Teen Shoots 6-Year-Old Sister, Young Girl In Stable Condition

    May 6, 2013
    Zach Walton
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A little over a week after a young boy shot and killed his younger sister, another similar tragedy has occurred after a teen shot his 6-year-old sister in the chest. The difference is that this young girl survived.

The Sun-Sentinel reports that a 13-year-old boy accidentally shot his 6-year-old sister in the chest with a handgun at their Oakland Park home over the weekend. It was later revealed that there was no supervision at home at the time of the shooting.

The accident was reported by Justin Latourette, a neighbor, after he heard a gunshot a little before 7 p.m. He recounted the scene of when they were wheeling the young giri into an ambulance:

“Her shirt was bloody, and you could see through a piece of gauze that she had a hole in her chest above the heart. Her eyes were wide open in a blank stare, like she was in shock. I’ll never forget that look.”

Thankfully, the young girl who has now been identified as Angela Divin is said to be improving after she was listed as critical over the weekend.

Statistics from the Children’s Defense Fund suggest that accidents like this one aren’t uncommon, and that parents need to do a better job of securing guns while educating children about the danger of firearms. In fact, the Fund found that one-third of all households with children under 18 have a gun in the house, and more than 40 percent of those households don’t store said guns in a inaccessible, or locked, location.

  • http://David.com David

    There is NO way that was an accident. When you’re 13 you KNOW the difference between right and wrong and you KNOW not to mess with guns. NO.

    • Gina Morgan

      that or the kids a dumbass

    • noseitall

      He was a kid. Kids make mistakes and do stupid things without thinking through the consequences, just like we all did. It’s up to the parents to prevent this type of thing from happening.

      • Really

        Yeah, it’s excuses like yours that makes children think they can just do stuff w/o any consequence.

  • Angelina

    My suspicions were raised, as well. I honestly hope it was an accident but I have a hard time believing that a 13 year old would have such poor judgement, as to point a loaded firearm at his younger sister, who I assume he was supposed to be watching. He needs to be head checked.

  • BBQ

    I cannot understand how parents can keep a loaded gun at home with 2 young kids, and keep them unsupervised?! This should be a lesson to the thousands of people who keep guns around at home. Be SMART!!

  • Matt

    He’s a freaking 13 year old. We all did crazy stuff. He was probably showing it to his sister when he dropped it and caught t on the trigger

    • deborah

      that may be true, but, the fact still remains he was old enough to know right from wrong and he should not have been “looking” for something cool. he knew about the gun being where he found it, and im sure the parents told him not to play with it, that it was not a toy, but we all know kids no matter the age. BUT i put the blame on the parents as well. They shouldve been there or had a babysitter. they should be charged. the kid should be too. This way he would know what the payment is for “playing” or trying to be “cool”. if not he will think he got away with it. accident or not. But we were not there so we dont know what really happend.

      • http://www.webpronews.com Edith

        Many adults should know right from wrong. In this case the parents should have acted more responsibly. Not many 13 year olds think and act as an adult should act.

      • Arianna

        i doubt almost killing your sister equates to getting away with it.

  • Gina Morgan

    he could hav either lost his temper or just been stoopidly playin around

    • Katara

      stoopidly playing around, she says. Wow. Just wow. It was an accident. Let the poor kid be.

      • deborah

        ok what if it was your child? would you let the kid be? i know i wouldnt even if it was my kid that did it

        • Dani

          So, you would disown your child??? I think not! Due to the fact that we do not have the full story, maybe you should not judge so harshly!!

  • Jody

    People who leave loaded guns lying around where children can get them should go to prison.

    • MD Mom

      I totally agree Katara and Jody- my stupid brother (should say former brother) had a duffel bag full of loaded guns I didn’t know about in his house with a bunch of kids unattended. His daughter (12) shot my son (14) in the head with hollow point bullet. The person formally known as my brother took the gun and hid it at his place of business before the police figured out he had left the scene. DA dropped the obstruction of justice charges and just gave the A-Hole 3 yrs probation while my son luckily survived but with major speech problems and partial right side paralysis as he lost 1/2 the left side of his brain. He will never get a suitable job or be able to care for himself.

      • kathy echols

        Dumb air brain adults are to blame you never leave a gun loaded or not where children can put the hands on it. People should also stop buying their children toy guns. Guns were made to kill and we should not be teaching children to think of them as toys. Everyone teaches their children not to play with fire .

        • http://at&t Ron

          My children were taught at a very young age that guns are not toys–I took them out and let them fire a rifle and shotgun, they were never given toy guns nor allowed to play with them because they were taught that guns are NOT toys !

      • Dani

        I am so sorry about your son! Granted your brother should have gotten more than 3 yrs probation for a stunt like that, but I am sure he was very scared for his daughter and possibly you. Hopefully, one day you will be able to forgive him and your niece for all the pain this has caused you, your son and family. God bless!

