Ted Nugent On Election: The Best Of His Twitter Feed

    November 8, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Ted Nugent has been overwhelmingly vocal about President Obama’s first term, and it looks like that’s not about to change now that America has elected him to serve again.

The rocker and hunting enthusiast has been tweeting up a storm lately about where he thinks the country is going and why, and many of his views have caused other Twitter users to chime in, but mostly because they disagree.

Earlier this year, Nugent got himself into some hot water by saying, “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” Since it’s frowned upon in a big way to say anything remotely threatening about the president, Nugent was treated to a sit-down with the Secret Service, where they questioned his words to find out if he was a danger to the man they protect. Luckily for him, they decided he wasn’t, but if he keeps up his Twitter feed this way, he may garner some negative attention once again.

  • Slidell Bill

    Stay on the meds, Ted.

  • Wesley Graybill

    Please Ted,
    If you’re dead, please let me know where to send your family congratulatory flowers. If you’re in jail, hope you have a big jug of lube. Peace.

  • C.J

    Ted Nugent is old, out of date and never really was a good musician.

    • keith


  • Claude Akins

    Is Ted Nugent the dumbest motherfucker on the planet? He and people like him are exactly why people don’t vote republican not to mention horrible exclusionary politics!

  • Mr. Dave

    I feel your pain Ted. Sickening what this country has become.

  • wide awake

    hey crum-the only one who’s a threat to anybody is morons like you and the sociopath you re-elected!!

  • tumbleweeds

    I think Ted had a valid arguement. Now he needs to be dead or in jail.

  • alex

    I dont look to Ted Nugent for cogent, intelligent political analysis. He is an ignorant racist, plain and simple. he just doesnt get it. He cant spell either.

    • rick branigan

      mine too..

    • bolo

      Alex is an idiot. So what he hunts. And??? So what. Racist ?? How. He hasnt said shit about any race? Quote him with facts??or shut up. Cant. ??? He gets it
      . You dont. Everyone on the planet knows who ted is. Who the hell is alex??? Go make your mark on the world and get your own audience. He and i believe in our rights as the constitution states. If worst comes to worst trust me alex its people like me and ted who will live. Its people like you that will run. Hide cry and die. Got to go now. Im hunting and a deer is heading my way…this ones for you buddy. As i eat my fresh kill tonight it will taste great knowing your offended.

  • John

    Ted should run for president in 2016. He would get my vote

  • tttttt

    Ted may be on to something.

  • BG

    Ted Nugentis not squeeky clean like he projects to the public. I have been told by several Jackson County MI residents that his ethics on hunting and trespassing leave alot to be desired. I find that usually the one who is the biggest blow-hard, is the one who is hiding the most. Do us all a favor you outdated redneck bastard, drag a comb through that nasty mop of hair, and kindly fall out of a tree stand somewhere and land on that fucking lump you call a head for us!!!

  • http://yahoo john berry

    Funny….the American people just do NOT want to hear the truth unless it is politically correct! When are you going to wake up America? Ted Nugent for President in 2016!!

  • Jeff S\mith

    Uncle Ted may be on to something!

  • Stranger N. astrangeland

    Ted , You are right. I hope the SHEEPLE are happy when they wake up and find they got just what they asked for……Happy hunting this season.

  • I used 2 b a Ted Nugent fan

    Poor Teddy, like the Donald, you don’t get your way and now your going to pout like a little baby. Awe, isn’t it too bad.
    Shut the F up already. You animal killer.

    • http://Yahoo GFM

      “Used to be Ted Nugent fan”, you’re an ignorant moron. Only the fools in this country don’t agree with Nugent.

  • Emilio22

    Alright Ted, Keep it up and you will soon have another visit by the Secret Service, OBama Won Get over it.

  • Jeff

    I saw Ted Nugent in about 1980, and my ears literally rang for two weeks after. Ted is kind of a freak show now, like Octomom, or Donald Trump. The Nuge doesn’t sound too far from playing at Aryan Nation get-togethers, if you ask me. Makes me feel a little creepy that I actually paid to see somebody that spews so much broad-stroked hate. Just keep your crossbow away from me, Ted. You’d definitely want to use it on me.

  • smiley

    Nugent who last year ominously declared, “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year” got his wish. He was found butt-naked on the floor at his spring trailer park ranch with a confederate flag wrapped around his head (his hair was smelly). Authorities said Nugent was surrounded by a stash of guns, a muddy wheelbarrow of Skoal chewing tobacco, a copy of The Catcher in the Rye and over 1,000 copies of newspaper and magazine articles of President Barack Obama with hate messages written on top of them with crayons. The cause of death is under investigation.

  • Dave A

    OK Ted…Time to Die.
    PS Your music sucked.

  • Mike

    Glad the election is over! Now we can push for Homosexual sex education in our schools. We need to teach our boys about how to stick penis’s in other men and how to clean up afterward.

    • wally

      People wonder about the days to come with all the turmoil in
      the world. When you loose your faith and turn to false prophets
      that lie, cheat and kill from their brother man what do you think the Lord will do. He rewards those that are good and follow his righteous teachings. Matthew, Mark.
      Jim Morrison stated. “Why do you petition the Lord with prayer”.
      Everybody wants the Lord to answer to them for their petti whims
      and fancy. Looks around what he has given! If we do not change
      the worse is yet to come. He has shown me this fact. God help
      us and America.

  • Joseph

    Ted who?

  • larry

    Amen Ted. Every word out of your mouth is the truth! Some people just hate to hear it. Thanks for speaking for the rest of us that prayed and hoped that this re-election never happened!

    Keep on Rockin!!!

  • Doug

    @jeffs/mith….. if uncle ted is onto something I hope its his next life. I used to like Teds music myself, when I was 14!

  • MrVertigo

    Okay Ted, we’re waiting. Which is it, death or jail. I have to say< i prefer you dead but jail, seems like it would work well for a gay guy like you.

  • Eric

    It makes you wonder how they lost with guys like nugent on their side..

  • dwayne belton

    hey theodore nugGe(n)t when’s the big ‘BANG’ day? c’mon and be a man of your word. that’s more important than beinga republican….

  • Mr green genes

    Ted has his good days and bad days, but he has grown on, us up here in the Pacific northwest. the rest of you Demonicrats are still to brain dead to realize what you have done.. I feel sorry for you when the FEMA vans come for you and your kids, You WILL wish you had a Ron Paul to vote for and your ancestors will piss on your grave.. Have a nice 4 more years… Suckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo cheryl mccartney

    Ted should run for President with the Trumpster as his V.P. they could of the Looney Party. Ted you are a washed of rock star who will say anything to get your name in the news. Your music sucked and you suck.

  • Jim Dep

    Ted is right.

    If Romney failed at something, it is voicing and projecting the anger and disappointment I have in the majority of Americans concerning the backbone of the USA. I am not a pacifist when it comes to protecting American Values. I relate to Ted 100% to his commitments in protecting the REAL America, not the dumbed down version of obama and the liberals. I’ll fight for Teds army ANYTIME he wants me.

  • Happy4righttochoose

    Ted, between you and Donald Trump, it’s hard to keep track of the IDIOTIC things that come out of your mouths! Thank the God(dess) that men didn’t come equiped with a uterus! If you choose to align yourself with ignorant people who believe that “rape is a blessing,” I’m glad of the fact that you can’t physcially produce kids (other than a “shot in the dark.”)because you would perpetute your stupidity! Women should have a right to choose, not some Yahoo who is busy “boning under-age girls” (It’s part of your public history) Yeah, so stay classy Ted!

  • Charles Peters

    Ted Nugent is right about EVERYTHING he tweeted…. balack insane slow trauma (obama )is destroying what was left of our great country…. Ted Nugent RULES….! Im with Ted to the end %$#@ all you panty waste socialist commies take slow trauma and go down to Hade where you belong…… Ted Nugent for president…..!!!!

    • dwayne belton

      tell teddy to live up to his word and then you follow. BANG! BANG!

  • http://Yahoo GFM

    Nugent’s absolutely right. I can’t believe the retards who voted for Obama after living in this country the last four years. Are you people gluttons for punishment or just plain stupid?

    • dwayne belton

      1)PASS THE JOBS BILL 2) he hired repugnicans when he first took office and the hire ups told them no 3)obama care makes everyone give to the insurance co.s for health care. they get $$$ and he poor get care. so shut up and take it…AGAIN!!!

      • lamont

        obamacare basically forces you to pay a penalty if you do not do as the all mighhty government says and buy something they decided you should have. buy it or else. good old extortion, just disguised as ‘mandates’ aka higher taxes

    • http://yahoo terry seman

      Obama isn’t gonna do anything.It’s congress that is ruining this country with their power mad ideas to be the richist senators ever.but still,you morons keep voting them back in.what part of greed don’t you get!no wonder things don’t change when your voting doesn’t!we are down to a one party system,republicrats.

      • lamont

        obama has gone over congresses head several times and forced his bills thru when they were out, remember obamacare?

  • dwayne belton

    hey teddy, BANG! just that easy…

    • Craig


  • lawn ranger

    this is for all of those naysayers just a quick observation i am a small business owner that cannot get a sba loan to keep my business going (for those of you that didnt read correctly I SAID LOAN NOT HAND OUT NOR BAILOUT)but yet we continue to coddle and spoil those that are here illegally by giving them heathcare student loans and/or grants to go to college LEGAL US CITIZENS HAVE A HARD TIME GETTING THESE but yet as a TAX PAYING AMERICAN I CANNOT receive these opportunities WHY? somebody please explain this to me and logically if you can

    • Dave

      You didn’t say why you can’t get a loan. How’s your credit? What do you have for collateral? Can you show you have been successful in the same business before. I was a loan officer for 20 years. Banks are not investors, banks want to be sure they will be paid back on time with interest. They use the same criteria you would use if I asked you for a loan. Im a stranger, would you loan me $100,000 if you had it?

  • superbee

    ted’s right….america is full of fools who want nothing but a handout…people do you know how much welfare fraud is going on, and how many people that are able to work …don’t work, because they can have free housing and food…just have more kids so they can get more free housing and food stamps…tell me i’m wrong….i know of people ripping the system and we are paying for it…and if you think i am wrong…you just simply don’t know what you are talking about!…..obama is the new robbing HOOD!


    If this is posted through I will be amased for the fact that almost every media outlet was for the Obama administration to get re-elected. They were used to keep Ron Paul out of the picture and where used in my oppinion to support and publish every lie that came forth. I also personally believe we are being set up for Globelization. I agree with every thing that Mr. Nugent is saying. If all those who voted for Obama had taken the time to have done just a little research on their own instead of believing the so called main stream media outlets which are owned and contolled and told what to say by the so called Intellectual Elete as they like to refer to them selves. Thats okay though. There are alot of people who are not blind and are getting prepared for what the word of God said is to come. I really feel sorry for all of those of you who are so blinded by this. The same sex marriage for one. Does nature its self not prove this to be unnatural but the worse thing is that each and everyone of you that supports partial birth abortion will be held accountable for murder just as much as the one who sticks that pair of sizzors in that babies brain or drives that drill in to scramble its brains which also kills it. You should have to think on this each and every time you lay down in bed to sleep. You are a cold blooded killer as guilty as anyone behind bars right now for murder.

  • http://yahoo Dave

    Go for Ted. Too many Socialist wants to change America. If they don’t like it here. Go back to where they came from. Hell we didn’t invite them here. Lazy bastards. Get off your ass and work for a change.

  • wilton

    I agree with Ted completely. Wait til the ebt cards won’t work and the stores don’t have food and booze. The cities will implode. We’ll be sucking deer tenderloin out of our teeth, sipping shine, and watching for the donk rides to come up the gravel so we can share OUR precious metal.

    • joe carcon

      i have to tell you i just jumped on here to start to drum up support to elect ted nugent in 2016 and as i read some of these comments i realize i have found my family.thank you people and lets all follow the rules as uncle ted lays them out. i’m not kidding, next to the american soldier there is no one i admire more thanks ted rock on and don’t ever let them shut you up

  • Donald

    Who cares what that fu%&wad Nugent has to say?

    • Mark Prouty

      I care!!Ted Nugent Rules!!!!!!!

    • Craig

      Bet you wouldn’t say that to his face, or mine either.

  • Guitar God

    Ted has sold 30 million albums…for every blow hard on here that says his music sucks I’m betting you can’t even play a chord on a guitar, but you all think you are music critics. Everyone can have an opinion so if you don’t like his then ignore him and go spout off about your great win on your OWN blog.

    Both Odumba and Romoney$$$ are worthless…Republicans vs Democrats will only make sure that nothing gets done to better the economy. So go ahead and keep the fight up while nothing EVER gets done to make this a better America.

  • Mom11.11

    Ted, You’ve got the brains of Romney and Paul. Go F— yourself. Oh wait, the last thing we need are any more of you on the planet. Instead of killing animals, filming it and showing it on t.v. use it in the privacy of your own home. (Not really, you’re meat’s rotten.)

    • Mom11.11

      LOL! I totally agree!!!

    • me

      mom11.11,r u sure ur a mom with that mouth,i guess u r drinking the kool-aid and living off of the obama freebies,if u have kids which i pray u dont,r u going to raise them to be lazy,stupid,and begging for america to take care of them,free condoms so they can screw and heaven forbid they break,then they will want america to pay for everything,rush was right about that lady in dc all u dumbocrats are the same STUPID!

  • http://Webpronews.com Dale

    I think Ted needs to take a time out. Maybe he and the Donald could go hunting with Dick Cheney.

    • http://themojoman.com TheMojoMan

      RIGHT ON! TED and Keep On Keepin’On.

      • http://themojoman.com TheMojoMan

        I second that.

  • Beth Ann Brown

    Why is it that when someone speaks their mind about this ASS of a president, everyone who is democratic and approves of the way he is running this country into a dark whole of disater and socialism, have to be so negative? Last I knew or heard this is America, home of the free, the brave and free speech. I don’t recall all of this when Busch was re-elected and everyone that was against that.
    So,we are stuck with four more years of this insanity. We will adapt and overcome. Can’t wait until 2016!!!!

  • Rex

    Can’t believe America is still stuck with a pro Moslem/Marxist president whose number one goal is to destroy USA and Israel’s defenses to establish a Communist New World Order.

    • Matt Collen

      Pro Marxist? Pro Muslim? 1). He is pro Christianity too. Religious tolerance is important for a leader representing “the great melting pot.” 2). Social Democracy and Marxism are not the same constructs. Remember, the U.S. is a democracy and republic. Capitalism can be tweaked through the democratic process. The U.S. elected this President. He is American and Americans selected him over the other candidate. So by majority rule, he is not unAmerican. The majority of Americans do not feel like his policies are destroying the U.S. The majority of the U.S. wanted him as their leader. Likewise, he is not destroying Israel. Israel will remain. People were saying the same things four years ago. Obama is not perfect, but he is the leader the U.S. selected.

  • FlipQ

    I would like to remind all of the ted (the staked animal hunter) nugent lemmings of a few past facts: Ted was making money as a rock musician freak show when the US auto makers were selling the greater majority of the public cars that would wear out in about 3 years, and sell high-priced replacement parts. Remember that Ted; or were you to stoned or rich to even care? Remember Lee Iacocca? went to the goverment for (what?) a bail-out? Spelled W-E-L-F-A-R-E? How many other corporations did and still do the same? What was that? the US BANKING SYSTEM? Free enterprise gone nuts, run AMOK? Losing grandma’s and grandpa’s money on speculation? YOU RETARDS WANT MORE OF THE SAME? ROMNEY THROWS AWAY MORE MONEY THAT MOST OF THE AMERICAN POPULATION MAKES FOR A YEARS WORK. HE’S REALLY LOOKING OUT FOR YOU (47% OF… WHAT WAS THAT?) Yeah, Follow the lead of a burned-out dope fiend. People who think this bozo has anything to say need Zyprexa.

    • Cindy

      You know nothing about Ted Nugent! I would have voted for him if he would have ran. Maybe next time!!! Learn about someone before you speak FlipQ

  • Scott Bannister

    Yes Ted is right about all the idiots that voted for this lazy no good muslim, that is destroying our country..
    Where did this fool come from…is he a real citizen of the USA NOPE.
    all he wants to do is make this country into a muslim nation and destroy our freedom and way of life. and all you idiots that voted for him …well you will see that you and all of you people that let the government run us, will have nothing in a short time.
    the people like myself that will stand up to the government and say kiss my white gun carrying freedom seekers ass…
    It is a very sad day .. what did all of our military men and women that have given their lives for our freedom… all these years .. to just say ok mr unamerican muslim loving commie, war is on now…


    • Truth Hurts

      HAHAHAHAHA your funny I have an idea.. if you hate president obama so much and feel like he is doing such a bad job.. how about you move to another country? if your not part of the solution your just another problem so please and i mean this with all due respect just STFU. Also where was all you concerned fucktards when bush was in office? you all act as if our national debt hadnt been rising thru the roof long before Clinton or Bush 2 even arrived in office.. Just be quiet and buy more guns to create your fals sense of security you bitter sorry excuse for a patriot. You dont love this country you just love to complain. The only thing thats sad about this day is people like you who think like this and pass it along to your children and your childrens children to be morons just like you. You sound like a complete fucking Idiot talking about all this Muslim crap btw I suppose Mitt Romney imposing his Mormon beliefs would have been ok right? lol. Wheres your proof Obama is Muslim?? you have none you say you love this country where is your public service record? what the hell have you done??? your not a part of the Solution your just a part of the PROBLEM what are you doing to help???? NOTHING exactly so sit your ass back and enjoy the ride asshole.

    • Mark

      This is a democracy.
      The republicans could not put forward a candidate that the rest of the USA would select over Obama.
      Call him what you want. Call those who voted for him what you want.
      But the fact is the republicans could come up with nothing better so Obama was re-elected.
      If you were a true American and valued our freedoms and liberties you would be involved in your party and making a change instead of badmouthing everyone not like you.

  • tombo

    ted has the right to say what he did.there very disturbing tweets from blacks calling for riots and harm to white people if B.O. had lost.if noone can see the damage done already be prepaired for whats to come.God be with us.

  • http://yahoo.com Dave Habbe

    Ted Nugent is the new John Wayne. God bless him and God bless America.

    We’re all in some deep crap now. It’s only going to get deeper but slightly over 50% of Americans don’t have a clue!

    Ignorance and envy are the essential planks of the Democrat platform. Buy gold, buy silver, and buy ammo. Winter’s comin’little bunnies.

  • http://yahoo SHAWNA L. THOMAS

    Iam a Huge fan of Ted Nugent’s, and i do agree with some of the issue’s but i wouldn’t ever slander anyone, espesially the president of the united state’s of America on the internet.IT’S NOT COOL!!!!

    • http://yahoo SHAWNA L. THOMAS


  • tom

    G-got O-ours P-piss on the rest of you.

    • Craig

      The rest of you are too stupid to get yours; you’d rather have someone give it to you.

    • lamont

      obama…what’s mine iis mine and whats yours you need to give to the ones in this country who dont want to have to work for it

  • http://Yahoo Moose

    I think it is the other way around. Ted Nugent is not a threat to the President but the way he has been outspoken he is in danger from the President and members of his administration.

  • loaded and cocked

    Just make sure you have plenty of water and ammo,your gonna need it. Just say a prayer for America.

  • Mark Prouty

    I agree with Ted Nugent and all the Fan’s “Ted Nugent” For President!!!!

    • Craig

      I second the motion!

  • Maggie Meister

    Who is Ted Nugent? He was a nobody when we were younger and he is nobody now.

    • Craig

      Who is Maggie Meister? Nobody knew you when they were younger and nobody still knows who you are.

      • superbee

        good one …lmas on that one

  • sickofcompromise

    America has sold her soul to Obamanation. The youth have been brain washed and now it will take another sixty years to correct the problem we have created by getting rid of God in our schools and destroying any chance of the Bible giving wisdom to a preverted generation. Sucks to be in a country once called America but now is called home of the lazy and misinformed. Hold fast Ted, there are alot of us that remember America before the lazy kids took it over.

