Ted Nugent On Election: The Best Of His Twitter Feed

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Ted Nugent has been overwhelmingly vocal about President Obama’s first term, and it looks like that’s not about to change now that America has elected him to serve again.

The rocker and hunting enthusiast has been tweeting up a storm lately about where he thinks the country is going and why, and many of his views have caused other Twitter users to chime in, but mostly because they disagree.

Earlier this year, Nugent got himself into some hot water by saying, “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” Since it’s frowned upon in a big way to say anything remotely threatening about the president, Nugent was treated to a sit-down with the Secret Service, where they questioned his words to find out if he was a danger to the man they protect. Luckily for him, they decided he wasn’t, but if he keeps up his Twitter feed this way, he may garner some negative attention once again.

Ted Nugent On Election: The Best Of His Twitter Feed
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  • http://Yahoo Moose

    I think it is the other way around. Ted Nugent is not a threat to the President but the way he has been outspoken he is in danger from the President and members of his administration.

  • loaded and cocked

    Just make sure you have plenty of water and ammo,your gonna need it. Just say a prayer for America.

  • Mark Prouty

    I agree with Ted Nugent and all the Fan’s “Ted Nugent” For President!!!!

    • Craig

      I second the motion!

  • Maggie Meister

    Who is Ted Nugent? He was a nobody when we were younger and he is nobody now.

    • Craig

      Who is Maggie Meister? Nobody knew you when they were younger and nobody still knows who you are.

      • superbee

        good one …lmas on that one

  • sickofcompromise

    America has sold her soul to Obamanation. The youth have been brain washed and now it will take another sixty years to correct the problem we have created by getting rid of God in our schools and destroying any chance of the Bible giving wisdom to a preverted generation. Sucks to be in a country once called America but now is called home of the lazy and misinformed. Hold fast Ted, there are alot of us that remember America before the lazy kids took it over.

    • http://yahoo proud.liberal

      I’m sorry but your a retard. God never was in our schools nor should he be. You ever heard of separation of church and state? Have you ever heard of the Constitution. I’m sure you have because conservative squawk about going back to the Constitution all the time! The Constitution is where that no establishment clause is. Don’t like to think about that though do you. And if you want God in the schools. Whose interpretation do you want to use? Catholics, Presbyterians, Protestants, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Islam, Taliban, the American Taliban, who is it? Buddha, Harry Krishna! See if you actually understood what America was about. You would understand why our founding fathers wanted this to be a secular nation! God gave everyone free will. Everybody has the right to believe in the God they want to believe in! Or not at all! And nobody has a right to subvert someone else’s free will. That is what we were coming from when Anglo-Saxons came over here. To get away from the King who dictated everything. But it looks like that’s what you want to go back to. As long as the King thinks like you do. You’re the one who hates America retard. That’s the beauty of America. All religions are welcome. Except bigots like you hate that. That is why we have American exceptionalism. It doesn’t have a damn thing to do with what wack job conservatives want to define it as! If you hate this country so much. Then leave. Move somewhere else. The American workers are the ones who built this country. By the sweat of their brow. It wasn’t some rich bastard who had a bunch of money in his pocket or someone who played guitar! If it wasn’t for the workers. The people that have a lot of money would not have it. If anybody’s lazy it is somebody who pushes a pencil as they shine his seat with her ass! The amount of money that you make at your job doesn’t dictate whether you’re a worker or not! People at the bottom of the pay scale work harder than anybody at the top! How hard is it to play guitar and squawk like a chicken on stage! Like dire Straits sings about! Money ain’t for nothing and your chicks are free. Selfish bigoted people are on their way out the door. It’s just a matter of time before your kind are not around anymore!

    • Christina

      What are you talking about???? Put the cap back on the moonshine…..you’re done…..

