TED Releases iOS7 App


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In 2010 TED released their first app for Apple iOS. It is now 2013 and TED is announcing that they will be releasing an updated app with features that are more refined with an improved user experience for the Apple iOS7 operating system.

The intent was to avoid the aspect of overloading the app and adding new features. They've chosen to improve standard controls such as the ability to rewind talks and “scrub” the audio feeds. They've kept the “Inspire Me” feature which allows users to choose the kind of talk they’re interested in hearing. They've also updated the clock feature which allows a user to choose their allotted listening time. In turn, these features provide users with playlist that have been curated based on their preferences.

They wanted to stress their intention to build an app that doesn't necessarily mimic the TED website experience, but one that enhances the mobile experience of TED users.

In the future TED hopes to create features that will use AirDrop, which is an Apple iOS7 feature that is used for sharing files through Wi-Fi, and they hope to improve on their use of TED Radio Hour.

The new app will accommodate Apple users who have devices that use the iOS6 operating system.

Image courtesy of ted.com.