    • http://yahoo proud.liberal

      I’m sorry but your a retard. God never was in our schools nor should he be. You ever heard of separation of church and state? Have you ever heard of the Constitution. I’m sure you have because conservative squawk about going back to the Constitution all the time! The Constitution is where that no establishment clause is. Don’t like to think about that though do you. And if you want God in the schools. Whose interpretation do you want to use? Catholics, Presbyterians, Protestants, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Islam, Taliban, the American Taliban, who is it? Buddha, Harry Krishna! See if you actually understood what America was about. You would understand why our founding fathers wanted this to be a secular nation! God gave everyone free will. Everybody has the right to believe in the God they want to believe in! Or not at all! And nobody has a right to subvert someone else’s free will. That is what we were coming from when Anglo-Saxons came over here. To get away from the King who dictated everything. But it looks like that’s what you want to go back to. As long as the King thinks like you do. You’re the one who hates America retard. That’s the beauty of America. All religions are welcome. Except bigots like you hate that. That is why we have American exceptionalism. It doesn’t have a damn thing to do with what wack job conservatives want to define it as! If you hate this country so much. Then leave. Move somewhere else. The American workers are the ones who built this country. By the sweat of their brow. It wasn’t some rich bastard who had a bunch of money in his pocket or someone who played guitar! If it wasn’t for the workers. The people that have a lot of money would not have it. If anybody’s lazy it is somebody who pushes a pencil as they shine his seat with her ass! The amount of money that you make at your job doesn’t dictate whether you’re a worker or not! People at the bottom of the pay scale work harder than anybody at the top! How hard is it to play guitar and squawk like a chicken on stage! Like dire Straits sings about! Money ain’t for nothing and your chicks are free. Selfish bigoted people are on their way out the door. It’s just a matter of time before your kind are not around anymore!

    • Christina

      What are you talking about???? Put the cap back on the moonshine…..you’re done…..

  • Craig

    Welcome to Texas, brother. Mr. Nugent speaks the truth and it is a shame more ppl don’t speak their minds as he did. That’s one of the things missing in our great land…ppl who tell it like it is. Everyone wants things sugar coated or would prefer the blindfold or sand around their necks. Those same ppl will only have themselves to thank when they’re jobless and have the feds so far up their ass that Obama knows when you’re gonna fart before you do. As for Terrible Ted Nugent…well I imagine he’ll be doing just fine either touring or speaking or sighting on some wild game. Either way, you wellfare babies will never rise to his status. As to the SS; I imagine that was more of a courtesy call to calm the nerves of that coward monkey who has a SS that is more interested in getting some hot latin “pun-tang” than setting up advance security details. I, for one, will celebrate if it ever happens. God Bless America and the United States thereof. And God Bless the Constitution of the United States.

    • Christina

      What are you talking about????? Put the cap back on the moonshine…..you’re done…

  • Chuck

    I believe almost everything that Ted says – as long as he’s talking about guitar playing.

  • Psychadel

    I Sorry I Wasted My youth listening to Uncle Teds Crappy Music. Take Your Bow Go out to the woods and get lost, maybe then you can find your mind.

  • D

    Ted Nugent is a pedophile that used to brag about screwing 13 yr old girls in his limo. This is who you want to listen to on who should run the country?

  • John

    It seems like Ted is right and the rest of America is wrong. Its not unusual for a bigoted hillbilly.

  • http://Yahoo Bob

    I was shocked that this muslim lovin’ president was re-elected. We americans are screwed and will be screwed when Obungles’ destroy America
    program is re-invented and presented by a congress and senate of demon-crats, plus the Obungle czars waiting in the wings to do his beck and call. I can tell you that most of the south voted against Obungle.
    I figure it will take about 5-6 months from now before the shit really starts to flow. Hillery will be controlling the world Bank. Obungle in the white house…the muslim brotherhood controlling the middle east…our southern border wide open…All its going to take is another 9/11 and we’ll have civil war on US soil, BUT THE BAD GUYS THIS TIME WILL BE THE POLITICIANS against us. GOD forbid.

  • bill

    ted can goto hell LOL

  • Dave

    What hard work did Ted ever do? Write a few songs and play guitar? I used to be a Ted Nugent fan until he decided to slur the President of the United States. If you don’t respect the office, I have no interest in you and I’m sorry I ever bought any of your albums. You don’t deserve a dime of my money.

    Pretty simple to forget that Obama was NOT President when the stock market halved, 800,000 people a month were losing their jobs and people lost all their equity in their homes or their homes outright. Obama has been trying to rebuild, he did not destroy. Bush and the banksters were the ones that destroyed.

    Sorry we couldnt recover from $3 trillion in losses in just 4 years. Maybe Ted should write a song about it.

    • Art

      Yeah right an Obama had NOTHING to do with Fannie Mae , Freddie Mac either . Get rour facts straight before running your cake hole. Just my opinion LOL.I didnt vote for Obama and not cause hes Half white but because he Hasnt a clue what hes doing.Hes still never ran anything right.

      • bob

        So right Art…Obama could kill somebody at high noon and these libtards would cover it up and make excuses for him. This guy is the biggest lying crook that’s ever been elected to any office. Now you stupid libtards can go back to sticking your finger tips in your ears and completely ignoring what this Obamination does…f’ing morons. Rent Obama 2016 and see what your precious communist/socialist hero is really all about? You don’t have a clue and apparently don’t want one. Ted rocks and liberals suck.

  • Pete

    Hey Nugent, take the neck of one of your guitars and shove it up your ass, you racist, ignorant POS!

    • rick

      In what part Ted is being racist? does he make him racist not to vote for a black candidate?

    • http://wpn ccruz

      Love it!i think he can stick the whole guitar in his ass…..Nasty RED NECK!

    • Art

      If you knew Ted you wouldnt say this , but I guess that , all you people can say. Everything is racist when someone has a different point of view . Get real

    • Johnny

      hey pete must have been one that the bus picked up to go vote

  • rick

    Ted Nugent is damn right.
    I am one of those that are paying the price so that the others who would rather have kids they can’t afford, live on credit they shouldn’t have and sit on their lazy asses instead of work can get health care for free. The way this is going soon I will be one of those people

  • BRAD

    It is a disgraceful how some are acting regarding the Re-Election. Makes you kind of wonder how these people could call themselves Good Americans. Hate is NOT in the constitution. How can you call it an injustice when a man is elected 2 twice winning both Electoral College and Popular Vote…overwhelmingly. The sad part is everything will be great by 2016 and then another Republican will be elected and will SCREW it up.

    • terry

      The SAD part is u believing things will be great by 2016!! DELUSION! Obomass did not get the popular vote in 2008

  • Einstein1957

    You are correct MotorCity Madman, ON ALL YOUR POSTS!

  • me

    ted tweet said; Goodluk America u just voted for economic & spiritual suicide. Soulless fools: I think ted should drop dead, I don`t know why i liked this guy when i was a kid!

    • chris

      I agree. I liked him as a kid, but now not so much. after learning how he got out of the draft. WHO is he to speak of anything American?? He is an embarassment to all military professionals, as he tries to be patriotic???

    • terry

      Maybe u had some sense back then

  • Blaine

    If you want a gun and don’t have one, you better get one before Osama(I mean Obama) takes away our gun rights!! I don’t mean automatic weapons; I mean our hunting rifles. Rock On Ted Nugent!!

    • tw

      sure, and he’s gonna take away your moonshine too!

    • Captain America

      You can’t spell………Idiot

  • http://yahoo dusty sizemore

    i agree with about everything ted nugent said except not in the same words he used, bet non of you people who got on here and said anything bad about him have the nerve to go to his county and mouth off about him he is probably right about everything he said u that voted obama in you are just as bad as obama in god eyes u lose loser

  • Rob

    I didn’t like that congressman Joe Walsh fully intending to steal on our pop-culture. In the 1970’s, we all said “Joe Walsh for President!”. We didn’t know or mean this guy back then. It only goes to show you how times have changed.

  • Alabama Slamma

    Please keep your promise and kill yourself, or at least leave the country. you can’t play or sing and you don’t understand how America works. Please leave.

    • Art

      LOL Thats why you vote for Ob cause you believe everything you hear . People should take the time to learn about the candidates they vote for , not just what there told . Its the kids future. Maybe the Libya feasko will do him in. Letting American die after they called for help several time Shame on him. Hes nothing but a puppet

  • TCOM

    Im neither a democrate or a republican but I do love this country, i served it for many years. It does not matter who the president is. If you believe for one minute that the President runs this country and has as much power as he seeeems, you need to take off the blinders. Nugent, your a birdbrain. The acid you bought from my uncle did you no favors.

  • stacey

    We Americans are growing more ingnorant every day. Bottom line, raising taxes on the rich will only force the rich to other countries and taking their money, jobs, investments with them. Between the taxes and obama care no one will have jobs, no one will pay taxes. Our government can’t print enough money to take care of everyone. Third world country here we come.

  • http://renegadetruck.net Jim Washburn

    Ted, if we make it through this 4, get on the ballot, I will vote for you!

  • cat

    Recover ….how can you recover when you continue to spend like a drunken sailor? We were promised a transparent administration instead we have had more cover ups than Nixon. He apointed people as czrs who don’t even pay their taxes. Respect is earned. While Ted may have been a bit venomous, he is correct.

  • Andrew

    Hey Ted, I think that Cat Scratch Fever has a Stranglehold on your mental health.

  • http://yahoo JT

    Keep tweeting Ted ……. America needs to hear the unfiltered truth about this administration and the gutless lack of leadership exhibited by Oblamer. Sadly America will suffer longer under this re-elected fool and poor excuse for a President.

  • brian

    ted you sounding like don trump, enough said.

  • cindy

    rock on ted.. someday people will wake up and see that all obama is is a bunch of crooks in the white house just like chicago where he came from… never seen anybody who can’t look you in the eye and tell the truth like obama. thats a sign of a liar. he never did answer any questions of his time growing up and where the $$$came from to go to a expensive college etc… he sure didnt pay for it we probably did. what a bunch of crooks and more to come in the next 4 years in the white house..

  • Jay

    This dude is a piece of work….so ignorant that he is actually funny…

  • JN

    Hey Theodore, (or maybe I should call you the Beave’), you’re the last idiot who should be calling the pot black. Your “wholesome” lifestyle, (which includes 2 wives, eight kids, 3 of which are bastards), leaves you as nothing in this life but a angry little boy who can’t seem to find his way… maybe someday you’ll put that supposed Catholic upbringing to good use, but I really doubt it, as you’re too busy being a hateful hypocrite.

  • David

    Keep it up Ted…I guess there’s only a few of us dinosaurs left who believe in the real America the way it used to be, and still should be. I’m sick…. this used to be a good country, not perfect, but still good.
    Now it’s dead!! You may remember these lyrics “America where are you now, don’t you care about your sons and daughters” From Steppenwolf’s 60’s LP called “Monster”
    Don’t stop, more are for you than against you brother.

  • Maveric

    Good Job Ted You are calling it like it is! All hardworking “true Americans” share the same views as you and it’s sad that we have allowed foreigners to become citizens so they can vote this country into socialism! And yes, I am hispanic and I disagree with illegal immigration and all liberal agendas. Keep up the good work buddy!

  • Mark

    Ted if I ever see you in California you better have security bigger than me! A dick like you only listens to someone who is beating your a..! That would be me!!! tired of trying to make sense to you and explain things.
    Stay off my property and away from my kids!

  • http://yahoo proud.liberal

    lol… the selfish bigoted pigs got their asses handed to them. Sounds to me like somebody needs to call you all a Waaambulance. As far as Ted Nugent goes he is a whack job. I want to know if he’s going to commit suicide. Or maybe he’s going to try and assassinate the president. He’s such an idiot. The selfish bigoted conservative mindset is on its way out the door. It’s just a matter of time before you all go extinct like the dinosaurs! You’re all just going to be a bad memory!

    • peterkus


  • Carlos

    Poor ignorant soul. He believes he is somebody by dehumanizing somebody else. God will inspire him as he inspired all of us, by sending Sandy to America just at the right time. This is the story of vain billionaires wanting to buy us on the cheap. But we know better. “We recognize the true messengers by their deeds”, not for what they say. Bully big mouths; Rush Limbaugh, Hugh Hewitt, Sean Hannity, Jon Arthur, Glenn Beck, Michael Medved, Laura Ingraham, Neal Boortz, Michael Savage, Bill O’Reilly, Mark Levin, Trump, the Koch brothers, Nugent, Ann Coulter, Sheldon Adelson, Fox media, etc. etc, They all make their living trying to intimidate us.

  • Christina

    All of you Obama haters need to get over it….dealing with Bush for 8 years was certainly no picnic but those of us who didn’t vote for him dealt with it and moved on. If the Senate and the House would stop shooting down everything Obama tries to do and give him half a chance maybe he could accomplish more. I have never heard so many derogatory statements about a president before….it is really sad that there are so many hateful misinformed people in this country wasting space.

    • Mark

      Well said !!

  • Bill

    I voted for Obama so I could cancel out Teds vote

  • peterkus

    Ted Nugent looks to me as dumb Redneck, one of those who beleive civil
    war is not over ,one who lives his life soo backwords, being wealthy and all he can think of is going hunting ? Give me your money Ted i know how to spent it better.I wont vote for anyone from Republican party ever since they allowed David Duke big shot from KKK to be part
    of debate and republican primary.Damb rednecks think they are christians but jesus is puking listening to their hatred racist minds.

  • John Slade

    Ted is a joke these days. Obviously he’s off is rocker(no pun intended). I saw him fly off the handle at a reporter. I’m 85% sure he’s bipolar and 100% sure he’s a coward. When he said that stuff about Obama, about going to jail or lying, I knew the Secret Service would go after him. They called him in and scared the crap out of him and he shut his trap. He knows that threatening any President is a federal offense and he would wind up in prison and lots of blacks would not treat him nicely after he threatens the first black President. Nugent is now a racist apparently with is silly welfare remark.

    • PippaP

      Funny how the liberals all jump on Ted Nugent when we are supposed to be tolerant. What happened to Freedom of Speech? Is it only allowed when we agree with Obama? Just wondering.

      • b

        He has every right to say what he wants.

        Just as we have every right to mock him for it.

        That’s kinda how it works.

        • kk

          so I kindly return the mock to you. Liberalism is a disease, seek a cure. Socialism only works on paper and Obama is evil, and you are his minion. mock mock

      • kk

        too true!

    • donna harrem

      yeah its called freedom of speech, and at least he has the balls to speak his mind, thats not being a coward at all people! just because its anti-obama hes getting criticized more than ever!

      • Jill Ed

        It’s not that he is criticizing Obama, it is the stupid sh%t he is saying. The world will not end because we elected a Democrat.

        • kk

          no but the world may end because you elected a man that has stated his main goal is to destroy America, apologizes to our enemies and alienates our allies.

  • Rob Roy

    Ted Nugent is a coward arrested for illegal hunting with lights, underage deer, and a FAKE HUNT for his FAKE REALITY show. Just a fake, phony and a fraud. He talks about the warriors who died protecting the USA? NOT HIM. He could have worn a US military uniform, but he turned coward. He could have taken a walk-on role in the war, but he chose a lead role in a cage. Nothing but a coward, that’s all.

    • donna harrem

      hes no coward rob! its obvious you dont know much about him, or are listening to the mainstream media make him look like an idiot! actually a v smart man!

      • Chuck

        Donna, mainstream media doesn’t need to make him look like an idiot. He’s doing an excellent job of that all by himself. Secondly, anyone who messes all over himself to avoid the draft ain’t real brave. Only things he shoots – besides shooting off his big mouth – isn’t able to shoot back. REAL BRAVE GUY! Nugent is nothing more than an over the hill rocker who will do and say anything to get back in the spotlight. Only thing he’s good at spotlighting are defenseless animals at night from the side of the road. Not exactly an “American hero”, but definitely an American JERK!

  • a_n

    Hey ted,,,, Did you notice all the WHITE people that were cheering after obama won,,,,, They didn’t look like pimps, whores, and welfare brats to me……. You white people don’t stick together? Just the other day I saw two white girls driving a black guy around WTF!

    • http://ken kenneth

      No they look like a-holes

  • a_n

    Hey ted,,,, Did you notice all the WHITE people that were cheering after obama won,,,,, They didn’t look like pimps, whores, and welfare brats to me……. You white people don’t stick together. Just the other day I saw two white girls driving a black guy around WTF!

    • FRED H.


      • http://ken kenneth

        Theres plenty of whites that take there food stamps and welfare check and walk away with a smile on there face. News flash all whites are not rich and they have there greedy stinks hands in the obama jar just like everyone else

  • a_n

    I served my country
    I love guns
    I hunt

    Did you serve your country or were you too busy smoking dope a chasing tail….. people like you could have done that in the military.

    • kk

      Obama was quite busy chasing tail, smoking dope and doing coke. those are among the only “proven facts we have about him”

  • staci

    hey Ted-idiot—-Did ya know that on average Dems. have higher IQ’s than Repubs. your a prime example of that. All your thoughts are race oriented. I wish they would give tests to people before they are allowed a gun so idiots like you who aren’t smart enough to own one wouldn’t get them. P.S. Your music sucks too.

    • donna harrem

      OK Staci, Just where are you getting your stats on democrats having higher IQ’s anyways? So hes an idiot for speaking up, speaking his mind, and promoting gun rights??? Wish more people has the BALLS to speak up about what they are passionate about…hard to take the truth huh staci… I am SURE Teds IQ is MUCH MUCH higher than yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • kk

        Not true, and also proven not true.

    • http://ken kenneth

      Hey staci hope an Illeagal takes your job and puts you on the street then we will see how much of a bleeding heart you have. Sure your the type that believes prisioners have rights in prision. FOOL

    • Joe Hunter

      Your can tell you are a room temp IQ.
      The correct wording would be “you’re a prime example” not “your a prime example”, although it seems you are a prime example of an idiot. You flunk!

  • juan

    Hey Ted Nugent whatever your name is All I will say is VIVA OBAMA!!! oooh and welcome to the new USA a nation created by immigrants………

    • donna harrem

      there is NO new USA retard! your new home will be in a fema camp or worse! wake up dude…NO damn immigrant has created SHIT in this country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • JR

        You are the biggest idiot in the history of man kind!!!! This country was settled by nothing but immigrants! Unless you are a Native American, you or your ancestors were ALL immigrants! DUMBASS!

        • http://ken kenneth

          Hey JR thats why we have a legal process so everybody in the world does not over populate this country. We can send them over to your house and you can take care of them since you love them so much.

      • kk

        Donna, it is not immigrants that are a problem, it is ILLEGAL immigrants that are a problem. and yes Donna, pull your head out they create many many problems in this country.

    • FRED H.


    • http://ken kenneth

      Hey Juan, guessing your a mexican. That is why the immigration policy was invented, so everyone in the whole world would not clutter up this country. It yours now turn it into another Mexico. Obama is the corrupt leader you wanted so eat it.

  • Joe

    Dear Ted,

    While I have to thank you for a great show back in 1978/79 at Boston Garden where you swooped in on a rope and impressed my oh-so-impressed date, I have to tell you that you’re hurting the group with this craziness you spew. Read the following if you’re truly interested in improving the country or…sadly as I expect…only interested in ratings and hits on your website.

    “Mitt Romney’s concession speech was brief, gracious and humble. He said nothing to feed the crazies in his own party. Later, his website streamed President Obama’s victory speech – classy move. He seemed to be returning to Mitt I, the moderate governor of Massachusetts.
    Suppose Romney had run as Mitt I all the way along. Suppose he had taken the president on in the economic sphere and hadn’t promised so vigorously to gut Obamacare. Suppose that guy had run? If he had made it through the primaries, he might have had a very real shot at election. Could a moderate Republican get nominated in the era of Fox News? I don’t think so. And as long as that’s so, Fox News hurts the GOP.”

    You’re a bright guy, surely you understand.

  • raddad


    He has had two wives and has eight children, including three out of wedlock in two liaisons almost 30 years apart. In the late 1960s, prior to his first marriage, Nugent fathered a boy, Ted (Mann) and a girl, whom he gave up for adoption in infancy. This did not become public knowledge until 2010. The siblings were adopted separately and had no contact with one another. The son learned the identity of his birth father in 2010 through the daughter’s quest to make contact with him and their birth parents. According to a news report, Nugent over the years had discussed the existence of these children with his other children.[25]

    In 2005 Nugent was involved in a legal battle for not paying enough child support for a child he had out of wedlock in 1995.[26] It was finally resolved when Nugent was ordered to pay $3,500 per month in child support.[27]

    He was married to his first wife, Sandra Jezowski, from 1970 to 1979. They had three children, son Theodore Tobias “Toby” Nugent, and daughters Sasha and Starr Nugent. Sandra died in a car crash in 1982. His second marriage was to Shemane Deziel, whom he met while a guest on Detroit’s WLLZ-FM, where she was a member of the news staff. They married on January 21, 1989. Together they have two children, son Rocco Winchester Nugent, and daughter Chantal Nugent.

