Ted Nugent On Election: The Best Of His Twitter Feed

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Ted Nugent has been overwhelmingly vocal about President Obama’s first term, and it looks like that’s not about to change now that America has elected him to serve again.

The rocker and hunting enthusiast has been tweeting up a storm lately about where he thinks the country is going and why, and many of his views have caused other Twitter users to chime in, but mostly because they disagree.

Earlier this year, Nugent got himself into some hot water by saying, “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” Since it’s frowned upon in a big way to say anything remotely threatening about the president, Nugent was treated to a sit-down with the Secret Service, where they questioned his words to find out if he was a danger to the man they protect. Luckily for him, they decided he wasn’t, but if he keeps up his Twitter feed this way, he may garner some negative attention once again.

Ted Nugent On Election: The Best Of His Twitter Feed
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  • Slidell Bill

    Stay on the meds, Ted.

  • Wesley Graybill

    Please Ted,
    If you’re dead, please let me know where to send your family congratulatory flowers. If you’re in jail, hope you have a big jug of lube. Peace.

  • C.J

    Ted Nugent is old, out of date and never really was a good musician.

    • keith


  • Claude Akins

    Is Ted Nugent the dumbest motherfucker on the planet? He and people like him are exactly why people don’t vote republican not to mention horrible exclusionary politics!

  • Mr. Dave

    I feel your pain Ted. Sickening what this country has become.

  • wide awake

    hey crum-the only one who’s a threat to anybody is morons like you and the sociopath you re-elected!!

  • tumbleweeds

    I think Ted had a valid arguement. Now he needs to be dead or in jail.

  • alex

    I dont look to Ted Nugent for cogent, intelligent political analysis. He is an ignorant racist, plain and simple. he just doesnt get it. He cant spell either.

    • rick branigan

      mine too..

    • bolo

      Alex is an idiot. So what he hunts. And??? So what. Racist ?? How. He hasnt said shit about any race? Quote him with facts??or shut up. Cant. ??? He gets it
      . You dont. Everyone on the planet knows who ted is. Who the hell is alex??? Go make your mark on the world and get your own audience. He and i believe in our rights as the constitution states. If worst comes to worst trust me alex its people like me and ted who will live. Its people like you that will run. Hide cry and die. Got to go now. Im hunting and a deer is heading my way…this ones for you buddy. As i eat my fresh kill tonight it will taste great knowing your offended.

  • John

    Ted should run for president in 2016. He would get my vote

  • tttttt

    Ted may be on to something.

  • BG

    Ted Nugentis not squeeky clean like he projects to the public. I have been told by several Jackson County MI residents that his ethics on hunting and trespassing leave alot to be desired. I find that usually the one who is the biggest blow-hard, is the one who is hiding the most. Do us all a favor you outdated redneck bastard, drag a comb through that nasty mop of hair, and kindly fall out of a tree stand somewhere and land on that fucking lump you call a head for us!!!

  • http://yahoo john berry

    Funny….the American people just do NOT want to hear the truth unless it is politically correct! When are you going to wake up America? Ted Nugent for President in 2016!!

  • Jeff S\mith

    Uncle Ted may be on to something!

  • Stranger N. astrangeland

    Ted , You are right. I hope the SHEEPLE are happy when they wake up and find they got just what they asked for……Happy hunting this season.

  • I used 2 b a Ted Nugent fan

    Poor Teddy, like the Donald, you don’t get your way and now your going to pout like a little baby. Awe, isn’t it too bad.
    Shut the F up already. You animal killer.

    • http://Yahoo GFM

      “Used to be Ted Nugent fan”, you’re an ignorant moron. Only the fools in this country don’t agree with Nugent.

  • Emilio22

    Alright Ted, Keep it up and you will soon have another visit by the Secret Service, OBama Won Get over it.