  • Craig

    Welcome to Texas, brother. Mr. Nugent speaks the truth and it is a shame more ppl don’t speak their minds as he did. That’s one of the things missing in our great land…ppl who tell it like it is. Everyone wants things sugar coated or would prefer the blindfold or sand around their necks. Those same ppl will only have themselves to thank when they’re jobless and have the feds so far up their ass that Obama knows when you’re gonna fart before you do. As for Terrible Ted Nugent…well I imagine he’ll be doing just fine either touring or speaking or sighting on some wild game. Either way, you wellfare babies will never rise to his status. As to the SS; I imagine that was more of a courtesy call to calm the nerves of that coward monkey who has a SS that is more interested in getting some hot latin “pun-tang” than setting up advance security details. I, for one, will celebrate if it ever happens. God Bless America and the United States thereof. And God Bless the Constitution of the United States.

    • Christina

      What are you talking about????? Put the cap back on the moonshine…..you’re done…

  • Chuck

    I believe almost everything that Ted says – as long as he’s talking about guitar playing.

  • Psychadel

    I Sorry I Wasted My youth listening to Uncle Teds Crappy Music. Take Your Bow Go out to the woods and get lost, maybe then you can find your mind.

  • D

    Ted Nugent is a pedophile that used to brag about screwing 13 yr old girls in his limo. This is who you want to listen to on who should run the country?

  • John

    It seems like Ted is right and the rest of America is wrong. Its not unusual for a bigoted hillbilly.

  • http://Yahoo Bob

    I was shocked that this muslim lovin’ president was re-elected. We americans are screwed and will be screwed when Obungles’ destroy America
    program is re-invented and presented by a congress and senate of demon-crats, plus the Obungle czars waiting in the wings to do his beck and call. I can tell you that most of the south voted against Obungle.
    I figure it will take about 5-6 months from now before the shit really starts to flow. Hillery will be controlling the world Bank. Obungle in the white house…the muslim brotherhood controlling the middle east…our southern border wide open…All its going to take is another 9/11 and we’ll have civil war on US soil, BUT THE BAD GUYS THIS TIME WILL BE THE POLITICIANS against us. GOD forbid.

  • Dave

    What hard work did Ted ever do? Write a few songs and play guitar? I used to be a Ted Nugent fan until he decided to slur the President of the United States. If you don’t respect the office, I have no interest in you and I’m sorry I ever bought any of your albums. You don’t deserve a dime of my money.

    Pretty simple to forget that Obama was NOT President when the stock market halved, 800,000 people a month were losing their jobs and people lost all their equity in their homes or their homes outright. Obama has been trying to rebuild, he did not destroy. Bush and the banksters were the ones that destroyed.

    Sorry we couldnt recover from $3 trillion in losses in just 4 years. Maybe Ted should write a song about it.

    • Art

      Yeah right an Obama had NOTHING to do with Fannie Mae , Freddie Mac either . Get rour facts straight before running your cake hole. Just my opinion LOL.I didnt vote for Obama and not cause hes Half white but because he Hasnt a clue what hes doing.Hes still never ran anything right.

      • bob

        So right Art…Obama could kill somebody at high noon and these libtards would cover it up and make excuses for him. This guy is the biggest lying crook that’s ever been elected to any office. Now you stupid libtards can go back to sticking your finger tips in your ears and completely ignoring what this Obamination does…f’ing morons. Rent Obama 2016 and see what your precious communist/socialist hero is really all about? You don’t have a clue and apparently don’t want one. Ted rocks and liberals suck.

  • bill

    ted can goto hell LOL

  • Pete

    Hey Nugent, take the neck of one of your guitars and shove it up your ass, you racist, ignorant POS!

    • rick

      In what part Ted is being racist? does he make him racist not to vote for a black candidate?

    • http://wpn ccruz

      Love it!i think he can stick the whole guitar in his ass…..Nasty RED NECK!

    • Art

      If you knew Ted you wouldnt say this , but I guess that , all you people can say. Everything is racist when someone has a different point of view . Get real

    • Johnny

      hey pete must have been one that the bus picked up to go vote

  • rick

    Ted Nugent is damn right.
    I am one of those that are paying the price so that the others who would rather have kids they can’t afford, live on credit they shouldn’t have and sit on their lazy asses instead of work can get health care for free. The way this is going soon I will be one of those people

  • BRAD

    It is a disgraceful how some are acting regarding the Re-Election. Makes you kind of wonder how these people could call themselves Good Americans. Hate is NOT in the constitution. How can you call it an injustice when a man is elected 2 twice winning both Electoral College and Popular Vote…overwhelmingly. The sad part is everything will be great by 2016 and then another Republican will be elected and will SCREW it up.