    In 1978, Nugent began a relationship with seventeen-year-old Hawaii native Pele Massa. Due to the age difference they could not marry so Nugent joined Massa’s parents in signing documents to make himself her legal guardian, an arrangement that Spin magazine ranked in October 2000 as #63 on their list of the “100 Sleaziest Moments in Rock”.[28][29]

    • Sandy M

      At least his background is public to everyone.

  • birdlady

    Ted N. is totally insane and should be locked up. Him and Donald Trump deserve each other. Go shoot your wildlife Ted….

    • buggy bugster

      Hey birdlady? did your birds ever shit on you like you are on ted?

  • Rmal

    Ted who??? Oh yea, cat scratch-30-year old -quasi hit-over the hill-ahole.

  • mike

    Hey Ted,The people you are complaining about sucking america dry are the same people you made your millions off of. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  • Donald

    Ted Nugent is a Moron only good song he every sing was cat scatch fever
    he just one of thoses clowns who believe that every animals need to be shot and hang on his wall how would like someone shot him and hang on a wall MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORON

    • Eric Paulsen

      You might want to concider the the parable about glass houses and stones.

    • Nijo

      Strangle Hold was better. Nice slow jam with intensity.

  • Rick

    Go TED, THE good part of America,stands with you;good job!!

    • Julie

      Your a court jester just like this guy.

    • Chuck

      So Rick – about that new job Teddy hired you to do – the one when you’re on your knees, mouth wide open, him facing you with his pants down to his ankles. Are you really enjoying giving his pants snake a warm mouth bath on command? Do you swallow his snakes venom or does he let you spit it out? I guess you gotta do what you gotta do for a job. Times must be tough for you these days.

      • kk

        Chuck your comment shows just how stupid and sick you are.

  • Cat

    I had the incredible misfortune to work for Nugent for two years, 2004-06. He is a misogynistic, lying sociopath who’d bed his grandmother if she fell asleep. His rants were legendary, as were his alcoholic stupors. He was never far from his precious weapons, and was quick to make sure folks knew he’d use tham on (insert any racial slur here). However, I had the incredible good luck to see a former employee knock his moronic ass into next week when Nugent made a comment about the employee’s wife. I’d pay a fortune to see it again. Ted’s a waste of space and oxygen.

    • Carl

      I heard the story about Nugent getting his ass kicked from a friend who worked for a stage company in Detroit. Glad to hear it really happened, and isn’t an urban legend. Sounds like he needs it kicked again.

    • shawn

      Uncle Ted does not drink and is not racist. he is a Great American, unlike you and your good pal karl marx… i mean obama

      • http://webpro dixie

        Shawn-I agree with you-too bad there are not more true Americans with the backbone to stand up for this country-the way the God fearing patriots that fought to make this the greatest country in the world did. I’m sure they roll over in their grave to see what has happened to this country now. What happened to our social security?? Americans that have paid in all their lives and planned to have it there when their time came to retire-now Obama is giving it away to anyone and everyone with their hands out-they don’t have to even bother to learn our language or show any respect for our country but expect us to support them. What I really don’t understand is why they don’t want to learn our language and our customs-why would you want to hold on to the customs you had in a country you couldn’t wait to get out of-if you want the benefits of living here respect our beliefs and customs-if you don’t want to do that-go back to the place that means so much to you.

    • I walk among you

      He sounds just like my redneck neighbor! Hated by the entire neighborhood and got his butt kicked more than a few times! These kind of guys never learn.

    • Terry

      YOU WERE PROBABLY ONE LAZY WORKER THAT THOUGHT THE BOSS OWED YOU EVERYTHING. Probably one of the reasons you no longer work for him.

  • Stacy

    He can say whatever he wants, spelling it is another matter.

  • Kathy

    Obama has you in a strangle hold baby…lol….and I love it

    • Linda

      No Kathy, Obama has us ALL in a stranglehold. Have any of you Liberals ever heard of Freedom of Speech?

  • greg

    Freedom of speach and relig. dont forget!!!!

  • rich

    Ted is right on message. This county is literally spiritually and fiscally in big trouble. I think of Obama as Robin Hood. Take from the rich and give to the poor. Those who have worked hard must now give even more for the poor. I would give more to the poor if I really thought it would end up feeding the poor. Also, why is contraception a health care issue? I have to pay for people to have sex? What is the illness that is being treated? How can we vote for killing babies. Good luck to those who voted for him. Let me know how it worked out for you in the next four years!

  • troy

    If anyone takes this clown seriously, you yourself need to take a good long look in the mirror and self assess your own character…

  • Cataline

    Hey Ted U r nothing but a old grumpy has-been racist go away to the woods and hunt ur dinner and choke on it

  • http://Yahoo Terry Jordan

    I am of the belief that America has made a horrendous mistake putting this man back in office. He has not brought our men and women in service home as he said he would. Oh sure, he has brought a few back to make himself look good for his reElection. He has not lowered college loan inerests as he said he would. He claims to want to created renewed energy but has discontinued many, many drilling contracts.He claimed to get unemployment under 6% but it still very close to 8%. He claimed to create jobs. WHERE? Theres still over 20 million out work. And lastly he claims he will not change the constitution but yet attacks our second ammendment rights. A true american would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER try to take away what so many men and women have faught and died to protect. SHAME ON YOU MR. OBAMA.

  • Chuck

    Like anyone takes seriously a guy who dumped all over himself to avoid the draft. If he is serious, then he should do what he said he’d do if Obama gets relected. Either leave the country, wind up in jail, or wind up dead. Your choice Teddy Boy. Personally I like all 3 – How about this – you leave the country, then come back to be arrested, and then die in jail from getting gang banged while awaiting trial! Now that, I’d pay to see!

    • kk

      like obama said he wouldn’t run again when every single thing he promised he did not do?

  • George

    Ted (the jackass) Nugent told a crowd of NRA members that if Obama is reelected that he, Ted Nugent, would either be dead or in prison within a year. It sounded to me like a call for violence. Now, I do not want to see Ted dead, nor anyone else for that matter, but the prison idea appeals to me as it would relieve my mind that Ted would not get himself shot in an assassination attempt, assuming Ted went to jail soon! I know that the Secret Service interviewed Ted after this earlier outrageous rant and said that they were satisfied with what he had told them. As for me, I am not the least bit satisfied! What could he have said to satisfy them? Could it have gone like this??? TED: “Oh, Mr. Secret Serviceman, I didn’t mean anything by it. I was just acting, you know, just jacking up my “brand” as a tough guy. I am really a pussycat and I voted for Obama. Just playing to the audience…entertainment, you know?” AGENT IN CHARGE: “In other words you’re totally phony, full of S**T and a moron to boot!” TED: “That’s right, total fraud, that’s me.” AGENT IN CHARGE: “Well, OK then. Since you have such a low I.Q. and might hurt yourself or others with a gun someday you should remember what the NRA’s Eddy Eagle says, “ If you see a gun do not touch, leave the area and tell an adult”. I sure hope that our friend, Ted, follows this advice.

  • kk

    A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.-Geo Washington.

    Barrack Obama- Arms salesman of the year!

    I have MS and a hand tremor that the san andreas fault would envy, but I now feel I need to be armed.I was always ambivelent about arms, but now I realize we are in the same position the people were in during the Revolutionary War and prior. Only now, it IS our own government. Reading things that our founding fathers said, they were truly prophetic. It seems like they saw all this coming, and tried to warn us. I went to vote on a day my MS was acting up and happened to get there at a time that a very over happy Obama supporter came out, she had 3 young men with her I assume were her sons, She came right up to me, in my face, and said you’re white, but you better be votin for the right man, you hear what I saying. I reported her to the polling reps but she was gone when they went out. I voted and left. Man was I shaking. I posted what had happened to me, and read about the black panthers back east. I just said people, let people vote. and the responses I got back scared me more than my MS diagnosis. Some peope told me to go hurry up and die of my MS, they called me a liar. They said I deserved it because of what the black people had endured in the past. Only one person, said they were sorry I went thru that. If this is what the kind gentle liberals are, I want no part of it. I have always believed that all people were good and capable of great things, felt compassion for every wrong that has happened since the dawn of man. and now I am considered a racist, a mind washed Repub?(playground bully word, they come up with because they have no facts) ( I have no political affiliation). A “Faux” news junkie (don’t watch Fox, know they are good though). I took the time to learn about Obama, I read his book. didnt sleep for weeks. Thought no way was my fellow countrymen stupid enough to vote for him, that was 08, they had 4 years of him, and have blamed everything wrong on prior presidents, altitude and again the Repubs blocking their great man. I have lost respect and hope for this country.

    • George

      You missed a “K” in your name. Racist pig.

      • kk

        Go ahead and show your stupidity. I am no longer bothered by it. the only racism I have seen in the past few mths seems to be from blacks. I have marched in equal rights rally’s I have supported everything I can to make this country equal, and your insults mean nothing to me. you will face your maker at the end of days

      • kk

        what a kind caring liberal you are. can’t think of any facts so you resort to your playground bully words). also a sign of an extremely low IQ. I forgive you and feel sorry for you.

    • Bryant

      What does Ted know about hard work…he play in a freaking band…this guy never did a hard days work in his life…give me a break

  • Jill Ed

    Republicans are ridiculous. They are the ones that put George W. in office. Enough said.

    • kk

      I would take Bush over the satanic anti-american YOU helped put in the WH any day. ( and I am not Republican)

  • http://wht3smom terri thompson

    I am cheering on the destruction of America! Voting for scum says it all.You going to be broke on wealfare with junky 3hore bag kids looking for more dope. Hey looking for understanding. Apprently america is nothing but freaks needing dope and just sit there while th nation hits rock bottom. it’s coming. you will never pay for you debts scums

    • P HILL

      Ted, Obama won pay up now. My thick black long cock is waiting to release its juices into your mouth. And anyone who like Ted can lick my dingleberries out of my ass

    • http://KissAssTedNugget smooth

      In a nut shell if you don’t like where the US is at currently! There is the Door don’t let hit you in the ASS on the way out! And I’m including the PUSSY know as TED NUGENT! I like your music, but you are dumber than shit!

    • http://ken kenneth

      right on

  • v

    this idiot cant even spell words correctly. what a retard

  • Chuck

    Dear Santa – what I want for Christmas is to read where Ted shot his mouth off one more time and went way over the line. Then the Secret Service hauls him away to a federal prison where the only sunlight he sees is piped in to him, and the only “critters” he sees have 2 legs and want to make him their own personal Wang Dang Sweet Poontang.

  • Ed

    Dont worry about all these negative comments from these left wing progressive liberal Ozombies. When they lose there jobs and homes and have nothing to eat or drink just like the ones in New York at this moment I will sit back with you and laugh my ass off while they watch us eat our deer steaks and the food we have raised on our own land. When they beg for something I will just tell them to go ask there President for it. Believe me this will come to pass sooner than you dumbass liberals think so laugh now because me and Ted and the rednecks like us will have the last laugh!!!!

    • Chuck

      Hey there, Ed there, do you know the difference there, between there and THEIR? Obviously you missed skool that day there, Ed there, ya know there!

      You’re too stupid to be allowed to vote there, Ed.

      Enjoy that deer steak there, Ed there, you know there.

      Ed, you’re so stupid it’s funny.

  • Danil

    Go Ted!! Piss off the rest of you assclowns as you support obamie!!

  • j_b

    GO TED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • george french, Jr.

      Uncle Ted work on that weasel, someone needs to take charge and manage this situation.

      • shawn

        You are some ignorant sorry trailer trash assholes!!!!!!!

    • http://WebProNews B Jones


    • Chuck

      j_b – I agree with you. GO TO HELL, TEDDY!

  • http://jeffboule.wordpress.com Jeff Boule

    I think the time my wife saw Nugent with Damn Yankees, he climbed to the top of an amp stack and FELL off and landed flat on his face (she said the guitar made the best noise ever) his brain must have shook lose from the stem and he is operating off of impulse/instinct ever since.
    This guy has been spewing radical, right wing, near-racist comments for years now (ever since his musical career went belly-up) and people stopped taking him seriously. The less we cared what this hypocrite had to say, the more he (or his agent/manager/handler) realized that he might have a shot at relevance if he starts spouting his insane rants only ramped up a few hundred notches.
    He spent years womanizing as a “rock-star” and when that ended he came out as a gun slinging bow hunting right wing extremist. If he were in any Middle Eastern country, you know what we would call someone like him? Terrorist!
    All he needs now is a bible and a haircut and he can hang around with Rush Limbaugh, Jim Baker and W. Bush.

    • Kyle

      you sound like some homo lovin fag! If you do not like Ted then go and listen to Barbra S. or Katy P. FYI – Ted is from the great state of MI where he was born and raised on hunting. This did not happen over night! While your father was teaching you how to scam the country with all the entitlements, tax the rich and cut back on the military, Ted was learning to hunt and survive. Tell you what…..lets place a wager you vs. Ted on survival……my money’s on Ted.

  • http://Yahoo Steve Edstrom

    Hey Ted, some of us citizens are behind you all the way, buddy. I’m just as disgusted as you!!!!

    • David Davids

      Let me guess Steve…..your extent of education is high school, you work part time, live in your parents basement, and are still a virgin at 36!

  • http://Yahoo Tim

    Everyone that voted for the half breed should loose everything they have and for there children to be gay. Go Ted true Americans appreciate your stance!

    • Snowman

      Tim, learn how to post an intelligent comment with some substance and come back. You are a moron racist POS.

    • shawn

      Tim your a fuckin coward!!!!! I’m sure you don’t talk that bullshit outside the safety of your fuckin computer. Dumb ass trailer park fagot!!!!!

    • Chuck

      Timmy – I’m sure you know all about being gay. So tell us, does Teddy taste like wild game?

  • krumpsbrother

    why does everybody have to make this about race just because you didnt vote obama does not mean your racist ther are plenty of worthless people out there of all races and all of them are the ones that piss me off not just a select few and if people dont like obama’s policies or views and want him out of office this is america and they have that right its ignorent to vote for someone just because there black because you buy into this we have to move the country “forward” stuff someone in his campaign came up with thats what i have to say with my freedom of speech have fun making fun of me with yours im sure some of you will
    F.is for fighting
    R.is for red ancestors blood in battels was shed
    E.we elect them
    E.we eject them in the land of the free and the home of the brave
    D.for your dying
    O.your oveture
    M.they will covor your grave with manure
    this spells out freedom wich means nothing to me as long as there’s a P.M.R.C.

    • mike

      hey if your going to steal lyrics from megadeth then give them the credit

      • krumpsbrother

        not trying to steal anything just tought it sounded apropreiat im sure alot of people on here have never heard it and just thought they should

        • krumpsbrother

          by the way everybody the freedom thing i wrote is from megadeths “so far so good so what” album and its the chorus from a song called “hook in mouth” everyone should check it out how’s that for credit where its due good enough for you mike

  • http://Yahoo Jaygee

    I’ll take him at his word so when can I expect this idiot to move out of the U.S. or just kill himself?

    • Chuck

      Lets hope soon – VERY SOON!

  • David Kruk

    What a j.O.

  • Chris Hennesse

    I support you Ted! Rock On!

    • Chuck

      What is that you do on Nugents payroll again – something with your mouth while on your knees and Teddy has his pants down around his ankles? Nasty job, but you seem to be enjoying it.

  • http://yahoo.com bobsgarge

    thanks for freedom of speech

  • jp

    SHUT YOUR FACE YOU DRAFT DODGING JACKASS!You dont believe in fighting when your country called so you lost the right to say anything.You should be in jail!

  • Kyle

    I was in shock and heart broken that we are now out numbered. I see nothing good for our children’s future that can come from this. From the great country that we once were we will soon be just like one of the other broke 3rd world countries looking for handouts and entitlement. Sad, very sad. Never give give up your guns….you are going to need them.

    • dwayne belton

      follow ted and do yourself…

    • http://KissMyAssTedNugget smooth

      Entitlement? Bull Shit we pay for this stuff! You dip shit!

      And the wealthy pay much lower percentage of income! But use more resource normally.

      So in nut shell stop try to get something for free!

      Also I’m sick of crap about wealthy people working harder that’s crap too! Most wealth is inherited!

      So lets get something strait being wealth is a privilege! It’s not a right!

      And I want your problems!

    • Chuck

      It’s Bush & DICKHEAD Cheney’s fault.

      • kk

        oh chucl you are so good at delivering your evil rulers rhetoric. He will surely give you a high place in hell. you clever clever boy. and obviously you have enough time on your side to be at his beck and call, unemployed, unemployable, whatever. you are you sad little person. You are Obamas puppet.so proud of yourself.

    • David Davids

      Hey Kyle how are u out numbered…..do you mean your nationality…..are u anti Obama because of his race….are u afraid of eqaulity or just want to keep it like it was for centuries….better jobs….better opportunities, better schools, the world has changed get on board and open up your heart, no human being should have an advantage over the next merely because the color of his skin.

      • kk

        outnumbered by morons kyle is , definitelhy. nothing to do with nationality. Being American used to mean something, but no more. No matter what your issue is, they will pin you to a race card. yes, the world has changed and it is ugly and will not last long. weak people ,weak concepts, skin color means nothing except to the people who hold on to the past. no way to move on. all people are beutiful and hopeful and capable of such beautiful things. I have been falsly labeled and has destroyed my whole life of belief, but I still feel anyone capable of love regardless can move on. I am too tired to go too much further. but hope truth and love will out. so sorry we have left you any issues to hash out. should just be hey you are here, and you are wonderful, no thought of anything you have been born from or taught to believe, just that you are here to make things right. whatever that turns out to be. don’t let them twist your words. keep true and in gods hands. bless you. all gods children

  • http://KissMyAssTedNugget smooth

    Please leave or kill yourself TED!

    • Chuck

      Preferably kill yourself, Teddy. However, do Trump first then do yourself.

  • Caligula

    Ted, I’ve been saying that this country is filled with brainwashed morons for the past 4 years, the election proved I was correct. How do you elect an idiot with NO business experience, NO foreign policy experience, NEVER held a real job, was A HUGE drug user, and with an uncountable number of friends that are COMPLETELY anti-American, THEN, watch him nearly bankrupt the country, put us into unrecoverable debt, eradicate our military, our space program, almost eliminate our nuclear weapons(while the rest of the world has doubled and tripled theirs), doubled and tripped the price of gas and the cost of living, while significantly cutting salaries, putting us on the same path as Europe and Greece, AND THEN… THEY RE-ELECT HIM TO MAKE IT EVEN WORSE!!! Go figure it out, cause I sure can’t. Looks like the movie Idiocracy was true after all.

    • drg

      If you dislike the leaderdhip of this country so much, why don’t you fuckin leave, ya asshole!

    • Chuck

      Caligula – you just described George W perfectly!

    • apple pie

      wow calugula, or is that “cunnalingus”…so well stated.
      Yes, they did elect him twice after all of the idiocy and turmoil HE put this country through. What an idiot he turned out to be…good thing was only in the white house for 8 years and not more. Otherwise there is no telling what damage PRESIDENT BUSH would have done.

      • kk

        so you give satan the same 2 years, see what you reap from that.

  • Joe

    I use to love you (Ted), but it’s all over now !
    I’m not Joe…I’m a female…who finds you to be beyond ridiculous, paranoid and well, waaayyyy to negative….try to look at the bright side, ya ole fool, relax !! People who work hard at not twanging a guitar…makin’ peanuts instead of millions like you….know how to simply relax ! And well, you offensiveness use to be sexy when you were younger…now, you sound like a borish old whining geeser ! Go away !

    • Joe

      opps…type o’s…whatever…

      btw, Terrible ! Who made you?

      Did you build that?

      Or was it just maybe…YOUR FANS !!

      Go away and get some gratitude !