  • Jeff

    I saw Ted Nugent in about 1980, and my ears literally rang for two weeks after. Ted is kind of a freak show now, like Octomom, or Donald Trump. The Nuge doesn’t sound too far from playing at Aryan Nation get-togethers, if you ask me. Makes me feel a little creepy that I actually paid to see somebody that spews so much broad-stroked hate. Just keep your crossbow away from me, Ted. You’d definitely want to use it on me.

  • smiley

    Nugent who last year ominously declared, “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year” got his wish. He was found butt-naked on the floor at his spring trailer park ranch with a confederate flag wrapped around his head (his hair was smelly). Authorities said Nugent was surrounded by a stash of guns, a muddy wheelbarrow of Skoal chewing tobacco, a copy of The Catcher in the Rye and over 1,000 copies of newspaper and magazine articles of President Barack Obama with hate messages written on top of them with crayons. The cause of death is under investigation.

  • Dave A

    OK Ted…Time to Die.
    PS Your music sucked.

  • Mike

    Glad the election is over! Now we can push for Homosexual sex education in our schools. We need to teach our boys about how to stick penis’s in other men and how to clean up afterward.

    • wally

      People wonder about the days to come with all the turmoil in
      the world. When you loose your faith and turn to false prophets
      that lie, cheat and kill from their brother man what do you think the Lord will do. He rewards those that are good and follow his righteous teachings. Matthew, Mark.
      Jim Morrison stated. “Why do you petition the Lord with prayer”.
      Everybody wants the Lord to answer to them for their petti whims
      and fancy. Looks around what he has given! If we do not change
      the worse is yet to come. He has shown me this fact. God help
      us and America.

  • Joseph

    Ted who?

  • larry

    Amen Ted. Every word out of your mouth is the truth! Some people just hate to hear it. Thanks for speaking for the rest of us that prayed and hoped that this re-election never happened!

    Keep on Rockin!!!

  • Doug

    @jeffs/mith….. if uncle ted is onto something I hope its his next life. I used to like Teds music myself, when I was 14!

  • MrVertigo

    Okay Ted, we’re waiting. Which is it, death or jail. I have to say< i prefer you dead but jail, seems like it would work well for a gay guy like you.

  • Eric

    It makes you wonder how they lost with guys like nugent on their side..

  • dwayne belton

    hey theodore nugGe(n)t when’s the big ‘BANG’ day? c’mon and be a man of your word. that’s more important than beinga republican….

  • Mr green genes

    Ted has his good days and bad days, but he has grown on, us up here in the Pacific northwest. the rest of you Demonicrats are still to brain dead to realize what you have done.. I feel sorry for you when the FEMA vans come for you and your kids, You WILL wish you had a Ron Paul to vote for and your ancestors will piss on your grave.. Have a nice 4 more years… Suckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo cheryl mccartney

    Ted should run for President with the Trumpster as his V.P. they could of the Looney Party. Ted you are a washed of rock star who will say anything to get your name in the news. Your music sucked and you suck.

  • Jim Dep

    Ted is right.

    If Romney failed at something, it is voicing and projecting the anger and disappointment I have in the majority of Americans concerning the backbone of the USA. I am not a pacifist when it comes to protecting American Values. I relate to Ted 100% to his commitments in protecting the REAL America, not the dumbed down version of obama and the liberals. I’ll fight for Teds army ANYTIME he wants me.

  • Happy4righttochoose

    Ted, between you and Donald Trump, it’s hard to keep track of the IDIOTIC things that come out of your mouths! Thank the God(dess) that men didn’t come equiped with a uterus! If you choose to align yourself with ignorant people who believe that “rape is a blessing,” I’m glad of the fact that you can’t physcially produce kids (other than a “shot in the dark.”)because you would perpetute your stupidity! Women should have a right to choose, not some Yahoo who is busy “boning under-age girls” (It’s part of your public history) Yeah, so stay classy Ted!

  • Charles Peters

    Ted Nugent is right about EVERYTHING he tweeted…. balack insane slow trauma (obama )is destroying what was left of our great country…. Ted Nugent RULES….! Im with Ted to the end %$#@ all you panty waste socialist commies take slow trauma and go down to Hade where you belong…… Ted Nugent for president…..!!!!

