Teens, Suits Favor IM

    November 10, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

While instant messaging has increased across all user ages, teens in particular have been sending a lot more IMs than email; business users send nearly a billion IMs each workday.

AOL’s third Instant Messaging Trends Survey finds the younger users are, the more likely they will be sending messages via IM instead of email. More than half of teens were likely to give their IM screen name or email address to someone they’ve recently met.

When they correspond, it’s more likely to be by IM, though. Among the findings, two-thirds of the 13-21 age group send more IMs than emails. For just keeping in touch with friends from day to day, 30 percent chose IM, while 27 percent picked the cellphone as the first choice.

The significant jump, and an indicator as to why the big Internet players have been expanding mobile services, shows one in three users sends IMs or text messages from their mobile phones at least once a week. Last year only 19 percent did so.

AOL also noted the IDC figure of nearly 1 billion enterprise messages being sent over IM at work each day. Roughly 28 million business users generate those messages; in AOL’s survey, 13 percent of its respondents include an IM screen name on business cards.

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