    • http://yahoo richard terry

      you fools you have sealed the fate of western civilization.your children ,religion,you scoff at god’s law !u show your fear of lib’s i’m not sure but u may have laid the ground for the anti-christ i urge isreal to strike quickly and go nuke!may god save us from the coward yankees vote! and their persian aliance! lets not to for gen. betrayus!! big bird headed headed to hawaii yet getting cold around washington! ask sandy victims!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dwayne belton


    • Dave

      Ted is exactly right. This freakin idiot is leading all you stupid sheep right off the cliff. When you finally bankrupt the government and people hit the streets to riot and plunder you idiot ass liberals will be the first ones to get your throats cut by the very people you provided free government assistance to. Mark my words.

    • Chuck

      GREAT MESSAGE DWAYNE! I TOTALLY AGREE. Man up Teddy. Keep your promise or you ain’t squat!

    • kk

      obama promised he would stop his bid for presidency if couldn’t fulfill his promise. fell so short of promise it is almost pathetic, yet here he is again, and here you all are again, backing him. sort of like that horror movie that never ends. peae be with you and your choices you have made.

  • Real Hunter

    Hey Ted. How many bullets does it take to kill a deer behind a fence.
    I guess a 20 or 30 round clip.

  • Matthew

    The Founding Fathers were moderates defending themselves from radicals.. that burned our churches down.
    Ted is a Patriot.
    Young people have no idea what foreign influenced system they just voted in.
    They have no idea what the sacrifice of 1,000,000 Americans during WWII was for.
    They have no idea what Women living or dying under Shari law or what it is liked to have forced abortion of their baby girls in China.
    Freedom requires MEN to stand up against Gov out of control.
    The swing vote moderates have been intimidated by the “mob rules” tactics of the left and brainwashed by the liberal media.

    “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man”
    Thomas Jefferson

    That is not radical… that is what it takes to remain free.
    Stand firm Ted.

    • Paul

      Sadly, this was not an unexpected revelation as so many believe. Romney was a flawed candidate but would have man an awesome president. Once he selected Paul Ryan as VP it was all over. He should have selected Marc Rubio. Everyone believed he would but he didn’t. He would have been more competitive because he would have gained more of the Latino vote. It is not very often an incumbent is unseated as president. It does happen and by all right it should have considering Obama is the ONLY president to be re-elected with unemployment being as high as it is and an economy that’s in the toilet. He blames the previous administration but fails to communicate that the democrats had a hand in creating part of the mess on Bush’s watch. Bush was working with a democratic senate who pushed for the poor to qualify for mortgages. We all know the story from there. The independent voter people gave Obama the benefit of the doubt. Also, the poor turned out in huge numbers. Most of which are on some form of government assistance and they want that check to keep coming in. Things will only worsen under this administration. Hopefully the republican congress can blunt some of the damage?

    • Chuck

      Even Viagra and a penile pump couldn’t keep Teddy firm these days. Why don’t you try giving him a warm mouth bath and maybe that might help him get firm.

    • Chuck

      Even a large dose of Viagra, a penile pump, and a collection of porn magazines couldn’t get Teddy firm. Why don’t you give him a warm mouth bath and see if that will help.

    • Mike

      Great post Mathew. I agree with you 100 per cent. The people that voted in obama have no idea what it is to be a patriot. I’m quite sure they got some kind of warped definition of the word from our esteemed universities. If they had any idea of the tyranny our ancestors lived under before the revolution, they may think twice. If they understood that freedom and liberty has cost our nation millions of lives, they may not be so arrogant with this so called victory. I believe that the mob thinking that surrounds them now will never let them think clearly again. I fear for what is going to happen to this country now. Please Mathew….please get yourself and your family to safety when it all starts. This country will need patriots like you and me , that remember true history, to help rebuild this great nation.
      May God bless the republic.

  • Regina Shenker

    I cry for my country.

    • Chuck

      Okay – blow your nose too and wipe it all on your sleeve. There now, feel better?

  • craig

    Ted for Pres !!!!!!

    • Chuck

      Of WHAT? Never mind, I don’t want to know.

  • Bill Lee

    I really was disappointed when BO was relected for a second term!! But our Lord Jesus Christ has a plan for the end of time! I want you all to know our God is still in control!! The war has already been won!!! I ask all of you to put you faith in God, he will never fail the ones who believe in him!!! Just remember Mr. Obama one day will bow before our God and our God will judge him on all non Christian thinks he has been doing to our country, our country was started by men that were Godly men, cause they knew for this country to never fall, it had to be this way!!! I just wonder when Obama saids God bless America does he really mean it??? If he says it but don’t mean it, all I can say is God have mercy on his soul!!!!

    • David Davids

      Are u done with your religious rant…..let me guess you either live in the woods or in a trailor.

      • dale

        its so sad to think your way or the high way.bush made mistakes and obama has too. a dependent society on welfare because they dont want to work is sad.and the rich not paying there fair share in taxes is a joke too.we need an independent to care for both sides.no one person is write all the time.

  • Brian

    So sick of hearing sore losers whine about the election. Mitt Romney was the best you had to offer? I personally fought for this country and it sickens me to hear anyone bash this country. I fought for your right to vote. Just curious how many of you stepped up and served this country? No one is keeping you hostage here. Go ahead and find someplace better……..good luck!!!

  • James

    I thought Ted N was going to leave America if Obama got reelected? IS he gone yet?

  • willy the wmp nugent

    Ted nugent is a pdophile the worste form of scum there is.Just google it.

  • http://WebProNews Tim

    Not to worry Mr Nugent. Mouthy idiots like you and Mr Pumkin Head Trump will, most likely, be around to spew your mindless rants for a long,long time to come. That is, unless you go completely off the deep end and turn one of your many weiner extenders on yourself. Again, don’t be concerned. As the old saying goes,”Only the good die young”

    • samcox

      You fought in the service for NOTHING if you think you can get a fair election anywhere by allowing people to vote without showing a proper ID. Are you really that naive or simply drank too much Democratic kool aid. Don’t you realize how lame the “disenfranchisement of voters” excuse is when you think that all of us, every single one of us needs a photo ID to cash a check, buy a beer, get a loan, get unemployment or food stamps, (not racist) because people of all races fall into unemployment and food stamps so get off that crutch. You fought to protect us and keep us free yet you do not care if people are voting who do not deserve to (illegals and any one) who wants to commit fraud. Its been done and its been proven. You mention your daughters and legislation of their bodies. Another lame ass excuse to get women to vote for someone against the “good of the country” by putting a non issue over so many critical things like national security, economy, trade deficits, unfair trade practices by foreign countries, homeland security, defense budgets, etc… Now before your head explodes, the reason I call the women thing a non issue
      is this. Abortions and every other woman’s so called issues have been addressed and passed into law for years. No one with any sense really believes Roe Vs Wade can or will ever be over turned. But certain people use it each election to make many women forget every single other important issue to vote against who ever is the scape goat at the time who is being accused of wanting to put women back in the stone ages. Anyone who believes that stuff and votes based on it can believe some evil politician is also planning to take the freedom away from some folks and make them slaves in this day and age. People – please use some common sense and quit falling for all the scare tactics and get informed and vote based on some real legit issues. Not foolishness you heard on Rush Limbaugh or from some stupid ass GOP who says crazy things about rape and abortion. No one is taking women’s rights away but we will all lose out freedom if we keep making those silly scare tactics dictate who we vote for.

  • Big

    I, too, fought for this country. I voted for Obama because I have two daughters, and the GOP is trying to legislate their bodies. I also voted for Obama because I saw the GOP, governors and all, trying to suppress votes for Democrats, minorities, and any groups that would vote Democratic. To use legislation to suppress votes is about the most un-American thing you can do. I fought too hard for people to have that right. You hear that, Ted?

    • SlappingBig

      Big, I fought for this country as well and that doesn’t give you the right to demand that me and every other American pay for your daughters birth control, abortion, or morning after pill. It’s that simple. My 17 year old daughter says buy your own damn birth control or close your legs. As for voter supression, I need a photo ID to register a car, get a loan, use my credit card but something as important as voting we should just accept that people say who they are? I can’t believe you were in the service fighting for free abortions and voter fraud.

  • A G

    49 year old Canadian here who has always dug the Nuge … well, his tunes, anyway …. I respect the “American Way’ of freedom of speech …. think maybe Ted takes it too far … he of all people should respect his countrymen’s decision to choose whomever they want as a leader … sorry, Ted, don’t dig you anymore… you’re nothing more than a hypocrite.

  • Doug

    I’ve been around long enough to have seen Ted back in the day when he was just another guy with a guitar, he was only mildly amusing (or talented). Why anyone in this day and age with an IQ above 10 would listen to anything this blithering idiot would say is beyond me. He’s just a s**t talking punk.

    • Chuck


  • William Blye

    These celebraties need to be told what they need to do, so:

    Donald Trump come on now the United States needs to get back to its manufacturing base and if you are going to DC, then have a permit to assemble a crowd in public. I personally would rather see you go there with a plan to help rebuild American manufacturing, a plan to create jobs that the United States needs, to promote a plan to end borrowing money from the Social Security Administration to pay for illegal immigrants…can you at least do these things, Donald?

    Ted Nugent, you need to check into a local hospital and seek help because you have thoughts of suicide. One other question, Ted, how many of those followers of yours are eligible to vote?

    Karl Rove, you do not need to ask any of those (supposedly) 250,000 followers if you are eligible to vote.

    Victoria Jackson you need help almost as much as Ted Nugent. My gosh, on twitter, according to the article above you just alienated yourself from the Christians, the Muslims, the same sex marriage people, and you think “America died”, “RIP America”. Please if you do not have health care insurance and you cannot afford health care, do not wait for “Obamacare” – check into a hospital and seek the mental health care immediately.

    Rush….you got your fairytale stories mixed up….it was Robin Hood….now do what Victoria and Ted need to do.

  • otto

    that fucking ted is an asshole, hes not the great hunter, they those animals rounded up in a fenced in area but the camera angles dont show them. so the great white hunter is a fake. and dont forget he got busted for poached an animal in canada and got busted for it hes a waste, can’t take what he says as anything but bullshit. how he leaves

  • TicKer

    isnt ted dead or in jail yet? please hurry

    • Chuck


  • Edmund Collins

    Quit whinning and go harvest a deer Ted. The people have spoken and the best candidate for the job won! Again! It’s not about your narrowminded egotistical point of views anymore. It’s a worldwide global society, not your backwoods mentality.

  • Chuck

    George French Jr. – Teddy called. He said to tell you he’s been waiting for you to come work on the weasel in his pants. He’s waiting on you.

    • kenny

      Hey Uncle ted, where were you from 1965-1972? In the army?

  • jimmy calderon

    When you can play guitar like Eric Johnson or Al Dimeola then you can talk shit. I think it is time you pack your mediocre ass up and get back on that Mayferrie or what ever in the hell you call it and take your sorry ass back to England, It is a new dawn in this country and racists like you are no longer wanted here! And if you’re wondering the person behind the post, Great Grandfather Yaqui Warior, Grandfather WW1 , Father Iwo Jima, Brother Vietnam. Where was your sorry ass? You claim to be this red,white and blue Patriot. Your nothing but a cowardly punk, and when you leave… take Clint with you!

  • David

    Tell’um Ted,these liberal,progressive,socialist,baby killers,homosexual loving Democrats.Read for yourselves about Obama’s support of Planned Parenthood,a nice,proper way for tax-payer funded abortion.I think not our Founding Fathers beleive that you Democrats would fall so deeply for a silver-tongued devil that does NOT have any American citizens best interests in mind.Obama will be revealed by history as one of the worst Presidents in all of American history!

  • jank brock

    This pathetic coward, pussy and draft dodger has the balls to say that Americans died for this country? Hey Aunt Ted you had a chance to go but stayed home with a load of shit in your pants you cowardly piece of shit. I sure hope it’s death for you instead of jail, and if it is jail a big tattooed black man named Grump uses you as his love doll. You pathetic piece of no good shit unpatriotic American c unt!

  • Robert

    sounds as if Ted there was falling for all that Neoconservative, PNAC, right wing Propaganda over the years.
    Should have respected Write In Ron Paul then maybe the election would be different…But like McCain found out, and now Mittens, You can’t win without us Write in Ron Paul supporters, ie..( Military and College Educated).

  • Ted Fan

    Leslie Moonves, Steve Burke, Bob Iger, Phil Griffin, Jeffery Zucker, Steve Capus, etc… etc…

  • http://KissMyAssTedNugget smooth

    Really? Really?

    Tell’um Ted,these liberal,progressive,socialist,baby killers,homosexual loving Democrats.Read for yourselves about Obama’s support of Planned Parenthood,a nice,proper way for tax-payer funded abortion.I think not our Founding Fathers beleive that you Democrats would fall so deeply for a silver-tongued devil that does NOT have any American citizens best interests in mind.Obama will be revealed by history as one of the “worst Presidents in all of American history”!

    Do you have any real facts to support this? The answer is NO!

    Are really this stupid? If you want have a conversion based in facts that’s Cool! But this vague, No substances, No Facts is NOT!

    Also hate to break it to you, but histories on Obama’s side!

    You guys are fools!

    And odds are he will go down one of the best Presidents in history!

    • tomtom

      are you freaking serious???? George W is one of the main reasons the country is in trouble. you think this all happened in 4 years. it amazes me how simple-minded and diluted some of you conservatives can be! you preach about America and its freedom, yet you people want to take the rights away from people not like yourselves. HYPOCRITES!

    • John Browser

      Smooth you are a damn fool. Son you may want to go back to school or just go to school and learn the true history of this country. Well just go back to the 1800s and work your way up to 1964 and tell me how america treated the people

  • John Yuhas

    When the history books that come out 50 years or so from now, Ted will be remembered as a rock guiter genius. But more importantly he will be known as someone who tried to warn the country of the road it was on, the people who are taking us there, and the braindead folks who followed this serpent. Propaganda, per Josef Goebbels, is the shaping of ones mind and thought process without them ever knowing it was happening. As a 20 year vet I am ashamed of how the memory of my fallen brothers and sisters is maliciously tarnished. The land of the free has been replaced by the home of the whinners.

  • David Butler

    Get ’em Ted! I’m with you.

    • JP

      I’m with you and Ted, Dave! What just happened to our America?

      • Leo

        what happened to our country is the government no longer fears the people the people fear the government

      • Wise Guy

        Ted is an idiot. It is not Obama who is destroying the country, it is the Corporations. This country has been divided for many years when it pertains to the rich and the rest of the citizens. Now that the rich cannot have their way they are crying like a bunch of pu#$%s. As soon as a President shows that he actually cares about the citizens, he is labeled as a bad guy and the people who are greedy and selfish follow suit until it is them that need help. We can help out all of the other countries, but when it comes to us helping out our own citizens, then it is a problem. Sure you are going to have some freeloaders in every society, but how do you think they became freeloaders. By you stepping on them and holding them down so that they cannot succeed. Until you have been there, you will never know.

      • John Browser

        Ted, Rush, Akin, Sunnu, Trump and the rest of the right wing idiots are the reason Romney got his azz kicked. Piss us off and the same will happen in 2014 and 2016.

  • harley

    nugent is idiot and an ass, no one takes him seriously. Stick to guitar & shut the fuck up.

  • krumpsbrother

    i think everyone one on this board needs to wake up the comments your throwing back at ted are just as bad as what he said i was always taught that two wrongs dont make a right you wanna put him down but some of the things im reading on here are just insults from people that think there clever but realy dont have anything better to say and that goes for the some of the people defending him too there is alot of ignorent stuff coming from some of you people too and that is whats wrong with our country theres people with the same views and opinions as many of the people on here running our goverment democrats and republicans they dont care about whats right for the people just whats right for the party the sheep follow both sides not just obama and untill people open there eyes and see this the countrys not going to get better no matter who is in office our goverment is so far from what our founding fathers wanted to create its just sad really many great men faught to there death against england for some of the same things there doing to us now but what do i know go ahead and let the insults come its your right as an american

    “I hate everyone equally
    You can’t tear that out of me
    No segregation -separation
    Just me in my world of enemies”
    that ones from slayer mike

  • krazy Dave

    I have always loved your music, attended your concerts and bought all you albums, 8 trax, cd’s and cassettes not to mention TNT shirts and am an admirer of your hunting show. Also glad that you are not a politician. Leave government to politicians, not musicians. Just tell us about it in a song chief white cloud.

  • Charles Reider

    Damn right Ted is correct. The dumbing down of America continues…

    • alto

      Oh well. You must be in front of a mirror.

  • Reg

    Nugent and trump are lovers

  • Char

    Old washed up Ted Nugent at it again…..your opinion means absolutely nothing….deal

  • Todd

    I agree with Ted on every thing he says…. Anyway I voted for the other guy…

  • scott.vollmar@mac.com

    Thank you Ted . God bless you.

  • Larry H.

    Perhaps Ted Nugent should join the other people who want to move if Obama was reelected. I am sure you will find a much greater Country to live in. I am glad to racism is alive and well in America. If you think it is so bad here I have one word for you MOVE.

    • Ernest D

      Larry H maybe you can expand on how many great things Obama has done for this country if you can find one. That is the problem with America right now dumb ass white people think that they have to vote for Obama to believe they are not prejudice. Let tell you after the thing Obama has done his first four years prejudice has nothing to do with not voting for him.

  • nasticus

    Read it all please.
    Bush did terrible things. Got us involved in 2 wars where none would have been enough. Instituted the worst invasion of American’s liberty ever, called the Patriot Act, failed to lead his party to retain control of the congress in ’06. Obama extended the Patriot Act, the EXPANDED it exponentially with the NDAA. Then he EXPANDED the NDAA via the Defense Preparedness executive order of 3-16-12.
    Bush had a large chunk of deficit spending from 01-06, but held a steady 5% unemployment rate until 07-09 when the democrats took congress. Deficits skyrocketed, unemployment skyrocketed. Then in 09, Obama begins a 4 year campaign of Bush Blaming that has not yet slowed down. And since 09, Obama has had more deficits in 4 years than Bush had in 8 years.
    Both parties are going to take every freedom we have, and make us financial slaves at the same time.
    You had Ron Paul focusing on US policy and US citizen liberties, but you did not listen.

  • Robert Lawson

    The states and federal governments have been working overtime to try to trump some felony charge to stick on Nugent so they can take his guns away from him and shut him up.

    This is Obama’s government. The same government that intends on making it impossible to buy ammunition and guns by excessive taxation. But it is also the same government that absolutely no problem giving guns to the Sineloa drug cartel to help them gain dominance in the drug industry.

    I was never much of a fan of Nugent’s music but am his number 1 fan when it comes to defending freedom, liberty and the Constitution against liberals who’s pea brains just can’t understand that concept. The same libs who have enslaved us all so that they can have “free stuff.”

    • julie

      Lordy, shut up with the states and gov trying to take away his guns…..he’s been cleared you moron!!!!!! Go Teddy!!!!

  • Lee

    First off to the person who said go back to england. Ted was born in michigan. being form michigan after mitt said let detroit go under(for those who don’t know he was talking about the auto plants)Ted should have been saying wait thats my home state. BUT!!! no Ted i used to (notice i said used to) buy all his music go to all his shows.listened to him on the radio untill he started being over the top with his coments. i stopped buying haven’t been to a show in years.Just because your loud doesn’t mean our right.This country has always been split just check your history it just depends on what side of the split your on as to how you see it.I do trump the same way if i look up and his on tv i change it. life is to short to waste on him.

  • julie

    Teddy’s got it so right, so does Trump!!!! We as a Nation are screwed, get ready ppl for the 4yr ride of your life…….it’s not going to be a pleasent one either!

    • Lenny Bruce Jacobs


      • steve jackson

        would love to meet you in an alley Lenny F@#king Bruce….see if you can back up your insults then you spineless leftist piece of sheep!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo Dan Kinsman

    Well I agree with Ted but will not give up the fight. Being a believer in God I will pray harder and fast and do whatever it takes to help America find God and get it’s conservative values and freedom and I will ask God to protect America from Obama Pelosi and Reid and other liberals. I will not quit. I will not give up and I will not go quietly into the night.

    • Dennis


      Believer in God? Please spare the other “Believers in God” your rhetoric. Not that I agree with everything the President says or does but he is the President. Read your Bible. Read Romans 13:1-7

      Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.