    • dwayne belton

      tell teddy to live up to his word and then you follow. BANG! BANG!

  • http://Yahoo GFM

    Nugent’s absolutely right. I can’t believe the retards who voted for Obama after living in this country the last four years. Are you people gluttons for punishment or just plain stupid?

    • dwayne belton

      1)PASS THE JOBS BILL 2) he hired repugnicans when he first took office and the hire ups told them no 3)obama care makes everyone give to the insurance co.s for health care. they get $$$ and he poor get care. so shut up and take it…AGAIN!!!

      • lamont

        obamacare basically forces you to pay a penalty if you do not do as the all mighhty government says and buy something they decided you should have. buy it or else. good old extortion, just disguised as ‘mandates’ aka higher taxes

    • http://yahoo terry seman

      Obama isn’t gonna do anything.It’s congress that is ruining this country with their power mad ideas to be the richist senators ever.but still,you morons keep voting them back in.what part of greed don’t you get!no wonder things don’t change when your voting doesn’t!we are down to a one party system,republicrats.

      • lamont

        obama has gone over congresses head several times and forced his bills thru when they were out, remember obamacare?

  • dwayne belton

    hey teddy, BANG! just that easy…

    • Craig


  • lawn ranger

    this is for all of those naysayers just a quick observation i am a small business owner that cannot get a sba loan to keep my business going (for those of you that didnt read correctly I SAID LOAN NOT HAND OUT NOR BAILOUT)but yet we continue to coddle and spoil those that are here illegally by giving them heathcare student loans and/or grants to go to college LEGAL US CITIZENS HAVE A HARD TIME GETTING THESE but yet as a TAX PAYING AMERICAN I CANNOT receive these opportunities WHY? somebody please explain this to me and logically if you can

    • Dave

      You didn’t say why you can’t get a loan. How’s your credit? What do you have for collateral? Can you show you have been successful in the same business before. I was a loan officer for 20 years. Banks are not investors, banks want to be sure they will be paid back on time with interest. They use the same criteria you would use if I asked you for a loan. Im a stranger, would you loan me $100,000 if you had it?

  • superbee

    ted’s right….america is full of fools who want nothing but a handout…people do you know how much welfare fraud is going on, and how many people that are able to work …don’t work, because they can have free housing and food…just have more kids so they can get more free housing and food stamps…tell me i’m wrong….i know of people ripping the system and we are paying for it…and if you think i am wrong…you just simply don’t know what you are talking about!…..obama is the new robbing HOOD!


    If this is posted through I will be amased for the fact that almost every media outlet was for the Obama administration to get re-elected. They were used to keep Ron Paul out of the picture and where used in my oppinion to support and publish every lie that came forth. I also personally believe we are being set up for Globelization. I agree with every thing that Mr. Nugent is saying. If all those who voted for Obama had taken the time to have done just a little research on their own instead of believing the so called main stream media outlets which are owned and contolled and told what to say by the so called Intellectual Elete as they like to refer to them selves. Thats okay though. There are alot of people who are not blind and are getting prepared for what the word of God said is to come. I really feel sorry for all of those of you who are so blinded by this. The same sex marriage for one. Does nature its self not prove this to be unnatural but the worse thing is that each and everyone of you that supports partial birth abortion will be held accountable for murder just as much as the one who sticks that pair of sizzors in that babies brain or drives that drill in to scramble its brains which also kills it. You should have to think on this each and every time you lay down in bed to sleep. You are a cold blooded killer as guilty as anyone behind bars right now for murder.

  • http://yahoo Dave

    Go for Ted. Too many Socialist wants to change America. If they don’t like it here. Go back to where they came from. Hell we didn’t invite them here. Lazy bastards. Get off your ass and work for a change.

