Teen’s $54K Bar Tab: Bar Is Responsible For Paying It

    May 28, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A Japanese teenager ran up a $54,000 bar tab with his buddies using his dad’s credit card, and now a judge says he doesn’t have to pay it back because the bar didn’t verify his identity.

The 16-year old had quite a night on the town with his friends, racking up charges with $3,700 bottles of champagne and several different kinds of booze. They also hit up a popular Kyoto club where they dropped money spending time with beautiful women, though the teen reportedly never paid for sex.

His father is responsible for $783.00 of the debt, but the rest is to be paid by the clubs and the credit card company.

  • adarc

    My parents would have made me mow every lawn in the neighborhood, deliver every paper, and sell my plasma before taking the credit card company to court.

    • Linda

      My parents would have done the same. I would have been held responsible for the entire debt. Oh, wait a minute. The way my parents raised me, this would never have occurred.

      • Kerry K

        I agree- the way my Dad was and still is, I could never ever have done anything like that only because I knew not to get him mad!!!!!! :)

        • Mark

          Neither my parents nor I would have paid the bill–I wouldn’t have because my dad would have literally killed me, and he wouldn’t because he’d be in prison for killing me.

  • Kerry K

    What is the age limit for drinking alcohol in Japan? If teens are allowed to drink that young, then I think the teen should pay his parents back for using their credit card. The credit card company had nothing to do with it. They were doing their job in charging what the teen was ordering. If it was fraud and the parents had no idea that their teen used the card at first, then that is when the credit card company gets involved. But the parents in that case should have smacked the crap out of their son. If the drinking age is not that young, then the bar is responsible for figuring that out and not allowing the teens to buy. I guess laws are different in Japan, but if I did that, I would have been grounded the rest of my life and probably bitch slapped from my Dad. I would rather be in a regular prison then dealing with my dad in a situation like that.

  • Bob

    If the father gave him the card-father should have to pay. This will teach his father a very valuable lesson.

    • Bob

      Father should pay, teaches father valuable lesson. BUT, what kind of law is that because bar didn’t check ID, they’re off the hook. So, bar doesn’t check ID and they don’t have to pay?

  • TUrannos

    The amount owed by the father is 800,000 Yen which is closer to $8,000 not $800.

  • diane

    that bartender should be responsible, not checking i.d. for card, is the kid going to jail for credit card theft?

    • Your Face

      I doubt it since its the fathers credit card….

  • http://web/pronews Kenneth Coker

    Wouldn’t you like to see an itemized bill for this debauchary…the liquor, the shots, and of course the beautiful ladies that surrounded
    them…..ohhh to be young and without regret

  • Michael

    I would not of had to pay it back either because I would have already been dead soon as my father found out what I did…lol.

  • Lix Wylder

    Why didn’t the Credit Card have a limit on it?

  • http://newbizshop.com derek

    Get the sword out.

  • http://webpronews Todd

    I am 49 years old and I currently in debt for well over $30,000.00 from credit cards racketing up; and this little snot gets away scott-free with no damage incurred against his credit score? This kid got a get out of jail card where he won’t owe one red cent. I am packing my bags and heading for Japan.

  • Ecarrillo

    I don’t know the culture there or the drinking age, but I do know one thing about that culture and it is that if that would have been his daughter the whole situation would have played out a totally different way.
    I know if my son did that no matter where we lived he would be going to court for stealing my credit card and let the judge figure out what happens to him. Also the bars should be liable in some way because they didn’t check the ID to the credit card name. However my son would pay for his actions because if he doesn’t then he never will learn anything. That is the problem with society now days a lot of parents don’t make their children pay for their actions and they try to bail them out of everything. They have to learn from their mistakes, take the punishment, and if they want to act like an adult then they can be treated like one. Let them realize how the real world is and make them pay every dime back with a job. REALITY SUCKS. But too many parents bail their children out and they learn nothing from what they did. I would have never done that growing up because I knew then my parents would have sent me to jail for stealing their credit card and plus I would have had to do everything to pay that card back and I would have had to go to all those bars and apologize and then probably washed dishes or swept floors or something who knows what for the disrespect I did there and I am sure there would have been many other punishments considering my dad was a cop. I would never see light of day. I would always be working off that money or going straight to school and back to work again. My life would have been a living nightmare and I would have rather my dad just killed me for it. But I would have never done any thing even close to it ever again in my entire life. I know that for a fact.