    • terry

      The SAD part is u believing things will be great by 2016!! DELUSION! Obomass did not get the popular vote in 2008

  • Einstein1957

    You are correct MotorCity Madman, ON ALL YOUR POSTS!

  • me

    ted tweet said; Goodluk America u just voted for economic & spiritual suicide. Soulless fools: I think ted should drop dead, I don`t know why i liked this guy when i was a kid!

    • chris

      I agree. I liked him as a kid, but now not so much. after learning how he got out of the draft. WHO is he to speak of anything American?? He is an embarassment to all military professionals, as he tries to be patriotic???

    • terry

      Maybe u had some sense back then

  • Blaine

    If you want a gun and don’t have one, you better get one before Osama(I mean Obama) takes away our gun rights!! I don’t mean automatic weapons; I mean our hunting rifles. Rock On Ted Nugent!!

    • tw

      sure, and he’s gonna take away your moonshine too!

    • Captain America

      You can’t spell………Idiot

  • http://yahoo dusty sizemore

    i agree with about everything ted nugent said except not in the same words he used, bet non of you people who got on here and said anything bad about him have the nerve to go to his county and mouth off about him he is probably right about everything he said u that voted obama in you are just as bad as obama in god eyes u lose loser

  • Rob

    I didn’t like that congressman Joe Walsh fully intending to steal on our pop-culture. In the 1970’s, we all said “Joe Walsh for President!”. We didn’t know or mean this guy back then. It only goes to show you how times have changed.

  • Alabama Slamma

    Please keep your promise and kill yourself, or at least leave the country. you can’t play or sing and you don’t understand how America works. Please leave.

    • Art

      LOL Thats why you vote for Ob cause you believe everything you hear . People should take the time to learn about the candidates they vote for , not just what there told . Its the kids future. Maybe the Libya feasko will do him in. Letting American die after they called for help several time Shame on him. Hes nothing but a puppet

  • TCOM

    Im neither a democrate or a republican but I do love this country, i served it for many years. It does not matter who the president is. If you believe for one minute that the President runs this country and has as much power as he seeeems, you need to take off the blinders. Nugent, your a birdbrain. The acid you bought from my uncle did you no favors.

  • stacey

    We Americans are growing more ingnorant every day. Bottom line, raising taxes on the rich will only force the rich to other countries and taking their money, jobs, investments with them. Between the taxes and obama care no one will have jobs, no one will pay taxes. Our government can’t print enough money to take care of everyone. Third world country here we come.

  • http://renegadetruck.net Jim Washburn

    Ted, if we make it through this 4, get on the ballot, I will vote for you!

  • cat

    Recover ….how can you recover when you continue to spend like a drunken sailor? We were promised a transparent administration instead we have had more cover ups than Nixon. He apointed people as czrs who don’t even pay their taxes. Respect is earned. While Ted may have been a bit venomous, he is correct.

  • Andrew

    Hey Ted, I think that Cat Scratch Fever has a Stranglehold on your mental health.

  • http://yahoo JT

    Keep tweeting Ted ……. America needs to hear the unfiltered truth about this administration and the gutless lack of leadership exhibited by Oblamer. Sadly America will suffer longer under this re-elected fool and poor excuse for a President.

  • brian

    ted you sounding like don trump, enough said.

  • cindy

    rock on ted.. someday people will wake up and see that all obama is is a bunch of crooks in the white house just like chicago where he came from… never seen anybody who can’t look you in the eye and tell the truth like obama. thats a sign of a liar. he never did answer any questions of his time growing up and where the $$$came from to go to a expensive college etc… he sure didnt pay for it we probably did. what a bunch of crooks and more to come in the next 4 years in the white house..

