Ted Nugent On Election: The Best Of His Twitter Feed

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Ted Nugent has been overwhelmingly vocal about President Obama’s first term, and it looks like that’s not about to change now that America has elected him to serve again.

The rocker and hunting enthusiast has been tweeting up a storm lately about where he thinks the country is going and why, and many of his views have caused other Twitter users to chime in, but mostly because they disagree.

Earlier this year, Nugent got himself into some hot water by saying, “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” Since it’s frowned upon in a big way to say anything remotely threatening about the president, Nugent was treated to a sit-down with the Secret Service, where they questioned his words to find out if he was a danger to the man they protect. Luckily for him, they decided he wasn’t, but if he keeps up his Twitter feed this way, he may garner some negative attention once again.

Ted Nugent On Election: The Best Of His Twitter Feed
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  • Michael

    Ted where the hell have you been. What coutry are you now living in. I would agree with you to move to another country instead of going to jail. Please stay away for 4 years.
    With all the republican liars who tried to get rid of the middle class and only have two class of people (rich and poor )
    Got to go and take care of yourself where ever you are hiding.
    Saw you picture with the geetar??? YOU LOOK LIKE SHIT WEARING THE SAME SHIRT YOU WORE 2 MONTHS AGO.

  • Storm

    Ted Nugent is an ass.
    I have his autograph.I used to think he was great. Now that autograph is worthless. He has totally destroyed his rep with all the rants and raves.

  • Larry McMasters

    Loud mouth nut case

  • HAHA

    Who TF is this Ted Nugent anyway? Really, I never heard of this creep.

  • Michael West

    Narcissism is a disease, Mr. Nugent. Humility is the cure. Please get some soon. Respectfully, Michael

  • Youth of America

    Right on Brother Ted, right on! Keep preaching and teaching. Someone has to tell the uninformed, government dependent, non-hunting leeches where they are taking this once great country.

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