      • snekie

        wow thats f@#kn horrible he should have been charged and done at the very least the min time aloted for the crime

    • snekie

      yea some is thinking
      they should be at the very least be charged with child endangerment

  • Heather

    Why was the gun within children’s reach? The parents should have those guns in a locked up for safety purposes. The parents are a fault for not keeping the gun out of harms way.

  • dane

    Boy aren’t they REALLY posting so many stories about these guns and kids being victims… Government really trying to get that gun law passed.
    This is a sad event nonetheless, but let’s post stories about innocent people protecting themselves against harm thanks to them having guns.
    Lets talk about terrorist, drug smugglers and such having illegal weapons and killing innocent civilians huh.

    • Ken

      Ya, lets talk about only the things you want to hear about

    • kathy echols

      You are the epitome of ignorant.

    • Sherry Birchall

      Hey Dane,
      Maybe they are really posting a lot of these stories because that’s exactly what is happening. Kids are shooting kids because the guns are there and the parents aren’t.

  • Shawn Marie

    Hold the parents accountable. A nice little jail sentence, a hefty fine, and permanent removal of any and all guns from the parents’ home would be a good start. Someone has to start setting an example. This happens far too often. Stop letting the the NRA dictate!

    • stephanie martin

      you know im tired of hearing people talk about guns getting locked up. horse crap. my brothers and sisters and I grew up around them all our lives. its not the guns fault, nor should the parents be locked up. its called educating you family about the dangers of guns and how to check to make sure they are unloaded. first thing you do when you pick up a gun is check to see that it is unloaded period. you don’t take someones word for it, you check for yourself. that’s the first rule of gun safety. second rule it you never point a gun loaded or unloaded towards anyone. if you don’t educate people on these things how do you expect them to know what to do. you don’t give out drivers license without taking a test or educating someone on how to drive do we? my children were educated about guns at a very early age and they all grew up hunting all their lives. to this day if they pick up a gun, first thing they do is check it to make sure it is unloaded. they are all now over 21 and are very gun safe. I agree at younger ages they should be locked in a gun cabinet but education starts at a young age also. and gun education should never stop, no matter how old you are. now on the same terms I see no reason for a hunter to have any type of assault rifle. I have been hunting all my life and I have never had to have an assault rifle to kill a deer. if it take a gun of that caliper or size leave it alone it deserves to live.

      • Margie

        I couldn’t agree more. We had young children around guns their entire childhood. They were also taught gun safety as soon as they could understand. They knew guns were off limits. We had a steel gun safe as added protection. We took them target shooting and taught them about hunting. Only one out of six continued an interest in guns and hunting much to my sadness. The parents should be responsible also for not teaching their son the basics of gun safety.

      • http://at&t Ron

        Actually there are no assault weapons available to the public—selectable fire is a function that is illegal and has been further back then I remember. The caliber of the weapon in the shooting of all those children and people most recently was 5.56mm or .223 and is not even big enough to hunt deer with. True it may look like the full automatics used by the military but it was SEMI automatic only !!

      • Annaliece

        What?! You really think that every single child out their will be safe with guns? Horse Crap. Guns should be locked up, people like you don’t even realize the danger in guns. I could walk out of the room for a minute then come back and my 6 year old brother would have shot himself. I’m very sure that a 2 year old can pick up a gun that’s just laying around and they would check it first, NOT. I am so sick of people like you, just wait and see the accidents that will come trailing behind those words.

  • Stacey

    He’s 13 she’s 6…all statements are true. He’s old enough not to mess with guns; he’s also old enough to know not show it to his little sister and spark her curiosity enough to find it and play with it too. The parents should have had more sense to hide it in a place the boy wouldn’t think to look in. Do I think this was an accident…nope. Beause it’s possible that his little sister pissed him off and he decided he had enough. It’s quite possible that maybe this child is mentally unstable…just sayin…just throwin it out there.

  • jodi

    “The weapon was a handgun in which the boy found.” -Really? Does ANYONE know how to write properly anymore? Not even a reporter?

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

      That does sound really bad. Thanks for catching it. The offending sentence has been removed.

      • Angelina

        you should not have had to remove it…it’s called FREEDOM OF SPEECH where we have the FREEDOM to speak how we want to and word things how we want to why is it that people have to control that and criticize that? oh i forgot we are not controlled enough now we HAVE TO write and speak proper…tell me again how to eat and drink and wipe my ass while ya’ll are at it

        • hdarling

          The phrase was removed because it was not proper grammar, not because anyone thought it was offensive. If you really want to know how to eat and drink, and how to wipe your ass, let me know. I’ll be happy to.