  • Jay

    This dude is a piece of work….so ignorant that he is actually funny…

  • JN

    Hey Theodore, (or maybe I should call you the Beave’), you’re the last idiot who should be calling the pot black. Your “wholesome” lifestyle, (which includes 2 wives, eight kids, 3 of which are bastards), leaves you as nothing in this life but a angry little boy who can’t seem to find his way… maybe someday you’ll put that supposed Catholic upbringing to good use, but I really doubt it, as you’re too busy being a hateful hypocrite.

  • David

    Keep it up Ted…I guess there’s only a few of us dinosaurs left who believe in the real America the way it used to be, and still should be. I’m sick…. this used to be a good country, not perfect, but still good.
    Now it’s dead!! You may remember these lyrics “America where are you now, don’t you care about your sons and daughters” From Steppenwolf’s 60’s LP called “Monster”
    Don’t stop, more are for you than against you brother.

  • Maveric

    Good Job Ted You are calling it like it is! All hardworking “true Americans” share the same views as you and it’s sad that we have allowed foreigners to become citizens so they can vote this country into socialism! And yes, I am hispanic and I disagree with illegal immigration and all liberal agendas. Keep up the good work buddy!

  • Mark

    Ted if I ever see you in California you better have security bigger than me! A dick like you only listens to someone who is beating your a..! That would be me!!! tired of trying to make sense to you and explain things.
    Stay off my property and away from my kids!

  • http://yahoo proud.liberal

    lol… the selfish bigoted pigs got their asses handed to them. Sounds to me like somebody needs to call you all a Waaambulance. As far as Ted Nugent goes he is a whack job. I want to know if he’s going to commit suicide. Or maybe he’s going to try and assassinate the president. He’s such an idiot. The selfish bigoted conservative mindset is on its way out the door. It’s just a matter of time before you all go extinct like the dinosaurs! You’re all just going to be a bad memory!

    • peterkus


  • Carlos

    Poor ignorant soul. He believes he is somebody by dehumanizing somebody else. God will inspire him as he inspired all of us, by sending Sandy to America just at the right time. This is the story of vain billionaires wanting to buy us on the cheap. But we know better. “We recognize the true messengers by their deeds”, not for what they say. Bully big mouths; Rush Limbaugh, Hugh Hewitt, Sean Hannity, Jon Arthur, Glenn Beck, Michael Medved, Laura Ingraham, Neal Boortz, Michael Savage, Bill O’Reilly, Mark Levin, Trump, the Koch brothers, Nugent, Ann Coulter, Sheldon Adelson, Fox media, etc. etc, They all make their living trying to intimidate us.

  • Christina

    All of you Obama haters need to get over it….dealing with Bush for 8 years was certainly no picnic but those of us who didn’t vote for him dealt with it and moved on. If the Senate and the House would stop shooting down everything Obama tries to do and give him half a chance maybe he could accomplish more. I have never heard so many derogatory statements about a president before….it is really sad that there are so many hateful misinformed people in this country wasting space.

    • Mark

      Well said !!

  • Bill

    I voted for Obama so I could cancel out Teds vote

  • peterkus

    Ted Nugent looks to me as dumb Redneck, one of those who beleive civil
    war is not over ,one who lives his life soo backwords, being wealthy and all he can think of is going hunting ? Give me your money Ted i know how to spent it better.I wont vote for anyone from Republican party ever since they allowed David Duke big shot from KKK to be part
    of debate and republican primary.Damb rednecks think they are christians but jesus is puking listening to their hatred racist minds.

  • John Slade

    Ted is a joke these days. Obviously he’s off is rocker(no pun intended). I saw him fly off the handle at a reporter. I’m 85% sure he’s bipolar and 100% sure he’s a coward. When he said that stuff about Obama, about going to jail or lying, I knew the Secret Service would go after him. They called him in and scared the crap out of him and he shut his trap. He knows that threatening any President is a federal offense and he would wind up in prison and lots of blacks would not treat him nicely after he threatens the first black President. Nugent is now a racist apparently with is silly welfare remark.