      This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.

      So it is pretty clear in the Bible. Leave the rhetoric at home. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are going to save the world, much less the day. We live in a whacked world that is not going to be saved. A Republican, Democrat, Communist, or whatever type of person is not going to be set up to rule the world in eternity. In fact, Jesus is not a Democrat or a Republican, He is the King.

      Ours is not to rule the world. Ours is to be Servants, Servants of Christ. Remember the old song that says, “They will know we are Christians by our love.” They won’t know it by our politics.

    • Lenny Bruce Jacobs


  • Antichrist is here

    burp and a fart thats what i think about the goverment it dont matter who in office they all are liers and will shoot the people in the back every time

    • Antichrist is here

      Keep it up ted you are a real american hero not afard to speak out like every body else is

      • Lenny Bruce Jacobs


  • Joe

    Ted is entitled to his opinion… of course, that doesn’t mean he’s right about anything or change the fact that he’s a freaking tool.

  • DOUG

    Ted is dead on! We need a president that says it like him.Unfortunately,in this country sexual preferences and immigration are above what’s vital to the future of our country.That just proves what we are made of. The true American is fading quickly.God help our children.

  • hard worker

    Hard workers, now let me see how did TED make his millions? Oh thats right he sings! Does he think he is a “hard worker”? I’ll tell you about “hard workers” I’ve been working since I was 16yrs old. Scrubbing toilets, and working in factories (one was so cold I never took off my coat all day, and my hands bled). I was born in this county and can trace my family back to the Mayflower. I am a high school grad, didn’t get to go to college, because I was working to help out my family. I’m not looking for any free handouts TED (never been on welfare, food stamps, or unemployment), but I do feel people like TED and MITT should pay their fair share! Why should they pay the same taxes as me? Also as far as healthcare goes, don’t want it free, just a stop to the high cost. Last year I had to sell my home when our health ins. payment was more than my mortgage payment. This is my “American Dream”. Too bad God didn’t bless us all with a good singing voice. TED should shut up, and get down on his knees and thank God for what he was “BLESSED” with, and think a little more about “hard workers” like myself! Hey TED ever hear this one? There by the grace of God…..

    • Di

      Well said! Thank you for speaking up for lower income WORKING people.

    • steve jackson

      he just sings? you’re a friggin idiot hard worker,you think it is easy to play like a mad man for 2.5 hours every night in front of thousands? then jump on a bus for 13 hours to the next show? go back to sucking toilet water you puke!!

      • hard worker

        Dear Steve, “gladly”. By the way did you know Ted has “several” children he gave away, and some he did not support. I never had children I did not “CHOOSE” to support (by cleaning or factory work). Maybe you need to read a little about “GOOD OLD TED” on Wikipedia” before you start defending him, and downing a “REAL HARD WORKER”!!!!! Maybe he should have shut his fly as well as his mouth!!!!!

  • Fran

    Well at least when Ted Nugent makes a tweet he has the balls to use his real name.I only see one person that used his real name all the rest were screen names.Pussies!!!

  • Cliff

    I agree with Ted. BUCK OFAMA and all the rest of you leeching liberals.

    • Lenny Bruce Jacobs

      Just like you he is a stupid redneck that cannot even spell
      but the fact remains that YOU LOSE AGAIN…HAHAHHAHAHAHAH

      • profreddog

        Your right Lennie except for one thing, we all lose again!!

  • billie

    Ted is a weasel

  • http://yahoo Juan Hulio

    Ted go out into the woods and stay lost!

    • Willy

      Actually June,Teddy should go off into the woods with that other draft dodger,Dickie Chaney and get his ass full of buckshot. Two big men with guns who will only shoot at unarmed animals and hide behind their mommy’s skirt when called upon to serve this country. Four more years for President Obama!!!

  • ben

    Ted u should run for president in 2016.Maybe u can make a differance….

  • b p

    Teds right. Whats happened to this country. About 50% of this nation have turned into Pussys, Free loaders, and non citizens.,I work hard for my money why should I pay to support them, the drug addicts, hookers, etc.,etc,etc. I don’t get any kind of assistance. My family has to pay for everything.

    • Willy

      bp, the only pussy mentioned this thread is little teddy and maybe … Now come on you didn’t go to a government subsidized school, never drove on a Gov’t subsidized highway, never asked for assistance from government subsidized police or fire department, never used a government subsidized library, oh wait scratch the library since it’s obvious that you haven’t read or wrote an intelligent thing since last say your fifth birthday. Oh, yes enjoy four more years of the best president you will see in your lifetime, PRESIDENT BARRACK H. OBAMA!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandie

    For all of you that “didn’t get it”
    just wait – 2014 will be here soon.
    Then, you will realize what a mistake you did.
    Obama OWNS the fiscal disaster, lock, stock & barrel, now.
    Socialism has never worked.
    Without the so-called rich man – there can be no jobs.
    How many poor people do you know, are able to give you a good paying job?? Class envy will always be destructive and that is all Obama knows how to promote.

    • http://Yahoo Smoke

      Sandie, Agree, The Rich Man creates jobs and if they are not making money then the Middle Class is not making money. Of couse the one who voted for him are the ones on Welfare with the free cell phones and food stamps that eat better than me (Middle Class). They all think the Government owes them for living here and Mitt was right about the 47% but said it at the wrong time and place. TRUTH HURTS AMERICA.

  • Rick

    why is it that assholes like nugent think liberty is just about keeping the governments hands out of their pockets and off off their stuff? they only think about themselves and not about the nation as a whole, only how much crap they can accumulate and how much money they have. our country should be about 300 million people with a shared vision not about 300 million greedy individuals telling everyone to stay away from their shit….which in nugents case could mean anything from the things he owns to the dirty diaper he likes to wear.

    • Fishcop

      @Rick, Its called the Constitution of the United States!! But just like Barack Hussein Obama your unaware of it!

    • tom

      “…our country should be about 300 million people with a shared vision not about 300 million greedy individuals telling everyone to stay away from their s***….” – nice thought, Rick…WHOSE vision do we all have to share?

    • http://Yahoo Smoke

      Most likely you are one of the 47% of Americans that thinks it owes you something. It is about Freedom and the right to Bear Arms to protect the people of this Great Nation. Not only do we have to deal with White Trash and Black Trash we now have to deal with supporting Latino Trash. Keep in mind the Mexicans put the votes over the top to get MR Hussein elected again. Good Luck America this isn’t going to be a fun ride over the next 4 years. And for the one who are Middle class Americans and voted for him. Shut your mouths when your taxes go through the roof because someones got to pay for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bud

      RICK, you need to get some books on history and read them you have no education, and you must be getting some government benefits. so if you do not like people that work hard and achieve only to support people like you, then MOVE TO CHINA,DICK!!

    • bristolbaylady

      Hey, Rick – it IS called the Constitution – the second amendment was created (apparently) specifically for THIS administration – to protect the people FROM the government. Did you ever see how quickly students get upset when it’s suggested that for “the good of the class” they should share their hard-earned ‘A’s so that EVERYBODY could get a decent grade? They’re very quick to defend their right to “keep their ‘A’s – after all, they’ve EARNED them”. Yet, when asked about somebody elses hard-earned wealth, they believe THAT should be shared – for “the good of the people”. Please explain this . . .?

    • jon connor

      Rick you fuckin idiot. Its morons like you that haven’t got a clue about how this country was founded or any knowledge of the Constitution. 300 million with the same vision? yeah right, thats what our founding fathers wanted. Clueless.

  • John

    The Republicans can never win until they distance themselves from people like “The Motor City Madman” and a good part of Fox News.Though Mr. Hannity may have been hit by bolt of lightning.

  • michael clark

    It,s a Dog Eat Dog world.It,s a Free for All.Ted is my Motor City Madman.Vote for Nugent in 2016.Go Ted Go!

  • Kensluckdragon@yahoo.com

    I would love to go hunting with Ted Nugent!!!! The blame for shame should go to the men that set our way of life in motion. The oil men, and the people who set this world up in a way that depends on it. It is responsable for the over population problem, and the lack of food that is comming to feed them. You have to put something back into mother Earth you can not just continue to take from her and not expect her to get POOOOOOOOOOD! That is the truth, now deal with it.

  • Randell Gillespie

    F Ted Nugent …
    Once again he rants and raves crap to his low-informed masses and gets free press to boot. I DON’T support Prersident Obama nor dim-witted mudslinging at ANY President elect. Mr. Nugent is a prime example of how choosing a side, pom-pom waiving along with hateful rhetoric has not only divided sharply America, but does absolutely no good. Its far past the time where we ALL need to look outside the narrow box of the two party system and pick a candidate NOT a party.

    • jboos

      ya ted your the man to tell it like it is .the tax and spend will cruch america and bring down the working man whos busted his ASS his whole life to make a living killum and grill em ted

  • Howard

    So Ted….move out of the country…for at least the next four years…believe me, you won’y be missed

  • http://mine Thomas S

    Should we help those less fortionate or help you rich get richer, TED

    • sfcgragg

      Thomas S, you just HELPED the rich get richer (i.e. Obama’s cronies)…

  • Rob Thompson

    No Lenny, those 47% lose, because when the financial collapse happens here in the US we will no longer have the money to support those people. Thats real funny isn’t it?

  • mk

    a typical right wing nut, a draft dodger, tuff talking , law breaker did i say draft dodger…

  • http://Yahoo Fred

    There are actors and entertainers that consistantly ridiculed and lambasted GW and other republican presidents. That is fine in todays society but let one say something about Obama and again it becomes big news. Just like anytime anyone disagrees with Obama they are automatically branded a racist by our left wing press corp. The man has the right to express his opinion just as the woman on facebook did. When are we going to penalize the minority community for what they post which has been threatening and vulgar at times. But you never read about that, oh no, that wouldn’t be sensational would it. Get a life left wingers and start treating everyone the same.

  • carl mosconi

    I looked up Nugent in the dictionary and it said see “white trash”!

    • sfcgragg

      looked up carl mosconi in the dictionary and it said see “Racist Idiot”… But it didn’t stop there… It also said Obstinate and juvenile-like moron (and other words I shouldn’t use in polite company and on an open forum)

      • scottus

        Say what you will about Benghazi. There are definitely unanswered questions there. But remember: Mr. Nugent has tested the limits of free speech with his bile from the moment Obama was first elected. This is just his latest attempt to find a basis for criticizing the president. And as far as sour grapes go, did anyone listen to Karl Rove go on for 90 minutes after the election had been called, to the astonishment even of the Fox news team? I guess it’s a moot point anyway. By Mr. Nugent’s own prediction, Ted will be dead or in prison soon. In light of how this guy is calling anyone who disagrees with him “soulless fools”, “pimps, whores, and welfare brats”, calling Obama a “subhuman varmint” who he once invited to “suck on my machine gun”, I can’t even listen to his music anymore with a clear conscience.

    • pappa

      Wow, that’s funny… I looked up carl mosconi and it said pile of sh!t…

  • lori

    Ted Nugent…i grew up listening to your music and still turn it up till the windows shake in my truck when any of your songs come on…but I cant believe how nasty you are and the things you say about our president that I have to tell people “I like his music not him!”

    • sfcgragg

      I can’t believe a setting President would allow an American Ambassador and his aid, along with two Navy Seals to get MURDERED in Benghazi Libya after they repeatedly requested assistance; THEN attempted to cover it up for TWO MONTHS!!!

      Now THAT’S nasty!!!

      • Palo Alto Girl

        SFCgragg so true!That information is a true crime to our men and women serving our country.We dont even know half of the things that really happen,only what they allow or are able to get past big brother on the Television to us.

      • jesse

        You are so full of crap.

  • DAdl

    I’ll have a gin and tonic – and some vinegar and water from my friend Ted here……

    • sfcgragg

      I’ll have an AMERICAN beer, and a glass of sour grapes for my friend DAdl here…

  • Nefarii

    Here we have the Poacher-in-Chief insulting the Commander in Thief.

    Uncle Ted, give it rest.

    Nugent’s been busted for poaching more times than Carter’s got liver pills.

    Both of these dopes and Romney can go pound thorn infused sand.

    • karen

      Really Ted Nugent had a RACE AGAINST DRUGS in my city you need to know what you are talking about before talking

      • jesse

        He didt say he was on dope, he said he is a dope. Is your reading comprehension so bad you can’t understand one sentence? Guess you voted for Romney.

  • victoria jackass

    Who’s Ted? Ted’s dead baby dead’s dead

  • Boris

    Hey treehuggers…bet you have a gun rack & big tires on your truck to hide the fact of you no endowment & ignorance. Rich people don’t create jobs but have enough $’s to eliminate jobs via high tech & tax breaks, and thus make even more $’s! People who worked hard their entire lives to make a decent living have now been totally suppressed and desperate enough to just be happy if they can eat and have no quality of life & just love minimum wage earnings. America has been slapped in the face by greed!

  • sunny

    I’d like all of you people who love to toss the nonsense around move to another country and see if you can do better. People like Ted Nugent give America a bad name – he’s anti just about everything good and realistic – has no clue about what really matters except shooting off his mouth and his gun – and needs to learn to speak with proper grammar for heaven’s sake. So sad… it’s people like him that put this country in a mess – AND the republicans – love how it’s been said the GOP is too old, too white, and too male. Get a grip on reality folks – it’s not about your wealth, but about the common good – and THAT’S why I voted again for Obama! He’s TRYING – none of you Repubs are listening NOR do you care to make America great again – you just want to be sure your pockets stay stuffed with lots of green stuff.

    • karen

      Ted Nugent says it the way it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • werewuf

        No Ted says it the way he would like it to be, which is very Un-American. He is essentially a traitor to everything that is good about America….

  • Freedom First

    Ted is the MAN. He’s RIGHT, but he could probably express it a little more eloquently.

    • karen

      I agree 100%

    • werewuf

      Ted is a complete embarrassment to America without a brain in his head and, more importantly, a crappy guitar player….

  • zoomer

    Ted grow up! If you don’t like it you can leave. America voted! You might not like Obama but respect the position. You cry baby! I’m done lisening to you butt muncher!

  • Gomer Gougis

    The very number of these inane and insulting remarks demonstrates the amount of ‘idle rich’ time this ‘taker’ has on his hands.
    Think about it…Nugent was lucky enough to live in a country that allows even egotistical asses with little talent to still make oodles of money ( for himself ), so that he has all this free time to bitch .

    What a country !

  • bill

    TED only speeks the truth.i just wish-he would stop holding back..and say.all that he really wants to say-the worthless president-got elected.by the wel-fare blacks and the lazy whites on unemployment and the illegals..that vote.people that do not want to work..they out number..the godly-honest hard working..Americans..that is how this crooked..lying-ungodly-worthless obama got re-elected..soulless evil worthless crook.that gets paid to fail.the country.PAID TO FAIL

  • Americkan

    Had to google search this guy to find out who he was. Found out he`s a true Republican along with Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump. No wonder they lost the election,old,bitter white men.Best to just boycott anything to do with these people,Macy`s included.

  • werewuf

    We should send Ted hunting with Dick Cheney…they would accidentally shoot each other and save us all from their destructive ways….

  • http://Webpronews Ed.R

    Who in hell is Ted Nugent????????!!!!!!!!

    • scottus

      The Motor City Motormouth — somebody who is bemoaning his lack of relevance on a national stage, the erosion of any legitimate basis for celebrity (remember “Cat Scratch Fever”?) based on some extreme points-of-view, and (probably) a loss of male-virility with age. The fact that he doesn’t seem happy unless either a)offering profane criticism (calling Hillary Clinton a “worthless b*tch”), b) thinly veiled threats (telling Obama to “suck on my machine gun”, saying that if Obama were to be reelected, Ted would be “either dead or in jail” by April 2013, or 3) deriding the majority of voters who reelected Obama as “soulless fools”, or “pimps, whores and welfare brats” will probably not win Ted any converts. Forget his shameless rhetoric. I can’t even listen to Ted’s MUSIC anymore (some great classic rock) with a clear conscience in light of what’s been coming out of his mouth for the past few years now.

  • bill





    • j. rock

      is english your first language?

  • bill






    • http://yahoo Rocco

      Why do you all sound like a bunch of 5 year-olds kids that are so afraid that the other kids are doing less than you? Such a bunch of sore losers. I bet you were the first to tell people that had any negative comment about American to move if they did not like it here. Well same to you.

      • Anthony

        What is good and Godly about emergency room healthcare? What is good and Godly about concerning yourself more about the poverty-stricken cheats than the billionaire cheats on wall street and the banksters?
        What is good and Godly about allowing hospitals and drug companies to charge more and more simply out of greed, even if regular, hard-working folks can no longer afford healthcare and must file for bankruptcy if , through no fault of their own, they lose their health.

        Please educate yourself about whats going on with regular, middle class people. I could go on and on about the causes of the decline of the middle classes since the early 1980’s

        And then rethink what is good and Godly…..and the true message of Christ, which is not in harmony with Nugent’s rhetoric.

      • A Long

        Just save your proud retorts, highness. Keep in mind that the Tea Party and other conservatives tried to do something about it when everything hits the fan.

    • Mike S

      A decent honest man ran for president. His name is Barack Obama. And perhaps in 16, a decent honest woman will run for president.

      Romney is far from decent and honest.

      • Ed Wilkerson

        To Mike S.
        Obuma is the furthest from a decent, honest person who has ever run for the office of President. There is very little about his life that is really known. EVERY other person who has run for President or Vice President has had their lives dissected and examined for every little possible wrong doing. From his place and date of birth, thru his college education, almost nothing has been disclosed. I really wonder why this is. We as citizens have the right and need to know who is running for the office of President. All of this info should have been discovered and disclosed during his first campaign that started in 2006. I have ZERO respect for this person because of a lot of the questionable things that he has done during the first 4 years, and now that he has another term, I am really concerned that our status as a safe and freedom loving country is in danger of disappearing.

        • markcole

          love it or leave it ed-get over it he won!

    • http://webpronews.com animaluver

      wow bill,psychotic rant much??

  • Gene

    Ted Nugent came to “fame” playin’ guitar for the Grand Funk Railroad. Anybody still listenin’ to them? Me either! Not listenin’ to him talk either. He’s a legend in his own mind. Let him stay there!

    • Kevin

      he didnt play for Grand Funk you dumbass…youre just pissed because you know he is right.

      • Mike S

        He’s not right. He has his opinion, but its an opinion based in hatred, anger and lies. Which puts him right in step with the Tea Party.

    • donny least

      grand funk?? lmfao

      • http://webpronews.com animaluver

        who the hell cares who what or where he played with??? the point is he sounds like a deranged psychopath who needs to have his bows and arrows taken away from him,unless, of course, he wants to use them on himself…

    • willy schneider

      Amboy Dukes, not Grand Funk Railroad – both shitty bands…

  • John Jonh

    This POS worthles AHOLE is plain and simple a bigot and a racist, amazingly he needs attentions so his crying for it on tweeter and media. Ted, NOBODY listen to you or wants to listen to you, do yourself a favor, stick to your “WHITE” only values, stick out off POLITICS go back to your white trash embecil ways, trailer POS and do us “ALL” a fever, disappear!~

    • http://webpronews.com animaluver

      i suspect that in some languages, TED NUGENT actually means KKK…

  • chuck

    who shots their dog on national TV and thinks its ok cause it is old. talk about a American I think not. leave the US if you don’t like it Ted.

  • Manone

    Ted N… Racsist bastard!

    • A Long

      Racist? I have never been able to follow the logic of people who cry “racism” every time someone disagrees with them. Everyone who labels people that way needs to admit no one can see anyone’s heart from the outside. A person may be against another person’s policies or beliefs for many valid reasons! Crying “racist” is just a copout, and one that has been vastly overused! What it means to me is that a person is hiding from the truth and won’t follow reasonable logic, so they just say “Racist!”

  • lovethis US

    The election was over, ppl already chose who they wanted to lead the country, time for bitter ppl like Ted to face the reality and go away.

  • Mike S

    Freedom of Speech rocks. He can say whatever he wishes, and i can call him an idiot for saying it.

    • John

      Secret Service needs to keep an eye on this guy after his previous remarks regarding if President Obama was reelected he would either be dead or in jail.