          • Angelina

            I’m Happily Married so no thanks…and so what if it was not proper grammar…who cares? whats more important? grammar? or getting it out the stupidity of the situation? if grammar is your choice then your all more fkd up then i thought.

    • Angelina

      Why is it that people like you worry so much about someone’s writing and spelling or for that matter speech??? Some may not be like you with their head shoved up their ass kissing ass to get to where they need to be or money shoved up their ass to afford perfect literature and education. Some chose to speak how they want to and it bothers you…why? its not you so BACK OFF worry about YOU!

    • Ken

      No one can meet your high standards Jodi……hurray for you

      • Angelina

        exactly what im saying but now days we have to be perfect cause other people want us to be its sick its sad and not right but who cares lets be exactly like the “perfect people” and speak proper grammar and speech cause as if their aint enough to complain about and worry about theres people criticizing everything. let me sell everything i have and make myself perfect for these people and then lets make everyone exactly the same in everything so that no one gets criticized cause if we all look walk talk speak eat and etc the same then no one can complain. then maybe we can worry about more imprtant things but for now perfection is most important.

        • Sherry Birchall

          Why such anger over grammer. It is right that people, especially reporters, use proper grammer when they speak or write. It’s not a freedom of speech issue or a personal affront. It’s just a good idea, so that the speaker or writer can be understood. I prefer proper grammer. You don’t think it matters and are angry about it. Seriously, why not pick a more worthy cause than the right to speak or write badly.

  • Angelina


    • Dani

      Angelina…First your assuming that this child is old enough to know better. How do you know that? Do you know this child? Did it ever occur to you that maybe he has never been taught about guns or not to touch one? This is a child and he will not think like an adult until he reaches that age. All children do and make stupid mistakes, but it is up to the adults in his/her life to teach him/her properly! Thank God, his sister will be okay, but believe me he will learn a very valuable lesson. Also, remember what is said about people who assume…it makes an ass out of them. Also, why be so nasty? I am sure you can get your point across without using such mean words, not only about the people in the story, but those posting. You will get further with honey than vinegar, so calm down before you give yourself a coronary!

      • Angelina

        he is 13 and if his parents havnt taught him then they are stupid as well every 13 year i have ever known was taught ti know better by then…excuse the previous language used but things like this bother me more then most and o actually care about things outside my life

  • http://www.environmentaladvisement.com gwendolyn

    His younger sister was preventing him from receiving 100% of the attention, so he shot and tried to kill his sister. This was deliberate, and he was probably just taking his lead from his parents’ attitudes

  • Mark

    Gun Control NOW!

  • Bryleigh

    He tried to kill his sister, no doubt about that! He wanted her dead. He probably wasn’t suppose to have the gun,sister seen him with it and promised she was going to tell the parents and *POW* he shot her!
    So many unnecessary “accidents” are happening when in reality they aren’t accidents. People know what they are doing and know better. He knew better!! Her eyes were wide open because she couldn’t believe he actually shot her! humm get on this case detectives, etc !!

  • littlemisscapitalcity@yahoo.com

    Let’s forget about the gun. I’m not understanding why parents think that a child can babysit a child. I recall Donnie McClurkin recounting how at age 8, he was supposed to be taking care of his 2-year-old brother and he started playing and the toddler ran in the street and was run over and killed. The reason that 8-year-olds can’t have babies is because God knows they are responsible enough to care for babies. A 13-year-old boy can’t have a 6-year-old sister because he’s not equipped to care for her. People need to stop having babies and dumping them on their older babies to raise. The parents need to be slapped over the gun and over leaving the children unattended with one.

  • Colleen Ray

    Everyone says the boy was old enough to know better, and he was, but how many of you men at 13 would have thought it was cool to find a gun? There are mature 13-yr-olds and there are immature 13-yr-olds. It’s more likely this kid was posturing with the gun and it went off. Irresponsible gun owners are ruining it for responsible gun owners.

    • http://at&t Ron

      At 13 I was going hunting with friends-at 14 I recieved a .22 semi auto rifle—but that was back when you could discipline your kids instead of time-outs,therapists, drugs–Awww the good old days–we were taught that we were responsible for our actions

  • Sharon

    I feel for the little girl. As a parent we have to be vigilant on how our guns are stored. I’m thinking the thirteen year old probably didn’t even know it was loaded. People need to stop hating…Accidents happen. (UNFORTUNATELY) I do feel the parents should be charged for leaving a loaded gun in the house. I have guns. All are unloaded. I have to go elsewhere for the bullets. Remember people kill guns don’t. They need someone to pull the trigger.

  • RJ Rosenberg

    Well, here we go again, a shooting accident that was ENTIRELY unnecessary AND preventable, if there had been no guns in the home. When are people going to wake up already? Guns (or any weapons) do not belong in people’s homes, PERIOD. And certainly not, if there are children living there. I hope the little girl recovers. My heart goes out to the entire family!!!