    • PippaP

      Funny how the liberals all jump on Ted Nugent when we are supposed to be tolerant. What happened to Freedom of Speech? Is it only allowed when we agree with Obama? Just wondering.

      • b

        He has every right to say what he wants.

        Just as we have every right to mock him for it.

        That’s kinda how it works.

        • kk

          so I kindly return the mock to you. Liberalism is a disease, seek a cure. Socialism only works on paper and Obama is evil, and you are his minion. mock mock

      • kk

        too true!

    • donna harrem

      yeah its called freedom of speech, and at least he has the balls to speak his mind, thats not being a coward at all people! just because its anti-obama hes getting criticized more than ever!

      • Jill Ed

        It’s not that he is criticizing Obama, it is the stupid sh%t he is saying. The world will not end because we elected a Democrat.

        • kk

          no but the world may end because you elected a man that has stated his main goal is to destroy America, apologizes to our enemies and alienates our allies.

  • Rob Roy

    Ted Nugent is a coward arrested for illegal hunting with lights, underage deer, and a FAKE HUNT for his FAKE REALITY show. Just a fake, phony and a fraud. He talks about the warriors who died protecting the USA? NOT HIM. He could have worn a US military uniform, but he turned coward. He could have taken a walk-on role in the war, but he chose a lead role in a cage. Nothing but a coward, that’s all.

    • donna harrem

      hes no coward rob! its obvious you dont know much about him, or are listening to the mainstream media make him look like an idiot! actually a v smart man!

      • Chuck

        Donna, mainstream media doesn’t need to make him look like an idiot. He’s doing an excellent job of that all by himself. Secondly, anyone who messes all over himself to avoid the draft ain’t real brave. Only things he shoots – besides shooting off his big mouth – isn’t able to shoot back. REAL BRAVE GUY! Nugent is nothing more than an over the hill rocker who will do and say anything to get back in the spotlight. Only thing he’s good at spotlighting are defenseless animals at night from the side of the road. Not exactly an “American hero”, but definitely an American JERK!

  • a_n

    Hey ted,,,, Did you notice all the WHITE people that were cheering after obama won,,,,, They didn’t look like pimps, whores, and welfare brats to me……. You white people don’t stick together? Just the other day I saw two white girls driving a black guy around WTF!

    • http://ken kenneth

      No they look like a-holes

  • a_n

    Hey ted,,,, Did you notice all the WHITE people that were cheering after obama won,,,,, They didn’t look like pimps, whores, and welfare brats to me……. You white people don’t stick together. Just the other day I saw two white girls driving a black guy around WTF!

    • FRED H.


      • http://ken kenneth

        Theres plenty of whites that take there food stamps and welfare check and walk away with a smile on there face. News flash all whites are not rich and they have there greedy stinks hands in the obama jar just like everyone else

  • a_n

    I served my country
    I love guns
    I hunt

    Did you serve your country or were you too busy smoking dope a chasing tail….. people like you could have done that in the military.

    • kk

      Obama was quite busy chasing tail, smoking dope and doing coke. those are among the only “proven facts we have about him”

  • staci

    hey Ted-idiot—-Did ya know that on average Dems. have higher IQ’s than Repubs. your a prime example of that. All your thoughts are race oriented. I wish they would give tests to people before they are allowed a gun so idiots like you who aren’t smart enough to own one wouldn’t get them. P.S. Your music sucks too.

    • donna harrem

      OK Staci, Just where are you getting your stats on democrats having higher IQ’s anyways? So hes an idiot for speaking up, speaking his mind, and promoting gun rights??? Wish more people has the BALLS to speak up about what they are passionate about…hard to take the truth huh staci… I am SURE Teds IQ is MUCH MUCH higher than yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • kk

        Not true, and also proven not true.

    • http://ken kenneth

      Hey staci hope an Illeagal takes your job and puts you on the street then we will see how much of a bleeding heart you have. Sure your the type that believes prisioners have rights in prision. FOOL

    • Joe Hunter

      Your can tell you are a room temp IQ.
      The correct wording would be “you’re a prime example” not “your a prime example”, although it seems you are a prime example of an idiot. You flunk!