  • wilton

    I agree with Ted completely. Wait til the ebt cards won’t work and the stores don’t have food and booze. The cities will implode. We’ll be sucking deer tenderloin out of our teeth, sipping shine, and watching for the donk rides to come up the gravel so we can share OUR precious metal.

    • joe carcon

      i have to tell you i just jumped on here to start to drum up support to elect ted nugent in 2016 and as i read some of these comments i realize i have found my family.thank you people and lets all follow the rules as uncle ted lays them out. i’m not kidding, next to the american soldier there is no one i admire more thanks ted rock on and don’t ever let them shut you up

  • Donald

    Who cares what that fu%&wad Nugent has to say?

    • Mark Prouty

      I care!!Ted Nugent Rules!!!!!!!

    • Craig

      Bet you wouldn’t say that to his face, or mine either.

  • Guitar God

    Ted has sold 30 million albums…for every blow hard on here that says his music sucks I’m betting you can’t even play a chord on a guitar, but you all think you are music critics. Everyone can have an opinion so if you don’t like his then ignore him and go spout off about your great win on your OWN blog.

    Both Odumba and Romoney$$$ are worthless…Republicans vs Democrats will only make sure that nothing gets done to better the economy. So go ahead and keep the fight up while nothing EVER gets done to make this a better America.

  • Mom11.11

    Ted, You’ve got the brains of Romney and Paul. Go F— yourself. Oh wait, the last thing we need are any more of you on the planet. Instead of killing animals, filming it and showing it on t.v. use it in the privacy of your own home. (Not really, you’re meat’s rotten.)

    • Mom11.11

      LOL! I totally agree!!!

    • me

      mom11.11,r u sure ur a mom with that mouth,i guess u r drinking the kool-aid and living off of the obama freebies,if u have kids which i pray u dont,r u going to raise them to be lazy,stupid,and begging for america to take care of them,free condoms so they can screw and heaven forbid they break,then they will want america to pay for everything,rush was right about that lady in dc all u dumbocrats are the same STUPID!

  • http://Webpronews.com Dale

    I think Ted needs to take a time out. Maybe he and the Donald could go hunting with Dick Cheney.

    • http://themojoman.com TheMojoMan

      RIGHT ON! TED and Keep On Keepin’On.

      • http://themojoman.com TheMojoMan

        I second that.

  • Beth Ann Brown

    Why is it that when someone speaks their mind about this ASS of a president, everyone who is democratic and approves of the way he is running this country into a dark whole of disater and socialism, have to be so negative? Last I knew or heard this is America, home of the free, the brave and free speech. I don’t recall all of this when Busch was re-elected and everyone that was against that.
    So,we are stuck with four more years of this insanity. We will adapt and overcome. Can’t wait until 2016!!!!

  • Rex

    Can’t believe America is still stuck with a pro Moslem/Marxist president whose number one goal is to destroy USA and Israel’s defenses to establish a Communist New World Order.

    • Matt Collen

      Pro Marxist? Pro Muslim? 1). He is pro Christianity too. Religious tolerance is important for a leader representing “the great melting pot.” 2). Social Democracy and Marxism are not the same constructs. Remember, the U.S. is a democracy and republic. Capitalism can be tweaked through the democratic process. The U.S. elected this President. He is American and Americans selected him over the other candidate. So by majority rule, he is not unAmerican. The majority of Americans do not feel like his policies are destroying the U.S. The majority of the U.S. wanted him as their leader. Likewise, he is not destroying Israel. Israel will remain. People were saying the same things four years ago. Obama is not perfect, but he is the leader the U.S. selected.

