Teen Missing Four Years Found Behind Fake Wall


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A 13-year-old Atlanta-area boy who had been missing for roughly four years was discovered behind a mock wall that was constructed to conceal him. The boy was reunited with his mother on Saturday, according to authorities.

The teen was able to gain access to a phone and contact his mother, which lead police to a house in Jonesboro, Georgia, which is situated 17 miles south of Atlanta. Upon an initial search of the home, police found no evidence of the teen. During a second search conducted hours later, the boy was able to tell his mother exactly where he was being hidden.

Clayton County Police Sergeant Kevin Hughes commented that officers at the scene "discovered him hidden behind a false wall in the interior portion of the home." Five residents of the house were taken into custody, including the boy's father, Gregory Jean, 37, and an adult female.

Jean and Samantha Joy face charges of false imprisonment, cruelty to children and obstructing an officer. Three juveniles were also arrested, and charged with obstruction.

The missing teen reunited with his mother, who traveled to Georgia from out of state:

Upon being found, the boy appeared to be in good health, and neighbors said they would see him in the yard often, and that nothing seemed to be wrong.

Here is the home where the teen was found:

Neighbor Julie Pizarro, 37, said that the Jean household just appeared to be quiet, and that she thought the boy was home-schooled. Pizzaro added that she would see the teen working in the yard a lot, and commented, "You can see the yard is immaculate," she said. "The boy kept it that way."

The boy went missing in 2010 while visiting his father in Florida.