      • M A Ismail

        Get an education and look up the meaning of M-E-T-A-P-H-O-R. I know it is hard if you’ve been dumbed down by our public school system, but do try, because if you don’t wake up soon, you’re going to be shocked by the rapid demise of our country that is coming. Speech is protected by the Constitution. It will be a sad day when we get followed around or jailed for speaking in metaphor. Since we alreay have Big Government in place, maybe we need to establish the Bureau Of Word Police so we can Control what everyone says. It will most surely be a better place for it, won’t it. (Now should you take what I just said literally, or should you recognize my tongue-in-cheek?(another metaphor)).

    • A Long

      Problem is if anyone calls you or your liberal idols “idiots,” that is “hating.”

  • cafenitro

    Someone tell Ted and his Sociopathic friends that Obama’s a really cool, nice family guy who wants what’s best for America.

    Profile of a Sociopath:

    Glibness and Superficial Charm

    Manipulative and Conning
    They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.

    Grandiose Sense of Self
    Feels entitled to certain things as “their right.”

    Pathological Lying
    Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.

    Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
    A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core. Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.

    Shallow Emotions
    When they show what seems to be warmth, joy, love and compassion it is more feigned than experienced and serves an ulterior motive. Outraged by insignificant matters, yet remaining unmoved and cold by what would upset a normal person. Since they are not genuine, neither are their promises.

    Incapacity for Love

    Need for Stimulation
    Living on the edge. Verbal outbursts and physical punishments are normal. Promiscuity and gambling are common.

    AKA the GOP

    • cafenitro

      Remind you of Trump? Limbaugh? Beck? Rove? Cheney? Hannity? Your Republican Uncle?

      • g.b.

        it also sounds like Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Emanuel, Wright. Maybe you should look at your own side of the aisle too. When are people going to realize neither side is right and neither side is wrong. Both sides feel what they envision for the country is best. All politicians are slimy in some way or another. They end up selling out at some point so they can get what they want for either themselves or their constituents. Regardless of your political affiliation, we are just voting for who we individually feel is the lesser of two evils. I am not trying to pick a fight or insult anyone. i realize people are passionate about their beliefs, but we need to also acknowledge others are just as passionate. That is what makes things interesting, varied opinions.

        • Angela

          Best response yet.

    • D


    • R.T.

      You know I was chuckling reading the tweets and the comments here, but laughed out load when I read yours. Your definition is an exact description of Barack Obama; you totally nailed it! Also, enjoy how all the liberalss are dissing Ted for being a draft dodger; since when did that bother any of them? You know what? It’s not a secret, he has told the story many times.

  • loren

    I spend a lot of time in Alaska. Let Ted loose in AK without his right to pack superior firepower and let him take on Mother Nature. Probably miss his next tour date. Get lost and don’t come back.

  • blah blah

    Where does Nugent get off calling people pimps and whores? He’s the guy that started a relationship with a 17 yr old, while he was still married to someone else, by getting her parents to sign her over to him as her new “guardian”.

  • awheeler14

    You all know he’s right. Who do expect to pay for all the lazy &%$#@ out there, that won’t work even if they can. I know everyone on here knows one of those. People need to start paying for thier own things or our country WILL be broke, then where are they going to get their pay checks?

  • http://yahoo riverboat

    When you consider that African Americans only represent 12% of the population, You can’t help but wonder why so many racist blacks enjoy insulting whites so often? Had it not been for the majority of white people, President Obama wouldn’t have been elected in the first place let alone a second term. So shut the hell up….enough of your physico- babble BS already…….

  • Ronald

    Nugent said last month that if obama was re-elected then he would either be in jail or dead, as of today he’s not in jail so would someone give the anti-american,vietnam draft dodger a gun to make us all happy and keep one commie promise true.

  • http://yahoo ron lungwitz

    Whats the matter Ted, no more Bush tax cuts for you.

    • M A Ismail

      You moron, a tax cut is not a handout. It is keeping what You earned. But if you would rather be impoverished, go right ahead. Wait until you see what that poverty looks like in these next 4 years. Maybe you like rising gas and food prices. I don’t. Wait until the people who got Obama phones have to eat them to survive. A nation of Self-Reliance is a nation that survives. The more dependent the people become on the government to provide for their needs, the less they will have. It is a basic priciple of Economics. A lot of Ted Nugent followers are not eloquent, but fundamentally they have the common sense to know that productivity is what makes a people thrive!


    Well the huntn is still good here in centrel IOWA pack up your boots and hat and come coon huntn with us..Then put in for a deer hunt in this zone youll love the company and the hunt,,,your friends JUSTIN AND DARYL THOMPSON..GRAND JUNCTION IOWA…

  • pappy

    I heard that gen.patraitor, quit the cia today, how cool is that, cheating on his wife, he was suppose to go infront of a house sub committee on that embasy boming, now he doesn’t have to,, ill be the president had something to do with that, cover-up maybe!

  • Mike B

    Ah-Yeah-gotta love The Nuge!
    Extreme? Perhaps a tad.. :)-but funny how SPOT-ON all his
    tweets above are!
    Yes-the elections are over-Americans have chosen-and apparently they want more handouts.
    Unfortunately, the working people and small businesses will have to pay for this-there’s no free lunch.
    But life goes on,we’ll fight the good fight,and the house is still Republican controlled(for now!)so we can hopefully stop the silly bills that will surely be coming through in this Lame-Duck Presidents 2nd term.
    And Concerning Ted-like him or hate him-the man is
    infinitely more interesting than
    BORE-ACK will ever even hope to be…..

    GO TED!!!!!

    • markcole

      hey mike b- get over it! he won- the people have spoken-you are the one who is anti- american! handouts my ass.

  • fed up

    what is up with yahoo giving this sob attention. he is the same garbage as trump and h.williamsjr.

    • pappy

      if you can’t stand up for american and what we represent go and crawl back under that rock that you came out from under! We the people that work hard everyday and chase that american dream will succeed and those that don’t want to work will live on the streets in cardboard boxes over man holes to keep warm! Me i’ll be on uncle ted’s side every time 😉

      • http://webpronews.com animaluver

        hey pappy-stfu!

      • markcole

        hey pappy- love it or leave it baby-

  • Billy johnson

    your a draft dodger Ted……So shut the hell up, about my pres. and the people you dont like, cuz not many of us respect Draft Dodgers like you.

    • Warren

      Do you respect the draft dodger bill clinton?

  • Mark

    Probably worth mentioning that Ted Nugent is a man who made a career in music with songs such as “Jailbait,” which extolls the virtues of having sex with under-aged girls, and “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang,” which needs no explanation. I’m pretty sure he still collects royalties from his back catalog, so in my view he’s not the one judge the morality of the president, those who voted for him, or really anyone.

  • http://webpronews Sandra Stanford

    Is he dead or in jail yet? If not why not?

    • STEVE


  • Rocknroll

    Don’t forget Ted adopted a teenager so he could rape her. He is another embarrassment to America…Have you heard his lyrics? Not the sharpest tool in the shed. Also, pretty simple guitar playing.

  • carl mosconi

    Trailer trash!

  • Lynn

    Go Ted go. Karma will bite the gay guy and his wife the BEARD soon enough. ‘Pimps whores & welfare brats & their soulless supporters’ pretty well sums up OBAMAITES.

  • Raymond Babcock

    i agree with ted nugent on a lot of things so if all you need is food stamps and your welfare check is enough i wouls assume you voted obama the people have spoken now if they are all citicens i dont no

  • bear tracks

    I must live in the same box that Nugent lives in! Not sure how “Baraco” got re-elected! certainly not because of the awesome job he did in the white house…. Maybe because the “white race”is now the minority! Open up some more borders! give the working class’s money a way to those who don’t want to work! The OBAMA followers! Most of the votes he received were from Latino and african americans! HE hates america! ARE YOU PEOPLE BLIND? he can’t even repeat the national Anthem! or the pledge of allegiance! The yoke is around our necks! slowly they will take away our gun rights. Then we will be totally defenseless. That is what the government wants. Makes it easier for them to do what ever they want if you don’t have a way to fight back! More people should speak there mind like Nugent and Trump! The young voters are to laid back to pay attention to what is really happening here. They are the ones who seek the handouts!! This may be their future, But I am still alive and living in it with them! AND it’s not looking good!

    • Rocknroll

      National anthem? Pledge of allegiance? Do you still believe in Santa Claus too?

      • A Long

        No, you’re the one who believes in Santa Claus…err, Baracka Claus.

    • baja bill

      Ted’s just saying what most people think but won’t say. The counrty is in the toilet and Obama will push the handle.

  • Peter

    Hey Ted, you’ve got it backwards; it’s liberals who rock, and you who suck.

  • Teder

    Why does anyone listen to an aging, poorly educated hick who’s last hit was over 25 years ago?

  • Tim

    You partisans just don’t get it, do you?

    NO ONE got a ‘mandate’.

    WE, the People(independents), kept a mixed Congress to send a message: “Work together or get the hell out of the way!”.

    WE kept the ‘status quo’ to show the Tea Partiers and Progressives that WE don’t trust either party with complete control…as long as the far-left and far-right are in charge.

    WE took power from the far-right in 2008 because they abused their power…then we took power from the Progressives in 2010 because they abused THEIR power.

    A large chunk of this country are neither Progressives or Tea Partiers; we are independents…Constitutionalists, really…and we DON’T LIKE EITHER OF YOU PARTISAN HACKS!

    You are more interested in power over others than the power of working together…which is what made this such a great nation. You do not discuss…you lecture. You do not compromise…you lay down terms. You do not care about ALL Americans…just those who might vote for you. You do not see the future…just the next election cycle.

    The talking heads on the TV want you to believe the Independent voters don’t matter…yet they beg for our votes every cycle. Well, yer gonna have to EARN them in 2014 and 2016.

    They tell you you/re the majority…and then show graphs with 25% liberal/30%conservative/35%independent/10% other; you win elections ONLY with the help of the middle. And we are neither Tea Partiers or Progressives.

    The ONLY message that was clear election night was: GET TO WORK!!!!

    • Ned Tugent

      Good job, Tim. Now get off my lawn. And get back to work. Oh, it’s the weekend. Pat a Vet on the back on Monday, and on Tuesday, get back to work.

  • MikeDavis

    Tip of the hat to the libs/dems. You started many, many yrs ago putting your people in the classroom and it’s now paying off. The lies, reshaping history, in essence the brainwashing of children. Each generation lacking in a proper/truthful education as the previous one. Now a self made man/woman is frowned upon, if one does manage to get thru your pc fingers, your greedy, non productive hands are waiting to steal their rewards. You have your fool in office again, a true idiot if there ever was one, to push your already discredited policies FORWARD. No Bush left to blame, one would hope you grow up and take responsibility for your ‘ great ‘ ideas. Let the Republican House step out of the way and allow obama’s plan to rule the day and be able to say ‘ You Made It ‘

    • MB

      No let’s tip the hat to Nixon who opened China for what Corporations were eying that labor pool long before Obama got elected to clean up the the idiot Bush’s mess. The republicans have hated the idea of Social Security since it’s inception, to hell with the fact that the fat cats on Wall St. crashed the economy in 29 and 07. If there are any discredited policies that would be the ones we’ve been hearing since Reagan was in office that tax breaks for the wealthy stimulate the economy. And let’s hope the recalcitrant republicans do step aside and let some real work for the people get done.

  • Ned Tugent

    Anyone notice what a superstar Obama really is? Look, he’s got the birthers all confused, he’s trying to turn America into a Communist country AND destroy it at the same time, and he planned this stuff way back when Nixon was breaking into Dem headquarters to what, borrow a pencil? If anyone’s being brainwashed, it’s these nutjobs passing these rumors around and getting all excited about them. Sorry Ted, you crapped your pants so they wouldn’t send you to ‘Nam and now you’re apparently tougher than the Vets who hate war more than you hate people on welfare–some of them being Vets who came home to jobs gone… You know how to brain-Rush people? Give them an AM Radio and let their mind not understand a thing and get so angry they don’t know what to do with themselves, and when they need to vent, blame it all on Democrats. What a bunch of hooey the RNC threw at us this election They didn’t want to win because you can’t pay for 8 years of war in 3 years, especially when your “Congress” is bent on obstruction. It’s sad you blame Obama for everything he DID NOT DO, and yet you still expected him to fix your economy. Tell the overpaid windbags O’Really, Rush Windbag, and Sean Insannity to run for office.

    • A Long

      None of what you said matters if Obama is just a pathological liar who is advancing this country towards bankruptcy, does it? And he is. Just shut up, stop letting mainstream media brainwash you and look at what is happening in America.

    • http://n/a jon van nortwick

      so what if ted didnt go to vietnam. i done enough time for him and someone else. as long as he loves this country. that is what is going to countin the long run. i think obomas one dumb asshole. and not from me or ted, but he should start looking over his shoulder. im sure someones comming for him.

  • Ned Tugent

    Ted, you were awesome on guitar in your younger days. Stick to that and hunting unless you want the greatest welfare in the world: a job with the NRA or some other government agency. Good guitar playin’ though, that’s what I want to remember you for

    • A Long

      Ted, you are awesome as an American. Don’t let anyone tell you to stick to playing your guitar. Those are the people that need to face the facts that if they want free speech and not hate for themselves, it goes for everyone else as well.

      • jerry

        I agree

  • http://WebProNews Darrell

    The good thing that came out of this election was the Republicans taking a bigger hold on the HOR Barack is now a lame duck. Socialist agenda over! Thank God

  • FlaFreeThinkerII

    What a bunch of nonsense! Isn’t it evident by now that the battle is between ‘the people’ NOT ‘for the people’? TeaParties,Democrats,Republicans,Group A who wants this;Group B who wants that! Such demands are causing havoc on ALL AMERICANS! This election is looking to ONE man to solve ALL of AMERICA’s problems…based on what? And the ‘winning’ party is still cheering & jumping up and down. The ‘losing’ party is upset & depressed. What is your ONE man doing while the battle ‘between the people’ will continue for another 4 years? If it’s that easy to sway votes; then i would like to announce that i will be running for President in 2016. Don’t ask me what i will ‘change’,due to the fact that ‘i don’t know’ what ‘the people’ need changed yet, and today is still in 2012. You just bought into the oldest lie in the book, and have advocated the current President into believing his own lies; in that, he has no more control over tomorrow than you do, yet you just put him in a position to ‘speak for you’!!! So if you all want to continue to battle amongst yourselves in your non-‘changing’ ways, to ahead, that is YOUR American right; however, i for one will not be led down the road to destruction by the person you have put on a ‘pedestal’. I will, however, stand in high regard to and for THE GOD that this Country was founded upon. That position is only for Him to hold. Obviously, anyone can become a positoned ‘leader’. I am still looking for a ‘natural leader’ and one who speaks ‘for the people’, not AT THE PEOPLE!

  • tomcat

    Hey Teddy- What branch of the service were you in? Teddy?

    • darryl

      ted never shot at anything that could shoot back

      • Robb433

        Ted mister anti union if its made over sea’s thats even better Nugent. This man has never shot anyting that wasn’t fenced in what a great hunter the scab pri*ck.

  • Proud Dem

    The evil plan of one term president backfired on the Repubs. If the Reps had given Obama all the help they could have and he still messed it up, you would of had my vote, but you did crap to make sure no plan he tried passed the way he wanted. That’s why the country voted the way they did. Obama could have changed things greatly with Rep help. Instead you formed racist groups and campaigns to keep him as lame as you could simply because he was not a white male. If you had given him all the help and he f’ed it up he would have been one term. Also, find a real candidate to run agianst him a morman….really. Sad,sad,sad. Better luck in 2016.

    • A Long

      WHAT, pray tell, did Obama try doing that would not have been destructive? The reason the Repubs stood in his way when possible was out of common sense and a desire for the good of this nation. The dems by contrast are not seeing 2 inches past the end of their noses, and have some sort of a death wish for America. So sorry our nation is now a majority of babies who have learned they can vote themselves free candy! May God have mercy on us.

    • Susan

      BY the way WHAT RELIGION are you???? DO NO KNOCK ANYONES religion that is pretty prejudice!!!!! So you are not making yourself look very good in the eyes of anyone and God!!!! OH! and by the way do you even know what you are talking about? I don’t think so!!! if you look it up on the governments website and also this is public knowledge but I will give you a tidbit of info since you are NOT realizing how dumb you are looking like on here. But the first 2 years of Obamas term the Dems controlled the senate and house but Obama only had one agenda and it was to stuff his healthcare down everyone’s throat!!! The bottom line is average income was down and employment rate is UP , economy is only growing at 2 percent now all of which is worse since Obama took office. Sounds like you must be one of them that makes your living off food stamps and welfare checks maybe even a phone who knows???

      • Mike

        So, you would support a Jewish candidate for president?

        • Susan

          Absolutely!!!!! I would support a jew if his or hers intentions were good!!!

  • Charlie

    there’s only a couple of good things that came out of this Election,some states spoke up and allowed WEED to be leaglelized. SEMPER FI

    • budreau

      cool taterzzz

  • http://yahoo Bud

    How can anyone who claims to be a true Cristian vote for someone who believes in abortion and gay rights. Think about what you are voting for and what your BIBLE says. And does it not say a man should work for his pay. By the way while I am venting, why is it that everyone who holds down A job has to be drug tested. If you live off the government, you just sign up and draw the money, foodstamps,utilities,health, dental, cell_phones, lets not forget housing,

    • Joe

      How can anyone call themselves a Christian when they have hatred and bigotry of any kind in their souls? Jesus Christ did not hate anyone, why does he he have so-called followers that find it perfectly fine to hate?

      • A Long

        You do not sound like someone who has read the Bible thoroughly. It says to give up everything you value to follow Christ, who gave up His life for all who would come to Him in humility and childlike faith. And have you noticed that the Bible clearly states that no one who does not work should eat? And if you will refer to your dictionary, believing something is wrong is not the same as hating.

      • http://Yahoo Rick

        The Bible says it is a abomination for one man to lay with another! You obviously haven’t read the Bible. For those of you who don’t know what that means it means its not ok for one man to stick his penis up another mans butt. Is that clear enough for you? It’s disgusting ,immoral and it’s a risk to the persons health who is doing it.Not to mention a risk to the Public’s health.Do you think they all use protection? So getting feces up your penile urine track is something that isn’t inclined to be a health risk?

        • me

          stop talking about the fricken bible it has nothing to do with politics and its a load of crap anyway

          • budreau

            the king james version is ALL about politics

      • jerry

        pro choice does not mean you believe in abortion. there is
        a big difference. let people live their own lives.
        Ted Nugent biggest idiot ever.

    • A Long

      You are right. If you read the Bible thoroughly, it does say in Revelation that things will get very ugly on this earth before the end comes. And that seems to be coming true more and more every day. Interesting that biblical prophecies have all been fulfilled except the ones that are still in the future. The ones who trust Christ until the end, regardless of the suffering they endure, will be saved.

  • http://yahoo c

    ted nugget–yo mama.

  • John

    Ted, I believe you are right about the state of the country and where it is headed. Hang in there only time will tell what will happen, now that the election is over, we see that there are more takers than makers.

  • http://n/a jon van nortwick

    what i want to know how did oboma get relected? ted nugent is right on all accounts. maybe the south should had won the war.

    • 33

      so if that is true then – 2010 congress and current congress is RESPONSIBLE for this current mess = REPUBLICANS?!

  • Thomas

    George Bush screw the country for 8 years and didn’t hear no complaints about him. The country has spoke get on with your life and be happy.

    • http://yahoo Dave

      Hey Thomas,
      I’m so sick of hearing how George Bush screwed this country-get your facts straight before you shoot off your mouth!
      In Oct. 2007, the Dow hit it’s highest level ever, and unemployment was holding steady at 4.7%.On January 3, 2007, the Democrats took over the House & the Senate for the first time since 1995. At the time, The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77. The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5%. The Unemployment rate was 4.6%. George Bush’s Economic policies SET A RECORD of 52 STRAIGHT MONTHS of JOB GROWTH. Barney Frank took over the House Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking Committee. The economic meltdown that happened 15 months later was in what part of the economy? BANKING AND FINANCIAL SERVICES! Bush asked Congress 17 TIMES to stop Fannie & Freddie -starting in 2001 because it was financially risky for the US economy. And who took the THIRD highest pay-off from Fannie Mae AND Freddie Mac? OBAMA-And who fought against reform of Fannie and Freddie? OBAMA and the Democrat Congress. Budgets do not come from the White House. They come from Congress and the party that controlled Congress since January 2007 is the Democrat Party.Furthermore, the Democrats controlled the budget process for 2008 & 2009 as well as 2010 & 2011. Obama inherited this mess alright, from his own party!