    • http://Yahoo James Griffin

      Mr. Rosenberg…How many innocent people would have bees saved from the ovens if every time the German Army or the Gestapo or whoever came for them, they had been met by determined people with guns?

    • noseitall

      Well, here we go again, an automobile accident that was ENTIRELY unnecessary AND preventable, if there had been no cars on the road. When are people going to wake up already? Cars (or any vehicles) do not belong in people’s garages, PERIOD. And certainly not, if there are children living there. Fifty thousand Americans dying every year in cars! When will it end??

      • Jess2248

        fail! automobiles aren’t used for protection against criminals that may or may not break into your home. try again.

    • wandi

      Anyone who feels that a ‘home’ is no place for ‘means of protection’ is undoubtably ignorant! Oh wait…Geez!…How could I have forgotten ‘The Laws of Attraction’…’The Secret’?? That’s right…All ya gotta do is..when/if you see a stranger breaking into your house, just politely say…”Nice robber w/the stun gun, zip ties and the gasoline, you silly thing! Let me help you carry that stuff into the house.” Yep, gotta think positive! Well, I’m certain that is what you would do R.J.R. Me on the other hand…Oh I think positive alright! I’m more than positive I will NEVER be without a weapon in my home! I can hear you now…”Stop you robber! I must warn you that my positive thinking is considered a deadly weapon!”

  • Merri

    There are mature 13 year olds and very unmature 13 year olds. I suspect this one was not very mature. He found the gun, was looking at it, pointing it, sister walks in, startles him and he jerks or flinches or something and it goes off. I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that is was intentional without more facts. I am sure he is being interviewed intensely. Probably blubbering like a baby too. My 13 year old knows right from wrong, that doesn’t mean she isn’t going to do something completely stupid and irresponsible either. 13 is still a kid. I am glad the sister is doing well and I hope she recovers fully. Unfortunately 13 is old enough to stay alone and watch younger children too.

    • Merri

      sorry, immature not unmature…

    • Dani

      My children were responsible also when it came to babysitting their younger siblings. It has to do with parenting your children in the correct way! Thumbs up to you!

  • sarah

    has anyone noticed that after this gun ban thing, there has been many incidents with guns?!

    • Pat

      There hasn’t been an increase…. just more news about it. Social media and the news controls what we see or hear about.

  • Ello

    A thirteen year old accidently shoots his sister…wow. I don’t really believe it, but it’s true. Almost every kid that age and younger plays shooting games and etc. I wonder how it really feels to actually shot an real gun and not in some video game…at a person.

  • Michelle

    It is all the parents responsibility for those kids and the gun.
    The gun should have been locked in a gun locker, my family has always
    had guns in the house, my Dad keeps them in a gun locker that opens with a key only, he let us see them when he cleaned them….we never had any curiosity to try to get to them ever….Lock up your guns people
    guns don’t kill people, people kill people!!!!!

  • Jess2248

    you live by the sword…you die by the sword.

    • http://yahoo lilly

      be more cafu

  • wandi

    Ppl have made the comment “Why were both parents gone when the shooting took place?” And to think that many feel that 13 yrs isn’t ‘old enough’ to babysit. For one thing, it wouldn’t suprise me if both parents were at work, being as for the past 30-40 yrs., our gov’t has managed to keep mom’s and dad’s ‘out of the home’…forcing them to be a two-income family. Don’t get me wrong, IMO, men and women have every right to work. I feel that if one of them wanted to be a stay-@-home parent, they should be able to. However, the economy usually makes the choice for them. Why would someone feel that a 13 yr old is too young to babysit? At that age, they’re not but a few yrs. of being a parent themselves! Most parents can’t afford to be out the financial burden, ei..gas,taxes,etc…Not to mention daycare! To get back to the ‘accident’, hey, they happen. I will comment on it but haven’t read the article. Some people are so quick to want to get these ‘killer weapons’ out of our hands. They’re like “That’ll solve it all!” I mean REALLY?!!!! I have always had ‘means of protection’. We taught our daughter, from a young age, that she was allowed to handle the gun. Only if and when the circumstances supported it. It just takes some common sense but most ppl don’t even know what that even is. Example of someone who lacks any of that…the person who said that nobody should ever have a weapon in their house…ever!

  • http://webpronews.com Nobody

    Do people have issues putting guns in a secured safe? Or are there disadvantages to it? I think laws that imprisons parents when incidents like these happens should be put in place.

  • Wallywoo

    I’ll bet there are a lot of unhappy brothers who would love to blow their ahzsshole sisters away!!!! This kid actually got the opportunity!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess they were playing jacks, AND SHE WON AND HE DIDN’T LIKE IT!!!!! HA HA HA HA!!! WHAT?? HUH?? Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh!!!!!!!!!!!