  • juan

    Hey Ted Nugent whatever your name is All I will say is VIVA OBAMA!!! oooh and welcome to the new USA a nation created by immigrants………

    • donna harrem

      there is NO new USA retard! your new home will be in a fema camp or worse! wake up dude…NO damn immigrant has created SHIT in this country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • JR

        You are the biggest idiot in the history of man kind!!!! This country was settled by nothing but immigrants! Unless you are a Native American, you or your ancestors were ALL immigrants! DUMBASS!

        • http://ken kenneth

          Hey JR thats why we have a legal process so everybody in the world does not over populate this country. We can send them over to your house and you can take care of them since you love them so much.

      • kk

        Donna, it is not immigrants that are a problem, it is ILLEGAL immigrants that are a problem. and yes Donna, pull your head out they create many many problems in this country.

    • FRED H.


    • http://ken kenneth

      Hey Juan, guessing your a mexican. That is why the immigration policy was invented, so everyone in the whole world would not clutter up this country. It yours now turn it into another Mexico. Obama is the corrupt leader you wanted so eat it.

  • Joe

    Dear Ted,

    While I have to thank you for a great show back in 1978/79 at Boston Garden where you swooped in on a rope and impressed my oh-so-impressed date, I have to tell you that you’re hurting the group with this craziness you spew. Read the following if you’re truly interested in improving the country or…sadly as I expect…only interested in ratings and hits on your website.

    “Mitt Romney’s concession speech was brief, gracious and humble. He said nothing to feed the crazies in his own party. Later, his website streamed President Obama’s victory speech – classy move. He seemed to be returning to Mitt I, the moderate governor of Massachusetts.
    Suppose Romney had run as Mitt I all the way along. Suppose he had taken the president on in the economic sphere and hadn’t promised so vigorously to gut Obamacare. Suppose that guy had run? If he had made it through the primaries, he might have had a very real shot at election. Could a moderate Republican get nominated in the era of Fox News? I don’t think so. And as long as that’s so, Fox News hurts the GOP.”

    You’re a bright guy, surely you understand.

  • raddad


    He has had two wives and has eight children, including three out of wedlock in two liaisons almost 30 years apart. In the late 1960s, prior to his first marriage, Nugent fathered a boy, Ted (Mann) and a girl, whom he gave up for adoption in infancy. This did not become public knowledge until 2010. The siblings were adopted separately and had no contact with one another. The son learned the identity of his birth father in 2010 through the daughter’s quest to make contact with him and their birth parents. According to a news report, Nugent over the years had discussed the existence of these children with his other children.[25]

    In 2005 Nugent was involved in a legal battle for not paying enough child support for a child he had out of wedlock in 1995.[26] It was finally resolved when Nugent was ordered to pay $3,500 per month in child support.[27]

    He was married to his first wife, Sandra Jezowski, from 1970 to 1979. They had three children, son Theodore Tobias “Toby” Nugent, and daughters Sasha and Starr Nugent. Sandra died in a car crash in 1982. His second marriage was to Shemane Deziel, whom he met while a guest on Detroit’s WLLZ-FM, where she was a member of the news staff. They married on January 21, 1989. Together they have two children, son Rocco Winchester Nugent, and daughter Chantal Nugent.

    In 1978, Nugent began a relationship with seventeen-year-old Hawaii native Pele Massa. Due to the age difference they could not marry so Nugent joined Massa’s parents in signing documents to make himself her legal guardian, an arrangement that Spin magazine ranked in October 2000 as #63 on their list of the “100 Sleaziest Moments in Rock”.[28][29]

    • Sandy M

      At least his background is public to everyone.

  • birdlady

    Ted N. is totally insane and should be locked up. Him and Donald Trump deserve each other. Go shoot your wildlife Ted….

    • buggy bugster

      Hey birdlady? did your birds ever shit on you like you are on ted?

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