  • FlipQ

    I would like to remind all of the ted (the staked animal hunter) nugent lemmings of a few past facts: Ted was making money as a rock musician freak show when the US auto makers were selling the greater majority of the public cars that would wear out in about 3 years, and sell high-priced replacement parts. Remember that Ted; or were you to stoned or rich to even care? Remember Lee Iacocca? went to the goverment for (what?) a bail-out? Spelled W-E-L-F-A-R-E? How many other corporations did and still do the same? What was that? the US BANKING SYSTEM? Free enterprise gone nuts, run AMOK? Losing grandma’s and grandpa’s money on speculation? YOU RETARDS WANT MORE OF THE SAME? ROMNEY THROWS AWAY MORE MONEY THAT MOST OF THE AMERICAN POPULATION MAKES FOR A YEARS WORK. HE’S REALLY LOOKING OUT FOR YOU (47% OF… WHAT WAS THAT?) Yeah, Follow the lead of a burned-out dope fiend. People who think this bozo has anything to say need Zyprexa.

    • Cindy

      You know nothing about Ted Nugent! I would have voted for him if he would have ran. Maybe next time!!! Learn about someone before you speak FlipQ

  • Scott Bannister

    Yes Ted is right about all the idiots that voted for this lazy no good muslim, that is destroying our country..
    Where did this fool come from…is he a real citizen of the USA NOPE.
    all he wants to do is make this country into a muslim nation and destroy our freedom and way of life. and all you idiots that voted for him …well you will see that you and all of you people that let the government run us, will have nothing in a short time.
    the people like myself that will stand up to the government and say kiss my white gun carrying freedom seekers ass…
    It is a very sad day .. what did all of our military men and women that have given their lives for our freedom… all these years .. to just say ok mr unamerican muslim loving commie, war is on now…


    • Truth Hurts

      HAHAHAHAHA your funny I have an idea.. if you hate president obama so much and feel like he is doing such a bad job.. how about you move to another country? if your not part of the solution your just another problem so please and i mean this with all due respect just STFU. Also where was all you concerned fucktards when bush was in office? you all act as if our national debt hadnt been rising thru the roof long before Clinton or Bush 2 even arrived in office.. Just be quiet and buy more guns to create your fals sense of security you bitter sorry excuse for a patriot. You dont love this country you just love to complain. The only thing thats sad about this day is people like you who think like this and pass it along to your children and your childrens children to be morons just like you. You sound like a complete fucking Idiot talking about all this Muslim crap btw I suppose Mitt Romney imposing his Mormon beliefs would have been ok right? lol. Wheres your proof Obama is Muslim?? you have none you say you love this country where is your public service record? what the hell have you done??? your not a part of the Solution your just a part of the PROBLEM what are you doing to help???? NOTHING exactly so sit your ass back and enjoy the ride asshole.

    • Mark

      This is a democracy.
      The republicans could not put forward a candidate that the rest of the USA would select over Obama.
      Call him what you want. Call those who voted for him what you want.
      But the fact is the republicans could come up with nothing better so Obama was re-elected.
      If you were a true American and valued our freedoms and liberties you would be involved in your party and making a change instead of badmouthing everyone not like you.

  • tombo

    ted has the right to say what he did.there very disturbing tweets from blacks calling for riots and harm to white people if B.O. had lost.if noone can see the damage done already be prepaired for whats to come.God be with us.

  • http://yahoo.com Dave Habbe

    Ted Nugent is the new John Wayne. God bless him and God bless America.

    We’re all in some deep crap now. It’s only going to get deeper but slightly over 50% of Americans don’t have a clue!

    Ignorance and envy are the essential planks of the Democrat platform. Buy gold, buy silver, and buy ammo. Winter’s comin’little bunnies.

  • http://yahoo SHAWNA L. THOMAS

    Iam a Huge fan of Ted Nugent’s, and i do agree with some of the issue’s but i wouldn’t ever slander anyone, espesially the president of the united state’s of America on the internet.IT’S NOT COOL!!!!

    • http://yahoo SHAWNA L. THOMAS


  • tom

    G-got O-ours P-piss on the rest of you.

    • Craig

      The rest of you are too stupid to get yours; you’d rather have someone give it to you.

    • lamont

      obama…what’s mine iis mine and whats yours you need to give to the ones in this country who dont want to have to work for it

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