      • robo


  • cpartrtick

    I thought Ted promised he would leave the country forever if Obama won re-election. Ted, please pack your fecking bags and get the hell out of america.

  • Carrie

    Would someone please set this idiot up on a hunting trip with Dick Cheney? Hopefully though, they will shoot each other.

    • http://Yahoo Rick

      I will say its been a long time since we had a decent president white ,black Democrat or Republican.What bothers me about the young in this country is they don’t get that you can’t spend more than you make! Some president in the very soon to be future better balance the budget or this country’s going to see very hard times.That’s a fact! If Obama does it great. If not all you young people are soon going to need to read Financial responsibility 101 for Dummies.

  • Vincent

    Last tuesday was a sad day for america

    • Max

      No, just *your* America.

      • Vincent

        Its your america to my friend. You know the america thats 16 trillion in debt and no job growth.The america that lets people into this country that call themselves american citizens that hate everything we stand for and take are foodstamps and welfare checks then try to kill us.Maybe obama will make jz a cabenit member

        • robo

          you idiot the 16trillion is mostly bush dollars+ obama put the wars on the deficit instead of a credit card! also there are much more whites on foodstamps and welfare than blacks and hispanics and those “obama phones” started under bush! and we have 33 consecutive months of private sector job growth with a net + of over 360,00 jobs under this prez but since you only listen to foxnews and hannity you will forever be a douche

  • Vincent

    Obama and his crew remind me of that movie casino.They have control of all the money.He will keep screwing it up.Bet ranch on it

  • Vincent

    now now carry no name calling. Thats for kids and imature people.If the shoe fits

  • Vincent

    Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.Give a man a welfare check,a free cellphone, food stamps,section 8 housing,a six pack of beer and he will vote democrat for the rest of his life.AMEN

    • Dr. Killpatient

      Nobody gave anything to Bruce Springsteen, but the guy is a lifelong Democrat because he cares for the poor and the Middle Class.

    • cocoman15

      AND people don’t listen to stupid people like you that can’t spell… you are in a red state yes????

    • Bigchi1

      You’re an idiot.

  • jim

    cant believe he is in office.guess u all didnt understand what he has done.and will.free welfare for who ever wants it at our expense.wake up America.before it’s to late.(it maybe)look at ur cell bill.we are paying for free phones for welfare.Un believable.how the hell did that happen?and the helth care.what a mess that is.Ted ur ok.

    • John

      Seams with all the people that voted for obama want free stuff instead of FREEDOM
      Why would A government give free phone out doesn’t make a lot of scene when Our government is 15 trillion dollars in national debt. And watch the democrats will soon start complaining the need to raise the debt ceiling again.The US will reach its $16.4 trillion($16,400,000,000,000 )borrowing limit by the end of this year. the government would no longer be able to borrow enough money to pay its bills. They can do what some of us have to do stop spending money they don’t have.But they wont they don’t its not there money its tax payer money. What happens to you when you don’t stop spending money you don’t have? The banks start calling and wants money or they are coming after your car, house etc. So you liberals democrats are responsible for re-electing obama . How loud are you going to screen when they just cant pay for all of the free stuff? I call it liberal Logic

      • robo

        the free phone program started under bush dummy! that alone destroys your whole arguement+ we have a little thing called three branches of govt you idiot we don’t have an emporer! you take one video clip from one obviously deranged old lady talking about her “obamaphone” and you take it and run your stupid but off half cocked!

  • http://WebProNews MR.

    Why are alot of people P’ed off at President Obama for having a heart.I don’t agree with a person being gay,i don’t believe in abortion and so on,but however i do believe in a person’s right to choice,therefor it’s up to God to judge them not me or their peers.And for the record Obama will make our country a much better and safer place if he get’s the help he needs from the Rep.

  • Juan

    All I see in these comments is hate and ignorance (from both sides). The country is extremely split in two right now, and if we don’t all stand together and unite as one, (instead of this back and forth bickering) then this nation will surely fall.

  • SV

    What do I fear to see in America’s future? Inflation and war. Blame whoever you want, you might be correct. Let’s just not let that happen okay?

  • rob rodeo

    Does anybody care that we were in the black when Clinton left office. In 12 years bush put us trilions in debt. And all i hear is obama is doing a bad job. HELLO

    • carl

      Clinton didn’t leave anything in the black. You are confusing the defecit with the debt. Even the alleged surplus he left Bush turned out to be untrue. You can look these things up you know? Clinton also repealed glass Stegal which caused the financial meltdown.

  • satay31

    Ted Nugent is correct this is a country of makers and Takers the interesting thing is the so called “red states” those with more people voting for Rommney are the biggest “Welfare
    ‘ states! That means that the people who are working the “Makers” supported the current President and his policies. What does this mean? That the Rednecks like Ted Nugent are the BIGGEST beneficiaries of “Welfare” and “entitlement” programs. Not illegals and not Minorities. Also please stop refering to Health-Care Reform “Obamacare” as a government funded program it is not. I work in insurance and I can tell you that it does not add to the national debt, deficit, or any other National anything! The only people who should be angry about healthcare reform are insurance companies! What it DOES do is insure that the policies you PAY for have some necessary consistant benefits across the board!! They can nolonger sell you a policy that maxes you benefits at a low rate, or carveout paying for treatment for a pre-existing condition while still taking your hard earned money! Yes it does guarantee that women have preventive care as well as men and it prevents companies from carving out coverage for prenatal care and contraceptives. It further guarantees that if you have a job and your job offers you health insurance and you choose not to take it. You will pay a penality which will help offset any state funded assistance you might be receiving. (all those people working at 7-11 can no longer work and get state insurance therby reducing the burden on the tax payers!) this still refers to the policies you PAY for stupid people!! The defict has actually been reduced slightly not gone up. As to the bible thumpers in here as a “good christian” I must remind you that the bible we read has been translated and modified by man.(The King James Version need I say more?) Many things in the bible were not the words of god or christ, this is not speculation this is fact. Also I find it necessary to point out that this country was “Founded” on the principles of the separation of Church and State to guarantee religious freedom AND to insure that religion not be a factor in how we are govorned. So your espounding on god has no place in this discussion except to say god makes no mistakes and President Obama has been re-elected for those of you bouncing up and down on the subject I will just say that God has Spoken!!!

    • http://Webpronews.com Thomas Vaught

      We need a fact check!

      • http://Yahoo Rick

        First of all California and New York are the biggest welfare states and I know California is democrat and I believe New york is also Democrat so get your facts straight! Obama won those states! And you want us to believe your spill.

  • cocoman15

    i think he needs to be locked up for a while so he can appreciate what he has… ANTI-AMERICAN AS THEY COME….

    • John

      drop dead commie piece of shit!

  • nojuan

    Seems to me that most people here, regardless of political affiliation, Ted included, could give a crap about the country’s well-being. They are most fascinated with their ideals and hatred for the opposing team.

    There-in lies the biggest obstacle to our country moving forward vs. backwards.

    Oh, and for the ‘love of God’ can some of us learn to spell, conjugate, and punctuate, please?

    Never mind, ignorance is bliss… carry on

  • Skidrow

    Just pray for your own soul. We are living in the end times folks. Earthquakes, Storms, Worldwide Finacial Ruin, think about it and read. I’m not preaching, just pointing out the obvious.

  • http://Webpronews.com Thomas Vaught

    Ted, stick with the oldies reviews and forget politics. You got yours so shut up and go back to entertaining middle-aged America.

  • Mark

    Dave, Go to hell man your so called great Bush killed my small business & put me in the poor house. So save it !!!! republicans are only out for how much ching they can put in their pockets not the middle class ppl’s

  • vincent

    Obama = tax spend tax spend tax spend tax spend tax spend tax spend tax spend tax spend tax spend

  • budreau

    The welfare recipients have it right . Take all you can and give nothin in return. They learned it from the government . I used to work hard and do the right thing and got fired for my trouble. The sooner everyone quits the better off we’ll all be. The poorer we become the less able the gov will be able to waste money and keep us under their thumb.The environment will be better to. Nano capicater batteries could be developed and electric cars would be developed and economical. The candlestick nuclear reactor could be developed and electricity would cost 1/0 to 1/100 what it does now. All this and more is coming around and the sooner you all quit the sooner it will get here. Just say quit and quit being their dumbass.. Atlas shrugged and so did I.— yours truly– Boudreau Tibadeau

    • http://yahoo ted

      Mr.Ass Nugent needs to stop making love to muledeers..

  • dan alba

    Mr. Nugent stated in an interview, should Barack Obama be elected for a second term, Nugent would be either dead or in prison. Well Ted, Which is it going to be? Or are You totaly full of shit?

    • fred willette

      the us population needs to wake up and listen to people like Ted Nugent. He is right on Nothing is Free, we cannot continue to support poor people from cradle to grave. Eventually there will no one left to pay taxes. We must maintain a strong middle class as it is the only way that we will remain free. The 2nd Ammendment is the most important FREEDOM the we have, other wise we would be just like China under total control of big brother.

      • http://yahoo ted

        ted Nugent is a raciest fool

        • Pastor Troy Koffler

          I am 100% behind you Ted. These other boneheads are either too young to see how our country has changed over the years or are too ignorant to notice. I am a believer in God and an ordained minister. The problem we face today is that no one has the B#!Ls to stand up for what is right and my comment to various politions over these last few months before the election has been this…. Obama spells “obamanation” or as God would best put it – “Abomination”. I see now that someone in the media has also picked up this view. I have no fear of man or what they may do to me. I see this country going in the toilet and no one seems to care any more. I will remember you in my prayers Ted, as we need more people like you if we’re ever going to turn this country around to God again.

          • Ben

            just because you are a minister does not mean you know anything … and I doubt “god” ever mentioned the word abomination. You probably think “he” walks around in sandals and throws lightning bolts.

            By the way – nice use of the word “balls”. You should name your ministry the balls ministry.

          • Michael

            You should watch what you say as you claim to be a pastor. If you are, hopefully the IRS may be visiting to give you a tax form to fill out and pay taxes. God has told me that people like you that hide behing religion, are very unstable with your ranting and raving.

        • Pastor Troy Koffler

          So there are some of you that seem to have your comments about whats wrong with Teds comments. Tell me. Where is all of this Hope & Change we were told about 4 years ago? Lets see your comments now…….

          • Ben

            good point. you will see the changes start happening now that obama got his second term. hopefully you will open your mind a bit and enjoy what happens next because it won’t be a repeat of what you have seen before. The youth of the world have a better idea of how things can be and we plan to make things happen – not sit on our duff (yes i said duff) and complain

          • MotorCityMadman

            Yeah, OK Ben. Good luck with that. You’re just a pawn who’s too dumb to realize it.



  • Zbestbobp

    Ted is right. We are on a path of economic suicide. Plenty of numbers from government agencies, noted economists, and common sense tell us that. As for the rest of Ted’s comments, you must know that is Ted just being Ted. He has never been short of shocking sound bites. That is just who he is: a free-thinking red blooded American. You can disagree with him, but if you can’t respect his views, then you are not a free-thinking red blooded American.

    • http://yahoo david

      what world do u live in u dope china kenya orwonderlad u need to STOP drinking the cool aid u moron

    • MotorCityMadman

      Gotta love Ted. Still telling it like it is after all these years. All you bleeding heart apologist guilty-white liberals fell for Obama’s line again. The rest of the people that voted for him are too dumb or lazy to have voted for Romney. They might have had to go out and get a job, God forbid.

  • bob

    ted nugent is 100% right any dumb azz that voted for obama is not an American. after obama let those 4 Americans die for no reason. he does not care about the american ppl what so ever and all u brainless morons just want hand outs from the pple who work for aliving. guess what brainless morons the rich are the ones that pay u. so i do hope they lay off all of u, raise the gas prices even higher which is funny because u retards complained when the gas prices went up when PRESIDENT BUSH was in office but not one word with the retard in office.

    • Ben

      bob. you are a damn fool. sorry but i just had to point that out if you hadn’t realized it yet.

      • http://yahoo david

        amen you rock ted i,m with you against obummer we better start sayin heil hitler commrad america is so bad off because of him we need a strong leader like paul ryan to save us amen all of those obummer people want is more of our hard earned money they didnt earn if they voted for the new thrid riech leader then they are by far the dumbest fools on earth ted 4 pres aaamen

    • PGM

      Ted Nugent spews far right wing hate in his rants without explaining the basis of his claims. He throws around terms like socialist, takers and traitors without so much as an indication that he knows or cares what the terms mean. A Socialist as a general rule advocates that the production and distribution of goods and services based upon a utility to society vs. a profit motive in a capitalist society where consumers and private interests decide. In a Capitalist economy there is usually a stock market while in classical socailist economies that would not be the case. Since Obama has been president the Stock Market has doubled, the auotmobile industry and related companies have been brought back from the dead along with millions of jobs where people pay taxes and don’t “take” anything from the governement. Socialists advocate that most major production be concentrated in State contolled entities which has not happened under Obama nor any American President Republican or Democratic. Thus, if you want to disagee with Social programs like Social Security, Medicare or the Affordable Care act or Medicare Prescription Drug Part D, then do so as an American citizen who disagrees with social programs but don’t confuse those programs with actual Socialism. As far as foreign affairs and defense of the nation neither you nor Ted Nugent has a factual leg to stand on. Bush was President for 9 months when 911 happened and we lost over 3000 Americans on american soil. Bush had warnings that explicitly stated “Bin Laden determined to attack in the US” yet he did not heed numerous warnings in daily briefings and by Richard Clark. Albeit anyone can make mistakes he failed to get Bin Laden; the guy who attacked us for his entire two terms. Bush was quoted as saying about Bin Laden”I don’t know where he is; frankly I don’t think about him that much.” Obama said I will track him and all terrorists and so far during his first term we have killed or captured 22 of the most dangerous ones including Bin Laden, al Awalki the US terrorist who sponsored the Shoe bomber, Underwear bomber and Times Square car bomber. So the idea that Obama will not track down the people who attacked our Embassy is simply put – BULLSHIT!! To conduct a sane and productive debate you need two things- first you need to understand exactly what your political philosophy is and secondly, you need to be able to recognize some basic FACTS. The problem with Ted Nugent, you and others on this board who make these incoherent rants is that you have left the real world and moved to your own reality! If you continue to rely on empty attacks, false information and mischaracterizations the Republican Party, particularly the Conservative wing will be left in the wilderness with Ted nugent on his hunting lands or wherever it is he lives.

    • http://optonline Ann

      What you sow, so shall you reap. I thought America was the land of opportunity so why begrudge Mitt Romney his money he worked for it and earned it. He didnt get a hand out like the rest of the people on welfare. The drones who dont use their brains for good only trying to get something for nothing. When they sit on the garbage pail and drink their beer

  • Jeff

    Ted Nugent is exactly right. Who makes Obama the judge on how much money of mine I get to keep. Obama and the Democrats are nothing but crooks. They’re stealing money from the hard workers and growing government. There’s nothing fair about redistribution. We are loosing our freedom everyday. Thanks to you socialist who voted this Guy in again. He’s just a big liar.

    • Lonnie

      If people are so dead set on voting for a Republican, then WHY didn’t they rally around Ron Paul? The only guy in the whole party with a clue what is REALLY going on. Seems most of the REAGAN republicans have jumped ship quite a while ago.

  • Spudz McKenzie

    Ted rocks. All you liberal droolers voted for Obom-ass so you could get “stuff”, just like Bill O’Reilly stated. What a sad commentary on society that you’d vote for such a loser; 6 trillion more in debt, the apology tour, fast and furious, a murdered diplomat that he blamed on “you tube” (Yah-right), the list goes on and on, what a dick.

  • http://google robert d. robert

    people stop and think if you have a brain, whos going to pay for all of obama,s socialist experiments? the pail is empty the well is dry there isnt any more money he cant keep printing money its almost wortless now one american dollar is equal to 27 cents actual value how long before china calls in our loans?who will come first china or the bildeburg group this reelection will cause massive layoffs or employes reduced to part time(elimates obama care) whos going to buy obs pals gm cars when no ones working, wheres teachers salarys coming from when noone can pay schooltaxes any more oh(take their property you say) lets do that confiscated property doesnt pay taxes–sell it you say–to who–no one has any money–everones parttime–the gouverment cant finance it–china holds their morgage– with out the unrestraned free enterprize system there is nothing-it will wither schrivel and die and its already started investment money is being transferred overseas or turned into gold and silver and hidden, why invest here when obama steals it like the investor bonds confiscated and given to gm employes along with the company–would you invest in such a hoax how long before they rip your investment from your hands? free america died election night, there leaves only the wake and the bural and thats the preview of coming attractions the tree of liberty is watered by the blood of patriots! if we do not heed the lessons of the past we are doomed to repeat them.. iam old and crippled and my tenure on this earth is limited and maybe iam lucky i wont see the barbed wire compounds on our used to be free soil but ill bet a lot of you will compare the path of hitler and his lies and plots with the recent history of this countrys path–scary isnt it-oh well a lesson learned is alesson earned sig heil fellow citizen–or–subject–or comrade or what the hell ever we are now

    • Lonnie

      Seems some people watch too much TV and are NOT doing their homework. (Fox News) The country has not been close to free for along time. Hi-Jacked by Tyrants, then expanded with the false flag operation of 9-11(Which i doubt Obama had anything to do with). Then they tell us a member of the Bush family’s oil tycoon partnership the Bin Laddens of Saudi Arabia pulled this off from a cave somewhere. Do we attack Saudi Arabia? No. We attack Afganistan & pull the Shock and Awe campain on Iraq (Or shocking and Awful as i like to call it) Then we make sure they have weapons of mass destruction, because we are the ones using them. Then they tell us these invisiable terriorists hate our FREEDOM and that is why this all happened. So what do they do? They pass the patriot act which they change overnight. The papers are hot from the printers and most don’t ever read it before signing it. So now the patriot act has taken our last breath of FREEDOM & the terriorists have won!Republicans are always wanting MORE MONEY for the Industrial Military Complex for wars, yet don’t want the big corps or wealthy to pay any taxes. Who IS going to pay for all these bogus wars then? No wonder Americans are hated abroad.Now we should to expect Obama to step in and make it all better ASAP

      • Joseph

        speaking of papers not read before being crammed down americans throats, obamacare is only one of barak hussiens weapons of mass destruction. He should go on another apology tour & apologize for impersonating real hope & change! The change he wants is contrary to what america has stood for since founded!

    • Ben

      robert – I doubt anyone else read your entire comment, but if they did – and got to the hitler part – i hope they think about that for a minute… hitler ordered millions of jews be put to death. how can you even joke about this let alone compare this to obama? he is actually trying to do a good job, and if the repubs would stop fighting him and try to work together (which he and everyone else wants) this country may have a chance. But if you and your repubs continue to intentionally cripple our countries progress just so you can say “i told you so” then yeah – you will be able to say “i told you so”

  • dolly ray

    the last time I checked, this is a free country that people can speak their own minds and have their own oppinions. Why is everyone giving Ted Nugent a problem just because he is using social media to get his oppinions and politics out there, afterall isnt that what these “social sites” are there for or did everyone just assume it was to make a booty call……I feel the same way Ted does, he never should have been elected to begin with, and you can call me racist if you like but I dont have a problem with him being black, I have a problem with his politics and the way he does things, If I didnt do my job correctly you better believe my boss would fire me in a heartbeat, and wouldnt take four years to do it. GO NUG!!!!!!

  • papp-aw

    the country has just comited suicide

  • papp-aw

    ted for prez

    • Tom

      My name is tom, and my family and i support the motor city mad man,for life.Thank you Ted,and the fight for freedom will never die!

  • Lonnie

    Ted says if Obama is re-elected again in Nov. that Ted will either be dead or in jail this time next year…. Well it turns out that it may be his man Mit (Willard) Romney that is in jail this time next. He is now being Sued by the United Auto Workers for hiding somewhere between $15 to $111 Million of Auto worker bail-out funds in his WIFE’s bank account…. OOPS!

