Teens Savvy On Social Networking Sites

    January 8, 2007

Social networking sites have generated controversy and concern for many parents and teachers. Just who is your teen chatting with on MySpace? Is it a friend from school or some dirty old man down the street pretending to be someone else?

Surprisingly 66 percent of teens, age 12 to 17 who have created profiles online, say their personal information is not visible to all Internet users according to Pew Internet.”There is a widespread notion that every American teenager is using social networks, and that they’re plastering personal information over their profiles for anyone and everyone to read,” Amanda Lenhart, a senior researcher at Pew, said in a statement. “These findings add nuance to that story.”

Because of the concern over online predators a number of things have occurred since the beginning of social networking. Some schools have banned the use of social networks, legislation has been proposed, parents have turned to software to monitor activity and MySpace has implemented its own security measures to protect younger users.

In the comments section of a blog post one teen wrote,” I think the risks of using MySpace are pretty low; it depends on the individuals, both the best and the worst (which unfortunately, society mostly focuses on). Anyone with enough common sense to know not to meet strangers or post pictures of themselves half naked to attract those strangers should do just fine on the site. Then again, some teenagers (myself being one, so I may credibly observe my peers) lack the self respect they should have, and make us all look like unintelligible and lacking in integrity.”

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