg and leave Sunlight alone she is on the right track,, Sapp is guilty as sin,,and he knows it. and the truth will come out. somebody else knows about this secret relationship, him coming to calli and doing what he wanted to do saying he gonna wait until the mid-night hours.. He better pray she is not dead,,, or the Jail house buddy are just waiting for his overweight self.. I don’t see what anyone would want him,, he is just a nobody,, the FBI is on his trail HOT”’ HOT” and he knows it,, the truth will come out. the bible say that what is done in the dark will come to the light.. By the end of the Month of Jan–2014 or before,, they will go knocking at his door. Beetcha! he got rid of his computor.. but they don’t need his computer they already have her’s and they will get to the truth,, the person will not get away,, Sapp stated that he could have committed sucide when his wife passed,, it may not be tooooo late, he still might,, because he thinks he is all of that all over himself with all the crazy women in his church $$$$$$ only,, no real beautiful woman wants a man as big and overweight with a hudge stomach,, he can’t even see his shoe,, not to mention any thing else””He is no pastor,, no real man of God would have treated this Doctor like this,,,, believe me there are others on his f/b page he said he was looking for a wife,,, dancing with the stars,, check out his un-moves,, with the half-naked woman.. check out his part one reality peek. then you will change your mind..end of story we are praying for the family,, Sapp must remember some man will do his (2) daughters too and some female will do his son the bible say you reap what you sow…of course he would not know that he is too busy showing himself and his home and kids off to the world. and learnin how to SASA!! with the white girl..Lord help. Pray for the family