Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry Headed For Divorce?

    August 16, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Teen Mom drama is all over the news right now. With alum Farrah Abraham stripping and the new season of Teen Mom, there is just no shortage of stressors in the life of a teenage mother.

In a clip for next week’s episode of MTV’s Teen Mom, Kailyn confesses that her and husband of two years Javi Marroquin are having issues.

“Being married is not what I thought it would be at all,” the Pride Over Pity author said of her relationship. “It’s a lot of compromise, a lot of things I’m not used to. I’m trying to get through it the best I can, because I do love him and stuff.”

It’s true, marriage is a one huge compromise. Not something young people are all that ready for. Crazy kids. Can’t tell them anything.

She hints that perhaps Javi is having trouble learning how to be a good dad to his 9-month-old son, Lincoln and Kaitlyn’s baby from another daddy, Isaac, who is 4.

“He’s still learning with Lincoln,” she says in the clip. “Lincoln will cry and and he just gets frustrated.”

Marroquin left home for a month for Air Force training leaving the Teen Mom star home alone with the two kids.

It’s rough for Kailyn, but it’s also giving her time to work on her frail relationship with her mother.

As she wrote in her book, her childhood with her mother was a long string of heartbreak.


“I remember being dropped off at friends’ houses and sometimes not getting a phone call for what seemed like days,” Lowry, now 22, writes of her mother. Teen mom Kailyn claims that her mother struggles with alcoholism and addiction.

“In those times, when she would disappear for days without warning, I’d wonder if I would ever see her again.”

So sad. Will Kailyn be able to repair these relationships on this season of Teen Mom? I guess we will all just have to wait and see.

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  • CommonSense

    This is what happens when you get pregnant too young and get married too young. Morons.

    • Bryser Wiser

      Wait, so only YOUN people have problems in marriage? LOL looks like the moron could be you

      • CommonSense

        Did I say only young people who get married have marital problems? No I did not. Are you illiterate or something? You know damn well people who get married at a young age have a much higher divorce rate than those that wait until they are older and more mature. Learn how to f*cking read and gain some common sense.

        • Gidgetgirl1234

          Seems like “Common Sense” has some serious mental issues as well as misdirected rage. If you are this defensive and combative with complete strangers I really pity those people that are close to you, if you have any.

        • Jessica

          1st of all she is 22 not a teen and she married someone other than the baby daddy Joe. This girl has a good head on her shoulders and no one is perfect! Everyone of us makes mistakes.

    • Jenn

      All kinds of people have problems in their marriage not just those that get married young. I met my husband in high school. We were married and had a child before started our senior year of high school. Next month we will celebrate 18 years of marriage. We are very happy. Did we have problems? Of course we did but we worked through them together.

  • txbluebonnet

    It seems like she can’t handle being alone with her own kids for an extended period of time. I dunno why. She has everything in the world. Why not be happy?

  • Becky in WI

    Javi appears to be an awesome dad to both kids. If Joe (Isaac’s dad) were given the opportunity to hand pick a step dad for is son, he couldn’t have found a better guy. Kailyn seems the one easily frustrated.

  • Cindi

    Stay married and work it out. Javi is really a good dad compared to most and you are constantly picking at him. Try to relax and learn to love and accept being loved and most of all get some therapy for yourself so you can work on your own skeletons in your closet from your past. You may find that you are a happier person and wife if you do. THE GRASS IS NOT GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE. Your boys need an intact home.

  • Pinky

    And they keep having babies and making the same mistakes over and over.

  • CJ

    Kailyn just needs therapy and needs to learn how to be both a WIFE and a MOTHER. She expects too much and throws a tantrum when things do not go her way. She has to understand that Javi came into a ready made family; he needs time. She expects him to come home from work to continue working? She’s home all day. Kailyn needs to pull up her big girl panties and soldier on. As an Army wife raising 3 girls during multiple deployments, i never complained when my ex came home from work and didn’t change a diaper or fix a bottle bc i knew he was tired. There were days i wanted to pull my hair out, but it was the life i chose as a stay at home mom. She needs to grow up and face reality. If she wants her marriage to work, she will realize this.

  • Patriotfreedom

    Welcome to the military life, get use to husbands being at training and being alone with the kids, it’s part of their life style (which guessing you are very new to still).. I had 3 kids (twins included) with my husband when he first deployed, I was 21 years old, and it was for 15 months and we where stationed overseas at the time.. Now we have 5 kids together and have been through 3 deployments so far.. I takes a stronger person to be a military spouse, considering we HAVE to hold down the home front so our spouses can do their jobs.. My husband and I have been married for almost nine years and together for almost twelve.. We are still going strong, but you have to want to be together or understand the military life (my dad was Navy).. You are still rather new to the military world, give it time to adjust to your new life.. If you would have moved on post you could have military spouses who can talk to you and help you with any questions you have.. (which guessing MTV couldn’t film if you did) Good Luck either way..

  • Me

    She writes a book called pride over pity yet every time you see her she is throwing a pity party. I used to like her but she just uses people up and then when things aren’t going her way she just tosses them away and then blames them for all her problems.

  • Patrick Zim

    If anybody is buying this load of bull poop as gospel then you are as messed up in the head as these people are. it is all fake and most of if not all is scripted. This is the same old stale stuff that was brought to you by MTV that convinced you that those two OC shows were real. The characters were just normal kids that cameras were just happening to follow around. Then you find out one of the kids is a Bruce Jenner offspring and that all of this was brought to you by that genius Kris Kardashian. She is laughing all the way to the bank from fools that watch this garbage.

  • Juanita Vogel-Griffith

    grow up and stop whining. you have a husband who loves you and works and takes care of another man’s child…what the heck do you want. you want to control him just like joe it is obvious you are still not over him and you are very spoiled right now. you have a home and husband and beautiful children…maybe you should be working and single then you can whine about that.

  • Jessica Ashby

    I love him and stuff? I just have to say that my husband and I got married after about three months of dating. Our daughter was born a month before his last deployment and he was gone for a year. When he came home, he had a hard time adjusting too…but you stick it out. Because marriage isn’t something you just do until you get tired of it. Yes, it’s a lot of compromising but if you really love each other..you make it work. And I can say that yes, we’ve had our share of disagreements but we’re going on seven years of marriage and are very happy together. From the few clips I’ve watched of the show, I have noticed that she is very controlling. Yes, her husband has a lot to learn, but sometimes you have to let go and not be so critical. I wish them the best and hope they can move forward in their lives together.

  • al3xis

    she just want more 8==========d