  • Guillermo Cervantes

    I didn’t realize how much of a bad speller Ted Nugent is.

  • http://yahoo Wanda Dietze

    I say when federal whistle blowers attempting to call to top officials in this country that private school whores such as people at Duke University with all of the press coverage they have had in the last several years, such as a class action lawsuit for operating on patients with hydraulic fluid, a rogue researcher, Anil Potti, MD caught red-handed manipulating American Cancer Society funds human data on lung and breast cancer patients and I have to get 60 Minutes involved to get the rogue fired in the State of SC after almost 9 years of Chinese Communist Leader of Duke Health, Victor Dzau, MD and US DOJ (NC FBI) abuses who thought that only certain doctors at Duke and former doctors at Duke were entitled to civil rights or constitutional rights because their male agents love staying sex favors from 2 million dollar a year earner, Victor Dzau’s mistress, Karen Silverberg and reproducing children with her, while Duke has the Potti Scandal that I exposed on 60 Minutes even after this was reported to Obama’s OIG, US Dept of Health and Human Services, Daniel Levinson in the Spring of 2011 and it took my forwarding information to 60 Minutes Pelley to get the rogue fired before he harmed people in the State of SC, the Duke Lacrosse Scandal, being accused and cited right out by the USDA for gross and inhuman abuse of primates (monkeys in NIH sponsored research), put the same man in twice as their Chief Compliance officer who allowed the Duke Hydraulic Fluid in which Duke blatantly lied to EXXON Mobile who called them out in the press while Wake Forest University received the same tainted garbage actually started at Duke due to medical employee negligence, reported with black and white evidence that vanity Duke Researchers, Klintworth, Afshari and Eifrig had abused over 7 million dollars of NIH/NEI funds and was arrested four times while the NC FBI took sex favors from Communist China’s mistress and only seemed to be worried about rights for illegal Latinos and Gay Rights marriage while the same criminal federal investigators had served Duke with a federal criminal probable cause search warrant with my once again black and white evidence over Socialist South African Duke Doctor, Klintworth (my supervisor for 12 years) suspicious activity with Pakistan and had a Communist Chinese working in his lab at the time right after 9/11 that were all in violation of H1B, J1 and J2 visas and then they come back to Duke and allow Klintworth’s criminal magistrate son-in-law, DE Van Vleet to illegally arrest me the third time as a federal whistle blower on the Duke Eye Center over a whore that Frances Collins, MD, current Director of the NIH and Obama seem to be catering to at the moment because apparently his NC FBI male agents love what she does in bed for them so good and now as I pointed out to him the day he was elected that now Duke blew up a patient at their Durham Regional Hospital and severely injured three more, but Collins keeps giving them NIH research money to screw steal rods thru primates heads in the name of NIH neurophysiology medical research while the President of Duke, Brodhead refuses to talk to the USDA investigators when Duke was cited for inhuman and gross animal abuse of NIH bought Research animals and seems to want to have me arrested by the IRS for Duke inciting severe estate fraud on my person via legal kickbacks while his federal cops reproduce two and not one child with Karen Silverberg, MD of Duke Health and his Federal office for Civil Rights opens a case for me on July 15, 2008 (08-86144) for the NC FBI’s lovers stealing my valid federal complaints from the US Post Office and if we say a word we are further bullied and threatened with further negative actions, I say, this country is not a democracy, it is Socialist and Communist and if that is acceptable to the majority of the population, hope you do not see the third world country conditions that more than likely your children will grow up in unless something changes immediately. For the record, I am a registered Democrat, campaigned for Democrat Senator of NC, Terry Sanford, voted for Obama in 2008, but the TRUTH IS THE TRUTH. ANYONE OUT THERE WANT TO REVIEW, FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME AT dmwatchdog@yahoo.com and I will gladly forward the evidence and direct you to articles written by Phil Hilts of the NY Times and Elliot Marshall of Science about what shut Duke down by the NIH and the Office for Human Research Protections in 1999 and the lies that Duke told the NIH about their plans to manage Duke owned hospitals better and better protect human research patients funded by the NIH dollar and submitted these plans according to Hilts to the NIH only to prove that they were allowing the same Duke criminal medical researchers, Klintworth, Afshari and Eifrig to do whatever they liked in 2001 and did nothing but chronically email them to tell them they were criminals while Duke executives such as IRB Director John Falletta, MD maintained to Hilts of the NY Times that he did not realize that he was supposed to report such infractions with NIH funds to the federal government in 1999 while the Office for Human Research Protections maintained closer watch on Duke, but seem to be turning their heads just as OIG, US Dept of Health and Human Services, Daniel Levinson keeps turning his head eight years later. I value Democracy and will fight with them until I die if I have to and I guess the fact that Dzau came out of Harvard has nothing to do with the Obama administration and the NC FBI turning their heads to the Duke House of MD Whores especially when they reproduce children with Dzau’s Vice Dean of Faculty Affairs and Vice President of Human Resources while holding you hostage to their sexual affairs with Duke females via deprivation of rights under color of the law.

  • bill

    i thought ted was either going to be dead or in jail if obama won. I guess that make ted a liar now. Maybe he can write a new song called Crack scratch fever.

  • http://WebProNews austria giancarlo

    Ted Nugent and I go back over 40 years, he’s STILL the same arrogant lout he’s always been. Some things never change. Message to the “Motor City Madman”: PLEASE refrain from borderline terrorist threats before the Secret Service puts you in a “Stranglehold” . LOL!

  • http://yahoo Wanda Dietze

    For the record, the American Population need to start montioring the records of their own State Senators and see how well they serve their own State and their public and then throw support behind these types of people to run as Democratic or Republican Candidates to be our Commander in Chief. The only sources that I have identified to Date in the State of NC who cared what happened to me have been Senator Richard Burr, A Republican Senator, while Congressman David Price a Democrat probably wants me in jail because he posed for the camera at the dedication of a building with the Duke Eye Center Criminal Doctors as well as Dzau and Brodhead of Duke called the Albert Eye Research Institute while I was in jail for being a Terrorist after being arrested by Duke Eye Center Doctors. I acutally put up a website called Dukemedicalwatchdoggroup.com and I thought the New Hanover County, NC Military on the Island, Fire Fighters and Coast Guard employees were going to die laughing, it was not funny to me. Price did not do a thing when I contacted him about this nightmare so I put him on the website smiling with Communist China like the mule he is and do not care if if offended him or nor, he offended me, I worked for from Democrat Senator, Terry Sanford, and I expected more from my own party that I have seriously supported since I was able to vote and was 50 years old when this garbage took place. Also, I do have to say that the NC Attorney General attempted to intervene, but was advised that Obama’s NC FBI Monkeys had the case and pushed the State officials out of the investigation. I am now going to scream at the NC General Assembly that, Hey, NC General Assembly Law prevents private citizens from contacting our AG, his Criminal investigators or the NC SBI without a Judge, DA (Yeah right, Ding Dong Nifong was in Office at the time), a police chief or Sheriff has to refer the case to the AG or SBI, but I want special provisions introduced if one can prove they are an abused federal whistle blower who was only attempting to help her country from rich Duke doctors wasting your tax dollars while unemployment is so high and we are in a recession due to places like China while Duke chooses to pay a Communist Chinese over 2 million dollars to run Duke Health as their first Minority Chancellor who Selection Committee was headed by former Duke President, Nan Keohane, PHD and known very liberal democratic woman and I could have advised her, Communist China as your first minority Chancellor, what a joke lady and the next time a Socialist South African German, Gordon Klintworth wants free labor from Pakistan right after the Middle East blows up NY, I will gladly tell the NC FBI, this is your job not mine Bud, and will refuse to open my mouth since you did not mind his criminal magistrate son-in-law in Durham, NC arresting me 2 years later after you investigated his father-in-law with my black and white evidence and allowed him to hold me hostage on probation via illegal arrest from November 2006 until May 2008 while taking sex favors from Communist Dzau’s mistress at Duke, Karen Silverberg and worrying about illegal Latinos and Gay Rights marriage. If Klintworth or some criminal Dukie like him ever do this again, the FBI can get their black and white evidence from some illegal Latino, Gay or one of their female MD mistresses at Duke because I certainly would never attempt to help them again. I am very sorry I feel this way considering the Atlanta, GA FBI have been very nice to me. Amazing how a few rotten apples can spoil an entire institutions reputation, but I guess that is why it is called institution law and our country needs to start understanding this concept again as well, one bad federal employee blacks all of the honest feds eyes just like a dishonest fraud like China Dzau has blacked Duke’s eye as well as created what now Durham, NC calls the Dzau Asian Mafia and Asian Invasion and resent Communist Chinese. I bet Terry Sanford is rolling over in his grave along beside of JFK.

  • Mark

    Ted Nugent was an asshole in the 70’s and he is still an asshole today. Thats why he only had a couple of semi-decent albums in the 70’s. Screw you Nugent, you don’t like it here move shitbird.

  • http://www.thehun.com Jack Scheisse

    I’m a liberal who loves Obama in office. He gave me my free ObamaPhone, paying for my welfare, don’t have to work, don’t need a future unless it’s all about drinking, drugs and sex. I don’t have to pay taxes thanks to all of bonesheads who pay it for me, and this president is makign my life a dream. Thanks for all the freebies, Mr POTUS!

  • chuck

    Ben probably doesn’t have a job… Relies on America to fund his useless life. Try contributing something to society. Anyone that works for a living voted for Romney. The country is in trouble…

  • Zip Raasch

    Amazing how a one-time Pedophile can be so self-righteous……

    • Carolyn

      Pretty strong comment sbout Ted is this true?

  • chuck george

    all of the people who were running down ted are part of the sorry lazy asses wanting to suck off thehard working class use your new bama phone to call your crack dealer and tell him youll pay him as soon as your check comes in youll never own shit just get by ted your a true american!!

    • http://yahoo joseph carlton

      Racist dick

    • http://bottleobeads.com Johnny Jackson

      Ted you need to wake up! Ted, Go and fetch your loaded weapon hold it between your eyes and tell yourself to shut up and listen for one minute! I have been a fan of your music for decades now! I am also a Disc Jockey who has spent thousands of dollars in the last 35 plus years on your music, concerts, bows, posters, hats, shirts and more! I have paid taxes on every bit of it! I remember in the early 70’s when I was watching the news every night as a child. The count’s coming back from the war my Father spent six years in. Hoping like hell my Father was not just a number! He did not have to go back for a second time! But he chose too! He had a choice to stay with his wife and six children or go back. He was a Purple Heart recipient three time’s! I remember talking with a man who was a gunner in a helicopter on top of a roof in Saigon. My father ran up to him under fire and put two women and their children on the helicopter. Then turned back to go save more lives! The gunner tried twice to get him to leave one of the women and go because they would not be coming back for him! He told him his mission would not be complete if he did not try to save every life he could! People like you Ted hide behind your weapons instead of having the balls to step up and face the weapons of mass destruction in this country! For instance! You can’t blame people for sneaking across the border so they will have a better life! Take the CEO of Tyson Chicken, Iowa Beef or any other major corporation that hires them. Put them in prison for ten years and they will hire the good ole AMERICANS back! Sam had a great vision! But then he died! Now 97% of what you buy in Wal-Mart Is made in another country! Mostly China! Who now owns most of this country! By the way Ted I noticed they are still selling your stuff! I see you want to run your mouth! But you won’t boycott them! Look at your own hometown! The people who helped make you rich and famous! Detroit the great Motor City is going down in flames! Because of the WMD’s while you bitch like a bitch, drink your expensive wine and wine about it! It’s time to buy back America Ted! But the Unions want more! The CEO’s want more! You want more! Hell I lost everything to a flood six years ago! Lost everything my kid’s and I had! Our whole life! Our home owners insurance would not cover anything! Because in the fine print it said we did not live in a flood plane! Then FEMA wants to hand me a $5200.00 check that would not even cover the money I spent in five years on you Ted! As a Chef, and Disc Jockey for twenty five years! A six year Veteran of the good ole U.S.A. ARMY. I have paid over a Quarter of a Million dollars in taxes in my life! Not including City, County and State Taxes!!! I also believe in the 2nd Amendment, welfare reform and freedom of speech! I also believe the people who support your ass with Zebra striped Hummers, mass collections of weapons, nice home’s, safaris, and all the ammo you can buy! Need a break from the people you call giver’s! Every once in a while you have to stick your head above the clouds. Take a good look around you! Evaluate the situation that surrounds you and then adjust! But then I just have to blow it all off and keep on giving! For the simple fact! This country was built on murder, deceit, greed and control. I don’t like control Ted! Do you? I am a Free Man in my heart, soul and mind Ted! Are You? Remember the People of the South wind Ted? Remember the tribes of native America Ted? The Great White Buffalo along with the herds of Buffalo peacefully grazing on the plains? Maybe to need to listen to Iron Maiden Ted! Run to the hills would be a good song for you right now Ted! You look good in a Chiefs head dress on stage Ted! But you are no Chief Ted! You want to know my greatest strength Ted? I have learned to forgive! Something my Mother, Father and ancestors taught me! You are such an angry man Ted! It makes you bitter and weak! You project negative waves Ted! Where’s the Positive waves Ted? The next time you are on stage Ted? Remember all of those People like me will be in the crowd! With peace of mind and spirit! Supporting, giving, loving the music, Because of the awesome arsenal of artillery you transform from your heart and soul into the music you play! I wouldn’t miss it for the world! You are such a talented musician and entertainer Ted! But you really suck at life’s lessons! Peace be with you soon Ted! I pray and hope very soon! I’m going to go listen to some Kansas now Ted! Because I’m not in the mood for your music right now Ted! Maybe if everyone would listen to more Kansas they would learn some really interesting views on life! Till next time! Carry on our wayward son, There will be peace when you are done! Lay your weary head to rest Don’t you cry no more!

    • markymark715

      Ted is a draft dodging serial pedophile and yes he has admitted both. Most of the people collecting welfare are the same people who voted for Romney.9 of the 10 poorest states in the nation are Republican.

    • markymark715

      Ted is a draft dodging serial pedophile and yes he has admitted this on several occasions.There are lots of things I would call Ted if I ever met him and a true American isn’t one of them. Ted you said you would be dead or in jail within 6 months if Obama was elected, keep your promise Ted.

  • http://bottleobeads.com Johnny Jackson

    You all need to wake up! Ted, Go and fetch your loaded weapon hold it between your eyes and tell yourself to shut up and listen for one minute! I have been a fan of your music for decades now! I am also a Disc Jockey who has spent thousands of dollars in the last 35 plus years on your music, concerts, bows, posters, hats, shirts and more! I have paid taxes on every bit of it! I remember in the early 70’s when I was watching the news every night as a child. The count’s coming back from the war my Father spent six years in. Hoping like hell my Father was not just a number! He did not have to go back for a second time! But he chose too! He had a choice to stay with his wife and six children or go back. He was a Purple Heart recipient three time’s! I remember talking with a man who was a gunner in a helicopter on top of a roof in Saigon. My father ran up to him under fire and put two women and their children on the helicopter. Then turned back to go save more lives! The gunner tried twice to get him to leave one of the women and go because they would not be coming back for him! He told him his mission would not be complete if he did not try to save every life he could! People like you Ted hide behind your weapons instead of having the balls to step up and face the weapons of mass destruction in this country! For instance! You can’t blame people for sneaking across the border so they will have a better life! Take the CEO of Tyson Chicken, Iowa Beef or any other major corporation that hires them. Put them in prison for ten years and they will hire the good ole AMERICANS back! Sam had a great vision! But then he died! Now 97% of what you buy in Wal-Mart Is made in another country! Mostly China! Who now owns most of this country! By the way Ted I noticed they are still selling your stuff! I see you want to run your mouth! But you won’t boycott them! Look at your own hometown! The people who helped make you rich and famous! Detroit the great Motor City is going down in flames! Because of the WMD’s while you bitch like a bitch, drink your expensive wine and wine about it! It’s time to buy back America Ted! But the Unions want more! The CEO’s want more! You want more! Hell I lost everything to a flood six years ago! Lost everything my kid’s and I had! Our whole life! Our home owners insurance would not cover anything! Because in the fine print it said we did not live in a flood plane! Then FEMA wants to hand me a $5200.00 check that would not even cover the money I spent in five years on you Ted! As a Chef, and Disc Jockey for twenty five years! A six year Veteran of the good ole U.S.A. ARMY. I have paid over a Quarter of a Million dollars in taxes in my life! Not including City, County and State Taxes!!! I also believe in the 2nd Amendment, welfare reform and freedom of speech! I also believe the people who support your ass with Zebra striped Hummers, mass collections of weapons, nice home’s, safaris, and all the ammo you can buy! Need a break from the people you call giver’s! Every once in a while you have to stick your head above the clouds. Take a good look around you! Evaluate the situation that surrounds you and then adjust! But then I just have to blow it all off and keep on giving! For the simple fact! This country was built on murder, deceit, greed and control. I don’t like control Ted! Do you? I am a Free Man in my heart, soul and mind Ted! Are You? Remember the People of the South wind Ted? Remember the tribes of native America Ted? The Great White Buffalo along with the herds of Buffalo peacefully grazing on the plains? Maybe to need to listen to Iron Maiden Ted! Run to the hills would be a good song for you right now Ted! You look good in a Chiefs head dress on stage Ted! But you are no Chief Ted! You want to know my greatest strength Ted? I have learned to forgive! Something my Mother, Father and ancestors taught me! You are such an angry man Ted! It makes you bitter and weak! You project negative waves Ted! Where’s the Positive waves Ted? The next time you are on stage Ted? Remember all of those People like me will be in the crowd! With peace of mind and spirit! Supporting, giving, loving the music, Because of the awesome arsenal of artillery you transform from your heart and soul into the music you play! I wouldn’t miss it for the world! You are such a talented musician and entertainer Ted! But you really suck at life’s lessons! Peace be with you soon Ted! I pray and hope very soon! I’m going to go listen to some Kansas now Ted! Because I’m not in the mood for your music right now Ted! Maybe if everyone would listen to more Kansas they would learn some really interesting views on life! Till next time! Carry on our wayward son, There will be peace when you are done! Lay your weary head to rest Don’t you cry no more!

  • Sharon Topka

    Sweaty Teddy, I think all those drugs in the 70’s have finally caought up with you. And all I can think to say is “Father, please forgive him; he knows not what he doing.” Quoted from Jesus. Jesus also said, “I am my brothers’ keeper.” So everytime you and your butt buddy Romney pass up some lonely, poor stranger, you are passing up Jesus.

    • pam

      dont talk bible to Ted Jesus chose life over death and obama obvisouly choses death of babies since he and his wife are all for abortions…..He is also so much of a liar to the American people. He is a deceiver…..

  • http://www.bassplayer.dk jay

    Ted s big cry baby.
    when things get real this pansy will under the bed holding his white buffalo teddy bear.

  • Phil


    • Michael

      Hey Phil, I hate ted nugent (not to good of a voice and guitar is not that good. But can you tell me who pastor troy is. Have a great day and maybe he’ll come around.

  • brianholland

    this guy works with youngsters and owns guns? i know,how about playing cards’ with the faces of ex-rock idiots? oops . sorry

  • tom mcgregor

    I have been watching you for years this is the first time you have disapointed me

  • D

    Why should we listen to a draft dodging pedophile?

  • Michael

    Ted where the hell have you been. What coutry are you now living in. I would agree with you to move to another country instead of going to jail. Please stay away for 4 years.
    With all the republican liars who tried to get rid of the middle class and only have two class of people (rich and poor )
    Got to go and take care of yourself where ever you are hiding.
    Saw you picture with the geetar??? YOU LOOK LIKE SHIT WEARING THE SAME SHIRT YOU WORE 2 MONTHS AGO.

  • Storm

    Ted Nugent is an ass.
    I have his autograph.I used to think he was great. Now that autograph is worthless. He has totally destroyed his rep with all the rants and raves.

  • Larry McMasters

    Loud mouth nut case

  • HAHA

    Who TF is this Ted Nugent anyway? Really, I never heard of this creep.

  • Michael West

    Narcissism is a disease, Mr. Nugent. Humility is the cure. Please get some soon. Respectfully, Michael

  • Youth of America

    Right on Brother Ted, right on! Keep preaching and teaching. Someone has to tell the uninformed, government dependent, non-hunting leeches where they are taking this once great country.